Editors’ Choice Award: Anamaya Resort is a Fantastic Place for a Yoga Honeymoon or Romantic Retreat in Costa Rica -

Editors’ Choice Award: Anamaya Resort is a Fantastic Place for a Yoga Honeymoon or Romantic Retreat in Costa Rica

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The Scoop: Whether you’re traveling solo or with a significant other, Anamaya Resort can take care of you and create a memorable experience on the beautiful beaches of Costa Rica. The resort offers a seven-day yoga retreat with organic home-cooked meals included in the price. Guests can also choose to take yoga classes, go on excursions, or enjoy spa treatments during their stay. Anamaya Resort is a romantic and restorative place for couples who want to savor a special experience together.

Anamaya Resort is undeniably beautiful. Its jungle vistas and oceanfront views make for spectacular pictures, and that alone can be a good reason to book a stay at this yoga retreat in Costa Rica.

However, it’s the things you don’t see in the pictures that have guests singing Anamaya’s praises at the end of the day. The smiling staff, the delicious meals, and the family atmosphere quickly win people over and give them an unparalleled experience.

The four owners of Anamaya Resort make a conscious effort to hire locals who are naturally friendly and loving. They can train staff members to clean rooms and make food, but they cannot train them to do so with a smiling face and a great attitude — that’s something the people of Costa Rica bring to the resort on their own.


Photo of Anamaya Resort

Tucked in the jungles of Costa Rica, Anamaya Resort is a yoga-inspired wellness center.


Costa Rica has been ranked as one of the happiest places in the world, and Anamaya Resort’s staff shares that joy with visitors. From the moment an individual or couple checks in, they are treated as part of a big yoga family. Staff members go out of their way to look after needs of guests and take the resort experience up a notch.

Geoffrey McCabe, the CEO and owner of Anamaya Resort, told us the staff’s ultimate goal is to make guests feel as if they’ve found a home away from home.

From the organic meals to the daily yoga sessions, the resort experience can offer a lot of rejuvenating and satisfying experiences for singles, couples, and families. This vacation spot is a must-see for any yoga enthusiasts hoping to get away from it all.

“It’s really wonderful to have a business where we feel like we’re helping people,” Geoffrey said. “We feel incredibly blessed and fortunate to be doing something we truly believe in and that inspires other people.”

Health is at the Heart of the Menu, Programs & Spa Services

Anamaya Resort provides a meditative retreat where people can practice yoga, eat healthy gluten-free meals, and become more in tune with their bodies. It’s also a calming space for couples to connect with each other on a deeper level.

Couples tend to book a stay at Anamaya Resort because they’re celebrating a birthday, honeymoon, anniversary, or another special event, and the staff members make the effort to help them celebrate. It could be as simple as setting out flowers in the room or arranging a private dinner on the deck.

All guests at Anamaya Resort eat dinner together in the main room, but the staff can make an exception for couples looking for an intimate evening.

Couples can also book a partner massage or another spa treatment to pamper themselves during their stay. Or, if they’d rather be active and take in the sights, they can take a group trip to a waterfall, enroll in surfing lessons, go horseback riding, or swim in the infinity pool overlooking the coast. Other daytime activities include scuba diving, snorkeling, and kayaking.


Photo of a woman doing yoga at sunset

Sunset yoga classes give people the opportunity to soak in the beauty of the moment.


This isn’t a typical vacation where you’re isolated in your room. Anamaya Resort guests go on adventures together and get to know each other while participating in yoga lessons or outdoor excursions. They arrive on the same day and eat all their meals together, so they can become friends and form a sense of community.

“People are so wonderfully surprised that it’s the opposite of lonely,” Geoffrey said. “It’s about making new friends and enjoying that time together.”

In addition to its traditional retreats, Anamaya Resort organizes and promotes a Yoga Teacher Training for students who want to teach classes in their hometowns. They start by attending online lessons with a remote teacher, and then in the final week of the program they’ll come to Anamaya Resort for hands-on learning from yoga masters.

A Home Away From Home for Yoga Enthusiasts of All Kinds

Health-conscious people often seek out the Anamaya Resort because they want to unplug in a serene and healing community. Guests range in age from early 20s to late 60s, and some bring friends, spouses, siblings, or even children with them.

The majority of Anamaya Resort guests are female solo travelers and couples, but a yoga family will occasionally book a week-long stay and jump into the experience together.

Guests at Anamaya Resort bond through shared activities, including yoga, hiking, and surfing, and they eat their meals as a group to cement those relationships. People at the resort have a common spirit that unites them and brings out their best self.

“You get a higher quality of consciousness in the people who travel here. They’re healthy, energetic, and open to new experiences,” Geoffrey said. “Anamaya Resort experience is about building a family out of 25 guests.”

Anamaya Resort used to be Geoffrey’s home, but he decided it was too beautiful to be a private residence, so he opened it up to the public. Now he lives about 60 miles away on an organic farm, and he frequently visits the resort to meet the people staying there and give them a proper welcome.

“People often say they feel like they’re staying at the house of some rich uncle, with a family of their best friends, and that’s what I love to hear,” Geoffrey said. “I want people to feel at home here.”

Visitors Praise the Friendly & Nurturing Staff Members

Over the years, Anamaya Resort has welcomed people from all walks of life and given them the space to relax, connect, and grow. The resort’s glowing testimonials often praise the kind and nurturing staff members that make them feel right at home.

After completing the Yoga Training program, Olivia said she would be forever grateful for the Anamaya Resort and its staff members. “The people [who] work here are amazing, kind, always there to help and serve with a smile,” she wrote in her review. “Anamaya will always be in my heart.”

“More than just a vacation,” a TripAdvisor reviewer said. “You can get whatever you’re seeking from this amazing retreat — whether it’s complete bliss or adventure.”


Photo of yoga at Anamaya Resort

Anamaya Resort can lead people on a soulful journey in a tropical paradise.


A guest from Chicago said she had a life-changing experience at Anamaya Resort. “It’s hard to put into words how magical Anamaya is,” she said in her review. “Doing yoga while overlooking the jungle and ocean and listening to the sounds of the jungle is something truly unique.”

Katia traveled to the resort with her husband, adult daughter, and a close friend, and they enjoyed taking yoga classes twice a day throughout the week. “Can’t say enough about how special Anamaya Resort is,” Katia said. “The atmosphere is super friendly, casual, and relaxing.”

“It felt like a slice of heaven on earth,” Laura said after staying in the Garuda treehouse. “It makes the resort a really special place to see how much love is poured into each person that visits there.”

Anamaya Resort Gives Couples an Enriching Experience

First-time guests may come to Anamaya Resort for the breathtaking views, but they come back because of the friendly staff members and the one-of-a-kind yoga programs. The overall experience of Anamaya Resort cannot be encapsulated in a picture. Instead, you’ll see it in the smiling faces and enthusiastic reviews of people who have gotten the full experience.

Costa Rica has imposed travel restrictions since the onset of COVID-19, but the Anamaya Resort is still taking reservations and can provide a safe haven for yogis looking for a serene escape in the next year. Costa Rica has some of the lowest reported case numbers in the world, so visitors can set their mind at ease and book a getaway in a tropical paradise.

Whether you want to learn about yoga, strengthen your body, or reconnect with a partner, you can trust Anamaya Resort to support your journey to better health and peace of mind.

“It’s a wonderful way for couples to grow together, improve their mental health, and develop a new skill,” Geoffrey told us. “It’s more of an adventure and a challenge than you’ll find at a typical resort.”

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