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Vibrant Living Detox Retreat at Anamaya

Escape from the toxic, chaotic, and exhausting matrix and learn how to revive your energy, clarity, purpose, spirit and connection to nature. Calm your mind, ignite your heart and restore your body, while cultivating a supportive community of kindred souls!


In our modern life we are inundated with foreign chemicals, electromagnetic pollution and disease causing organisms. This greatly reduces our health and vitlity in so many ways that we likely don’t even realize.  You may do well with hygiene practices to keep the outside of your body clean but what about the inside?


This is your chance to cleanse your body to restore your health, vitality and happiness so you can fully appreciate this precious gift of life.


The Vibrant Living Detox Retreat Package Includes

  • Pathogen, parasite, and heavy metal cleanse/detox program
  • All your biohacking supplements and powders
  • Wim Hof breathwork and heart coherence meditation classes
  • Microcurrent therapy, daily infrared sauna and cold plunges
  • Emotional cleansing, forgiveness and breathwork ceremony
  • Elemental health foundation, dimensions of consciousness and manifestation classes.
  • Journaling and self reflections time
  • Documentary movie night
  • Fresh juices in addition to all your healthy and delicious meals
  • Sharing and integration circles
  • Performance and dance celebration
  • Song Circle
  • Cacao Ceremony
  • Heart rate variability (HRV) testing
  • Nature immersions in the wild jungle, gorgeous waterfalls and magical beaches
  • Micro dosing class and optional free capsules
  • Instructions on how to continue and maintain a healthy life style
  • Access to a wide range of nourishing spa services (extra fee’s)

***See below for more details on the points listed here.

Price: $594, plus tax & Meals & Accommodation Base Rate

Special Discount, $200 off if you book by Aug 7! 


Yoga Class Option – 6 mornings and 1 afternoon class. $15 each


Here is a sample schedule (it doesn’t include the supplement schedule and is subject to change)


Retreat Dates: Sept 7 to 14 ~ OR ~ Nov 30 to Dec 7
Joseph Mikrut


Meet Joseph, a Michigan-born visionary with a global spirit. His lifelong pursuit of knowledge and self-discovery led him to California, where over a decade, he immersed himself in the study of natural medicine, spirituality, and manifestation.

Balancing his passion for holistic health with a keen eye for design, Joseph sharpened his skills in web and graphic design in the dynamic landscape of Silicon Valley, while simultaneously deepening his understanding of nutrition, bodywork, and herbal medicine production. His winters were dedicated to exploring tropical paradises, one such journey leading him to Thailand, where he managed a detox center.

However, Joseph’s aspirations reached beyond capitalizing on transient health trends. He envisioned a wellness center rooted in authenticity and sincere commitment to holistic health. His pursuit of this dream led him to Costa Rica in 2009. Upon setting foot in Geoff McCabe’s luxury villa, he knew he had found the ideal location for his vision. Joined by Kelsey Matheson, they established Anamaya, a health retreat majestically perched atop Montezuma’s cliffs.

After five dedicated years nurturing Anamaya to fruition, Joseph felt the calling to enhance his understanding of natural health practices. He returned to the US to earn his board certification in Naturopathy, aiming to enrich Anamaya’s retreat offerings.

As your retreat leader, Joseph brings a profound commitment to service, empowering others to achieve vibrant, sustainable health, find genuine happiness, and cultivate deep spiritual connections. With a blend of expertise, personal experience, and a heartfelt dedication to holistic wellness, Joseph is here to guide you on your journey towards a vibrant and fulfilling life.

Chela Rie

Chela Rie is a dedicated and passionate Holistic Healing Facilitator with over two decades of experience in the Healing Arts. She specializes in Deep Balance Bodywork, evolutive astrology coaching, yoga and sacred space creation, offering a unique blend of therapies designed to support deep personal transformation and holistic wellbeing.

Chela’s mission is to help individuals refine beauty and joy in their lives, embody freedom, and cultivate love. Her approach integrates a variety of healing modalities, including structural integration, emotional release, energy awareness and restorative practices. She draws on her extensive training in massage, yoga, and evolutive astrology, and her deep connection with medicinal plants and sacred spaces to create a comprehensive healing experience.

Chela has been an integral part of numerous retreats and wellness programs around the world, including in Costa Rica. Her work is characterized by a deep understanding of the body’s somatic patterns and a commitment to facilitating conscious lifestyle programs, personal transformation, and holistic retreats.

