Five Ways Yoga Can Help You Lose Weight -

Five Ways Yoga Can Help You Lose Weight

Five Ways Yoga Can Help You Lose Weight

Sure, yoga might not evoke the same images of a sweat-inducing, calorie-burning workout as boot camp exercises or cardio dance parties.

But don’t be misled by yoga’s slow poses and deep breathing; doctors and personal trainers claim that it can significantly tone and trim your body and work on your mind and spirit to improve your general health.

But how exactly can it help you lose weight? Let’s take a look!

Yes, Doing Yoga Does Burn Calories – The most direct and most apparent benefit of doing yoga concerning weight loss is that it does burn calories. Any physical activity will do the same, but yoga is extra beneficial because it is low impact, unlike jogging or running. Yoga also helps our bodies tone up while improving balance, meaning it is less likely we will harm ourselves in the future.

It Can Help Improve Digestion – Deep breathing, abdominal organ-targeting stretches, and twists that massage the intestines can all be used to potentially aid digestion.

Yoga is a fantastic way to awaken and support organs, enabling them to function at their peak and reducing sluggishness and bloating.

Better Sleep Means Easier Weight Loss – Did you know that many people who practice yoga claim it helps them sleep better? When you don’t get enough sleep, changes in your body can increase your likelihood of overeating and having trouble controlling your appetite. Lack of sleep makes it easier to overeat and makes sweet and carbohydrate-rich foods more rewarding than usual, making your brain crave those foods. Yoga can help you get a night of better sleep, meaning it will be easier to make it farther on your weight loss journey.

Helps Reduce Stress Which Causes Weight Gain – Stress can easily translate into something physical and cause pain or lack of sleep for some people, or it can be psychological and result in feelings of anxiety and agitation. This is all due to the hormone cortisol, which controls our fat stores and even hunger or cravings. The more stressed you are, the more cortisol in your system; thus, it will be harder to lose weight.

Yoga can improve chronic conditions like hypertension and diabetes, lower stress and cortisol levels, boost mood, lessen anxiety and depression, improve sleep, and reduce the need for medications that can lead to weight gain.

Connecting With Your Body In a Mindful Manner – When it comes to practicing yoga, you are developing a more profound connection within yourself, whether holding a pose for a long time or simply sinking into a more reflective frame of mind. In either case your connection to your body helps you realize and recognize what your mind and body are telling you, essentially creating the perfect space for mindfulness. 

This mindfulness on the mat translates into eating as well. You might even become adept at determining which foods make you feel energized or exhausted and bloated with time and practice. All of these actions can assist you in sticking to a diet or weight loss eating plan and choosing healthier foods in general.

Are you looking to add yoga to your weight loss routine, or maybe to hone your skills? Then let Anamaya Yoga and Wellness Retreat Center be your new retreat of choice for a healthier mind, body, and soul. Contact us today for more information, or check out our website at for all the fantastic benefits you can get from visiting!

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