The Best Investment You Can Make in Yourself! - Anamaya Costa Rica Yoga Retreat Hotel Teacher Training, Surf Camp and Eco Lodge

The Best Investment You Can Make in Yourself!

I wanted to do a 200 hr yoga teacher training “someday”. I figured when the kids were older and I could travel and take a month away, I’d do it then… Then the most amazing opportunity presented itself… Colynn was hosting a teacher training in Costa Rica… I worried about being the least experienced or “bendy”… Colynn teaches in such a way that you feel and understand the postures in your own body, with a focus on the functional versus aesthetic. She would remind us that the goal was not to aim for a “look” but instead to aim for the feeling. This direction lends to an atmosphere of body acceptance and makes it easier to learn. I was so focused on being in my own body that it didn’t matter what I looked like compared to someone else. This was the best investment you can make in yourself!

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