Geoff McCabe, Author at Anamaya Costa Rica Yoga Retreat Hotel Teacher Training, Surf Camp and Eco Lodge

Geoff McCabe

Geoff is the CEO of Anamaya, working tirelessly to continually approve all its functions. With the goal to make it the most amazing yoga and wellness center anywhere, Geoff delves into nutrition, design, management, and just about every facet of Anamaya. When not working, he lives at Rancho Delicioso, our nearby organic farm, and enjoys surfing and yoga.

yoga for bitcoin and cryptocurrency

Anamaya Yoga Center Now Accepting Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies

By Geoff McCabe, co-owner Anamaya Resort I’m very happy to announce that we’re now going to be accepting bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies at Anamaya, and anyone paying with them will receive a 5% discount! What’s the big deal about “cryptos”? Everyone is hearing about bitcoin in the news, but what are they really and what […]

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Collared Aracari


Biology The collared aracari is a tiny peculiar-looking toucan with a obvious and awkwardly-oversized bill. It can be commonly spotted throughout its 500,000 square mile Latin American region, and frequently seen at Anamaya Resort, where groups of aracaris are often seeing foraging through local fruiting trees. There are 14 known species of aracaris, all sporting

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Costa Rica Howler Monkey

Howler Monkeys

Biology One of Nicoya Peninsula’s (and Costa Rica’s) most commonly spotted mammals; the Mantled Howler Monkeys are recognized for their fascinating vocalizations (which can be heard almost 3-4 kilometres away) and incredible response communication patterns. Visitors can often hear their shrill calls around sunrise and sundown. The boisterous species also seem to respond to any

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