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Shelby Kincer

The Business of Yoga

Are you a yoga teacher, retreat leader or studio owner? Do you want to grow your business in an authentic way that isn’t misaligned with your true purpose and intention for starting? Because you don’t need an MBA or sleazy sales tactics that make you dread building your business. You can grow your yoga or …

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Center Yourself Before Work

Center Yourself Before Work “65% of workers said that workplace stress had caused difficulties and more than 10 percent described these as having major effects on their health. 1.“ As humans, we are more stressed than ever before. Life is super busy, and it seems to only be getting busier. Unfortunately with the stress can …

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Yoga for Stress Relief

Life can be a bit stressful… In one of our most recent posts, we spoke about how yoga can improve your mindset in numerous ways. (Check that post out here) But did you know that one of the key benefits of yoga is stress relief? There are so many things that inundate our day to …

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