In the upcoming 7-day detox retreat, Chela will be leading yoga classes and holding space alongside Joseph, offering participants a transformative journey of movement, meditation, and healing. Her compassionate presence and profound expertise will guide attendees through an immersive experience designed to restore balance and vitality.


Pathogen, parasite, and heavy metal cleanse/detox

At 5 different times during each day, this very detailed and well designed program will offer you various things to support the cleansing process including: zeolite spray and powder, chlorella, glutathione, black walnut, clove, wormwood, oregano oil, ornithine, diatomaceous earth, papaya seeds, NAC, and activated charcoal.  Joseph will give an overview and hand out at the beginning of the week and will be available all week for guidance and questions.  The meals will be vegetarian with lots of fresh greens, delicious sauces and creatively presented vegetables.  We will be practicing intermittent fasting where we eat breakfast later to increase our daily regeneration period.  In respect to the food, this will be a light cleanse on it’s own depending on how it compares to your regular diet.  We do a 24 hour liquid fast in the middle of the week to optimize your cleanse.

Heart rate variability (HRV) testing

Discover the secrets of your heart’s rhythm in with Heart Rate Variability Testing.  HRV, the measure of the variation in time between each heartbeat, and very subtle rhythm changes is a crucial indicator of your autonomic nervous system’s flexibility and your overall health. In this session, you’ll learn how to interpret your HRV scores and understand what they reveal about your stress levels, recovery status, and resilience.

Elemental Health Foundation and Dimensions of Conscious

This workshop will invite you to open your mind and expand your consciousness and take you on a journey through the 7 dimensions of your eternal being.  We will talk about how they relate to our chakra energy system, the 5 elements, the atomic elements, the pervasive mental component, the power of the emotions, and many practical aspects of manifesting and celebrating a healthy and vibrant life rich with deep spiritual embodiment.  Learn the simplest things you an do to have the biggest impact on your health.

Wim Hof Breathwork and Heart Coherence Meditation Classes

Experience the power of Wim Hof Breathwork in our transformative workshop. Delve into a series of controlled breathing exercises, unlocking a pathway to improved health, mental clarity, and physical resilience. Embrace the natural elements and unleash your inner strength, guided by the principles of the Wim Hof Method. Join us to transcend ordinary limits and discover a profound connection with your body and mind. Perfect for seekers of spiritual and physical elevation.
Unveil the harmony within through our Heart Coherence Meditation session. Journey into a state of profound inner peace, aligning your heart and mind with rhythmic breathing techniques. Foster emotional balance, reduce stress, and enhance intuitive clarity. This meditative practice, rooted in scientific understanding, nurtures a deeper connection to your heart’s intuitive guidance. Ideal for those yearning to cultivate serenity and emotional resilience in a tumultuous world.

Emotional Cleansing, Forgiveness and Breathwork Ceremony

We will start with some shaking trauma release exercises then move into holotropic breathwork.  This powerful technique, using accelerated breathing to a rhythmic soundtrack, facilitates profound self-exploration and emotional release. Navigate through your inner landscape, unlocking insights and healing. This immersive experience is a gateway to altered states of consciousness, offering deep personal growth and a sense of wholeness.  Then we move into the forgiveness part where we write down the things we want to leg go of and forgive including forgiving ourselves and offer it to the fire.  This helps end the wheel of karma and sets us free from a burden that literally would have caused disease if not dealt with.  We are left in an incredibly clear state and more in tune with our soul and purpose.

Micro Dosing Class

This is where the art of subtle enhancement meets scientific insight. Delve into the world of microdosing, a practice involving sub-perceptual doses of substances to foster mental clarity, emotional balance, nature connection and heightened creativity. Learn the nuances of dosage, safety, and the potential benefits within a controlled, supportive environment. This class and week offers a blend of practical knowledge and experiential learning, ideal for those curious about experiencing the transformative power of these ancient teachers.  And it couples perfectly with the…

Nature Immersion in the Wild Jungle, Gorgeous Waterfalls and Magical Beaches

This journey takes you on a 40 minute hike along the beach into the nature preserve where there are no more roads, just jungle, waves, coconut palms and monkeys, a place where few tourists venture.  The pristine beach of playa grande where we will settle in for a heart opening cacao ceremony, some deep reflecting and sharing with nature.  Once we fully tune in, we can discover the wisdom of nature.  We will have plenty of time to play in the warm waves and bond with the clear sea and sky.  A snack lunch will be provided.

We’re a smaller sized boutique resort so our retreats book up fast! Save your spot by filling out a reservation request form today. Click the link below. Pura Vida!

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