Costa Rica Links and Resources

Costa Rica Links


Costa Rica Travel Websites and Resources:

    Costa Rica Travel, Tourism and Tours
    Ideal website for those considering travel to Costa Rica. Loads of information on tourist attractions, hot spots, national parks, things to do and an overview of Costa Rican history, culture and wildlife. Take a virtual tour of Costa Rica with our numerous pictures and videos.

    Del Mar Surf Camp
    Del Mar Surf Camp offers the best Costa Rica surf vacation experience with choice of three surf camp locations – Hermosa Beach, Santa Teresa & Nosara Beach. Ideal for both beginner & advanced surfers.

    AllStays Yoga Retreats
    A free guide to yoga retreats around the world.

    Leaves and Lizards – Arenal area eco-lodge specializing in horse tours. Leaves and Lizards has its own organic farm and is one of the top-rated places to stay in the Arenal area. Highly recommended!

    Michelle Haymoz Photography — yogascapes & human expressions

    Tamarindo Directory
    Business Directory Listings & Information for Tamarindo Beach, Costa Rica

    Click Here
    Click here to book your car in costa rica. – “Yoga in Costa Rica in Harmony with Nature”

Costa Rica Travel:

Costa Rica has become one of the world’s favorite travel destinations due to its reputation as one of the most beautiful and bio-diverse countries in the world. Hundreds of boutique hotels, eco-lodges, and family-oriented hotels and B&Bs have been built by people from around the world who have settled here in order to create a new life in the tourism trade.

Costa Rica Eco Lodges cater to travelers looking for an eco-friendly experience, which often includes yoga, organic healthy food, nature walks, green building/construction, and perhaps even a small working farm that grows some of the food served to the guests. In fact there are over 60 eco-lodges in Costa Rica, probably more than any other country in the world.

Many hotels are near the beach areas, and Costa Rica has plenty of beaches, since is has long stretches of coast on both the Pacific ocean and the Caribbean. Beach hotels cater to the huge surfer market… more than one million people come to Costa Rica and surf at least once. There are many dozens of surf lodges, surf retreats, surf camps, and much more. Costa Rica scuba diving is also very popular, and there are excellent diving spots on both coasts, as well as one of the best scuba diving spots in the world: Isla de Coco which is hundreds of miles off the coast.

There are also dozens of amazing places that are relatively far from the beach, such as the Arenal / La Fortuna area, and the Monteverde Cloud Forest. Many people will spend a few days up in the cloud forest or volcano areas, enjoying the hot springs and lush rainforests, for a few days and then head to a beach town such as Santa Teresa or Montezuma for the majority of their Costa Rica trip.

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