5 Things You Didn’t Know About Anamaya  -

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Anamaya 

  1. The view is LITERALLY breathtaking.
    1. Now, hear us out. We KNOW we are a little biased. But when you pull up to Anamaya, you are enveloped in a lush, green jungle…. And then before you know it you pull over the hill to a stunning, crystal blue ocean for as far as the eye can see. You are also surrounded by the beautiful ocean views almost everywhere in the resort. Pictures just don’t do it justice. 
  2. The staff will become your family.
    1. We also mean it when we say we can’t wait to welcome you to the family. You will walk in not knowing anyone, and walk out Laura’s best friend, with a great joke from Chef Jeff in your back pocket, and a dance move from Pepin that will be wildly popular with all your friends. They will welcome you with open arms, take time to learn about your life (if you’re interested in chatting with them about it) and provide the best service possible. When you come back to Anamaya, they’ll remember your name because you’re apart of the Ana-Family from the moment you step foot on the beautiful property. 
  3. You feel rooted to the earth.
    1. Not only are you nestled into the beautiful jungle, surrounded by the sounds of monkeys, birds and the ocean waves hitting the shore, you also have lush green foliage, pops of beautiful color in vibrant flowers and the warmth of the jungle enveloping you. With your feet touching the deck, sand or grass… you feel reconnected to yourself and nature in the most beautiful way.
  4. You are able to be completely alone, but also surrounded by people in the exact same situation as you.
    1. If you’re thinking about coming to Anamaya for some time alone… that is exactly what you can have. But you never feel isolated in a lonely way. There are people at your retreat and the resort who are walking the same journey as you and are there to support you, open up to you or work with you through anything that may come up. You can also make some of the best friends you’ve ever known if that is the experience you choose. 
  5. There will be events you experience that you had no idea you would.
    1. We advertise yoga, zipline and waterfalls… but an experience at Anamaya is so much more. From a hike to the jungle, to a fire performer or aerial dancer, to horseback riding on the beach, we guarantee you’ll meet an experience you haven’t had, or experience one in a completely different way. 

Ready to enjoy the experience of a lifetime?

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