5 Reasons to Go to a Yoga Retreat in 2021 -

5 Reasons to Go to a Yoga Retreat in 2021


Imagine being able to fully immerse yourself in a one-of-a-kind yoga experience, allowing you to take your practice off the mat and into everyday life. A yoga retreat, whether it’s across the world or nearby, can give you just that.

Here’s 5 reasons your next trip should be to a yoga retreat:

  1. Unplug/Disconnect

Take the opportunity to unplug from the news and social media. Observe the difference unplugging can make to the way you think, breath and feel. Often caught up in the chaos of life, we rarely take time for ourselves to reset and re-connect. Get back to nature, breath fresh air and enjoy the activities we never make time for but deserve.

  1. Focus on Your Practice

How often do you get the opportunity to attend yoga classes multiple times a day? At a yoga retreat, you will be able to energize at the beginning of the day, then stretch and unwind at the end. You will be able to take time to explore your practice and speak in depth with your instructors and other like minded individuals, as well as specialty instructors and experts.

  1. Self-Care

Self-Care is conducive to better health and wellbeing.  Take advantage of an all-inclusive retreat, nourish your body, mind & soul with yoga, whole foods, meditation, a stress-free environment and fresh air. You absolutely deserve it.

  1. Gain a New Perspective

Embrace the uncharted location, plucking you safely from your comfort zone. Intermingle with new friends and like-minded individuals. Removing yourself from your normal routine and allowing yourself to see things in a different light.

  1. Tailor Your Experience

At Anamaya Retreat, you can create your own experience. If nature is what is inspiring you, then explore the beautiful jungle scenery and ocean cliff views. If you’re interested in pure relaxation, then take advantage of the many spa services and meditation sessions. This is your retreat and your opportunity to re-center, relax, indulge, re-energize and re-connect.

Take the trip. Book today.


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