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5 Ways to Begin Meditating

The bountiful benefits of meditation and mindfulness have become more and more mainstream. However, getting started with meditation can be intimidating to some and early perceived “failures” can be discouraging. Well, let’s start here, there is no such thing as failure in meditation. Whew! What a relief in knowing your mind, body and soul will

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Why You Need Self-Care

Why You Need Self-Care Are you way overdue for a little me-time? In need of a wellness escape focused on self-care with the opportunity to slow down, to re-center yourself, to tend to your mind, body, and spirit alike? We know the answer to those questions is YES because we all deserve the chance to

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Treating Yourself Post Pandemic

Treating Yourself Post Pandemic   Do you still feel as if you’re suffering the aftershocks of a big and profound period of perpetual uncertainty? You are not alone. People everywhere are starting to experience a “return to normal” and navigating this world of finally-kind-of-post-pandemic life. Trying to assess what in the world we just lived through

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