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Frequently Asked Questions

Please see our cancellation policy here. With YTT, if you have to cancel and we have enough time to fill your space, we MAY be able to refund a portion of your deposit.

The price noted in your information email includes; tuition, meals and accommodations for the three weeks that you are at Anamaya. Books, travel expenses, and extras (eg spa treatments) are not included.

Unfortunately we cannot host anyone other than the students for the training. Space is limited and we like to keep the energy of the group together without the distraction of others in the space.

We will send you a packing list upon registration for the course. This will include yoga clothes, casual summer clothes, personal items, a laptop and surge protector, course books, water bottle etc.

Yes, we have a laundry service available! This is done by our house-keeping staff here on-site. The cost is typically $6 plus tax for a medium sized load but the amount charged might change depending on the amount of clothes. We do NOT have commercial sized washing machines. Your laundry it’s typically done within a 24 hour period.

Yes, we have wifi here at Anamaya. As we are in the jungle, we are known to have temporary outages, but that’s part of the charm!

Please see our travel page for our suggestions for travel. We will offer assistance with booking and we do provide private shuttles for YTT arrivals.

US Dollars are fine most everywhere. You will likely get change back in local Colones. Credit Cards are accepted at Anamaya and at many other (but not all) places. Please note that there is no ATM in Montezuma. When you arrive at the airport they will try to get you to change money, but it’s really not necessary.

Our power outlets are the same as in the US and Canada, we do have 3-prong outlets as well.

Not unless you are coming from (or have recently traveled to) a country with Yellow Fever. If you are coming from Africa or South America please check to see if you require this vaccine to enter Costa Rica.

The dates listed for the start and end of your training will both be Saturdays. These are your check in/out and travel days and so the course will not be taking place on those days. We ask that you arrive between 2-5pm on your arrival day. Check out is at 11 am on your departure day.

We ask that you have had a regular practice for at least one year prior to attending a YTT program at Anamaya.

All Karma Yoga (selfless service) will be done while you are here at Anamaya. This may include a beach clean up, helping with dishes, or other offerings of your time.

This varies depending on which training you are taking. Your confirmation email, which is sent after you make your deposit will outline what is expected in terms of reading before arrival.

Marybeth’s training: Yes, 

Julie’s training: Yes, 

Lola’s training: Yes, Four Directions School of Yoga, based in Tampa, FL

Peter’s training: Yes, LagoCph, based in Copenhagen, Denmark

Yes! You will have a few days off, but this will depend on the teacher and the progress of the class.

More FAQs for Anamaya are here: Anamaya FAQs

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