7 Things You Learn at a Yoga Retreat -

7 Things You Learn at a Yoga Retreat

Hundreds of thousands of people, just like you, travel to exotic locations to experience the numerous benefits of attending a yoga retreat. Have you ever considered attending a retreat? Not quite sure if it’s really for you? Here are the Top 7 Things You Will Learn at a Yoga Retreat:

Learn That You are Stronger Than You Think: 

You have finally arrived at this beautiful retreat that you had to talk yourself in to booking for weeks, months, maybe years. You don’t know anyone and maybe you have never even been to a single yoga class. Hang in there, take a breath, and give yourself a moment to really arrive. Bring awareness to your fears and understand that you have the strength within you. You always have… and when the retreat is over, you will leave feeling stronger and more confident than ever – not only in yoga, but in your body, mind and soul.

Learn How to Stop Overthinking:

If you find it impossible to silence your mind like so many, a yoga retreat gives you a great opportunity to stop overthinking and mitigate certain anxiety. By attending a yoga retreat, you can learn to turn off all the noise and open yourself up to a more positive and present way of being. Meditation and mindfulness is one of the best parts of a retreat, and you can speak to your instructor about helping you to harness your thoughts when you return home.

Learn How to Reconnect with Nature:

There’s a reason why monasteries and successful yoga retreats are often found snuggled within jungles or ocean front. Nature is a place where wisdom and perspective come alive. Without the distractions, nature will activate your senses.  Research has shown for decades that there are important positive correlations between human health, intelligence and nature.

Learn the Benefits of ME Time:

Enclosed at a stunning environment exuding a sense of freedom and relaxation will thoroughly help you adjust your focus and renew your energy. Having the time to visualize what it is that you really want out of life and what really matters. This realization will instill in you a sense of calm that will sweep over you whenever you begin to feel anxiety, no matter where you are.

Learn what a Change of Scenery can Really do for You and Your Mental Health:
Imagine you are on your mat, but instead of being surrounded by 4 walls and a ceiling, you’re surrounded by beautiful jungle views on a sky-high yoga deck overlooking one of the most amazing ocean views you have ever witnessed. Change of scenery can renew and energize you unlike anything else.

Learn how Food Fuels your Body:

Ever feel that your diet is unhealthy or perhaps could use some healthy changes? Learn how eating fresh, whole and nutritious food if even for a few days will not only have you feeling great during your yoga retreat, but you are also more likely to make better dietary choices in your day-to-day life back at home. You can NOT go wrong with yoga retreat that includes cooking classes and 3 plant-based, locally grown meals (plus two snacks and of course dessert) a day.

Learn the Benefits of Being Surrounded by Like-Minded People: 

Being at a retreat for several days is a great energy booster and a fantastic opportunity to become a part of a community – as much or as little as you like. You and the other guests will embark on the same self-journey, and will learn and grow together during the retreat which will create life-long bonds. Stay curious and open-minded and before you realize you will develop deep friendships who support your journey, even when you’re back home.

There are many valuable life lessons and numerous beneficial reasons you should consider a transformational yoga retreat. If you are ready to let go of stress, meet open-minded, worldly and caring people; all while learning a new healthy lifestyle to a better you, with stunning views and a world-class staff that will welcome you like their own, then you’ll want to consider Anamaya, a transformational Health Resort in one of the world’s most beautiful and charming beach towns – Montezuma, Costa Rica.

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