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Anamaya's Digital Cookbook, is finally here!

We’ve collected Anamaya's most popular recipes, and you can access them...

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What should I make for dinner!?!

That’s the age old question… You want to make healthy AND delicious meals for you and your family - but every day around 4pm you start to panic!

Here’s your one-stop-shop for healthy, delicious, creative, and EASY recipes your entire family will love!

Your membership will include:

Have access to your favorite Anamaya meals at home!

Your membership will only cost you $57 per year for the subscription!

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Transporting Anamaya into your very own kitchen.

Learning to cook some of your favorite dishes.

Improving your health & wellness.

Being a part of an exclusive subscription!

Bring Anamaya Home to Your Family...


“A variety of unique, well-balanced meals... that are clean, healthy and tasty.”
- SanChan
“Anamaya's healthy and organic food is always surprisingly, super mega delicious. No matter if you are having breakfast or dinner. The dishes are just outstanding!”
- Olivia
“Anamaya's team create delicious gluten free meals! You can tell a lot of love goes into the cooking as the meals are so tasty and beautifully presented. Preparing and serving 3 meals a day and keeping it interesting and consistently high quality must be a challenge, but the team delivered for every meal! I want to cook all of the recipes at home!" (NOW YOU CAN!)
- Charlotte

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Transporting Anamaya into your very own kitchen.

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