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Holiday Retreat with CRISTIANE MACHADO

Need some much deserved rest and relaxation? Looking to actually ENJOY your holiday this year?


Our Holiday and New Years retreats are two of the most popular weeks of the year to stay at Anamaya. Join us in one of the happiest countries in the world – it’s the perfect way to end (or begin) another year.


PLEASE NOTE that the pricing for these weeks during the busiest time of the year reflect that, and are stated below. These prices include your accommodations plus all your meals!

    • Dorm Rate (women only): $1,195
    • Triple Rate: $1,395
    • Double Rate: $1,595
    • Single Deluxe: $2,195

These rates are per person and do not include tax.


Retreat Dates: Dec 21 – 28, 2024
Cristiane Machado


Cristiane Machado is Brasilian by birth and a citizen of The Universe by default. Cristiane has been hosting Zumba and Yoga Retreats at Anamaya since we opened over 12 years ago. Her open smile and welcoming energy is one of her best assets, which you will feel as soon as you meet her. Cristiane is filled with passion for all types of therapeutic movement. Either by flowing the physical body into asanas, or learning how to move the ethereal and energetic bodies into a ecstatic and tantalizing rhythmic dance with the self, Cristiane believes that everyone was designed to move – hence her retreats that combine yoga, breath, meditation and dance. As a massage therapist and body worker for past 14 years, she has a solid knowledge and understanding of the mechanics of the human body. Cristiane’s knowledge, experiences and studies of Reiki  and Johrei (energy work) since she was 13 years old, makes the understanding of how energy plays a big role in our daily lives accessible and demystified.

Cristiane’s intention for this yoga retreat is to simplify and clarify the communication between our physical bodies, our minds and our emotions and how it all affects our daily living. She is eager to Inspire and empower the Divine within ourselves and she is devoted to awaken goddesses and debunk the “good girl” syndrome. She is also engaged in supporting women and men (feminine and masculine) to find a middle ground of understanding, respect and communication. Her retreats are ideal for everyone. Her non judgmental approach has became the staple of her craft as a facilitator of inner growth and transformation.

Cristiane has toured the globe teaching Zumba Master Classes and other Zumba Instructors to became successful and how to truly connect with their students.

Her interest in yoga started in her teen years and followed her through to her 30’s when she finally manifested the opportunity to deepen her studies at Anamaya with Sasha Dae. She describes her practice as a fusion of Hatha, Yin and Laughing Yoga. She is also a firm believer of Pranayama and how the breath connects us all.

Cristiane’s background also plays a big role in her spirituality and finds the natural tools to help us achieve a higher vibrational level. She is honored to have been initiated as a Sacred Cacao facilitator and she is also a trained Cacaoga® guide.


The Infinite Possibilities Workshop

Have you ever imagined waking up every single day with a full heart and a big smile on your face?

Probably not as you might have been taught that life is hard, unfair, and not everybody is meant to be successful and happy… does that sound familiar? What if I were to challenge you AND those believes? What if I were to tell that actually life is grand, you are Divine, and each and every one of us has the birth right to be deeply fulfilled and happy.

That is exactly what I am bringing to my Yoga Retreat at Anamaya. A new way into thought and a new way of living life.

The Infinite Possibilities Workshop is a program developed by Mike Dooley, aka The Universe Dude, that breaks away old patterns of thinking into a more open, deliberate and conscious way of being. We have all been conditioned into believing that there is not enough of everything for every human being, and because of this our society became sick and competitive; creating a fear base state that only brings us down and away from our Divine selves.

I started working with the program after receiving the “Notes from The Universe” which “accidentally” started arriving in my mail box… I truly do not remember signing up for them, still, receiving those notes were the highlight of my mornings. What was it about those notes that was so special? Well, they spoke of truth. Simple messages that we are ALL meant to be happy and we CAN live fulfilled lives. That by itself resonated very deep within my gut, aka soul. I would even get emotional reading those messages and that’s when I knew this guy, Mike Dooley, was up to something profound.

I read and re-read his books and signed up for a conference in New Mexico in 2016. It was ALL I expected and MORE and I became a trail blazer for the program, hosting a workshop for 12 people in 3 days after the conference. Since then, I have been using his program for my own growth and expansion, and have also supported hundreds of humans like me to lead a life with purpose, joy and a deeper understanding of how our thoughts become things and how we are manifesting the lives we are living.

The massive shifts I experienced by incorporating the program into my life were also noted by my closest friends and family. I was no longer afraid of living my deepest truths and I no longer experienced lack. I started feeling the certainty that I was here for many reasons and that one of these reasons was to be HAPPY.

Within the years of being involved in this program and receiving the notes over the last 3 years, I can say I am truthfully blissful and grateful to be ALIVE. I have co-created the life of my dreams with clarity and I no longer suffer. It doesn’t mean I don’t have any problems… it means I’ve gathered tools to navigate my life with an open heart. Even when life throws unexpected stuff my way, I can respond to it instead of re-acting.

There is JOY to be experienced and invite YOU to dive into it with me in this 6 hour workshop that is designed to challenge and shift your way of thinking. We will gather together and work the program which consists of questions in a journaling form that instigate your mind and deepens your sense of self and how our families, teachers and society can sometimes impose “their” way into our psyche.

This 6 hours workshop will be divided over 3 days throughout our retreat and it will be a perfect complement for this self-care and self-healing journey you are on. You will receive printed material and we will work side-by-side to break patterns that no longer have a purpose in your growth, expansion and evolving process.

Investment: $175.00 with working material included.


Z-Fit Movement Workshop

This movement class based on self expression and the unlocking of our hips.

The music is international and the moves are simple and tantalizing. This is for everyone – even the non dancers – to get a fantastic workout that does not feel like a workout. It is a FUN, EASY and ENJOYABLE way to connect with our own bodies and one another with no attachment to performance. It is an invitation to LET IT GO and FEEL the sounds as we move! It is an opportunity to meet yourself exactly where you are and LOVE it!!!

Price is $15


Cacao Ceremony




Sacred Cacao

I first experienced Cacao and its physical and emotional healing powers, when my dear friend, student and teacher, Liz Getman returned from Guatemala with some Cacao and we officiated the very first Cacao Ceremony, connecting Metta Meditation and Reiki. We were a group of 5 friends and we ALL had an experience of rebirth.

Since then, I have been blessed to officiate many wonderful and magical Sacred Cacao ceremonies.

I have experimented and experienced many Cacao ceremonies along my travels through Central America, and I rose in love with Cacao from Costa Rica, cultivated by The BriBri Tribe.

What is Cacao?

Native to tropical regions of the world, cacao is chocolate before the processing—an unsugared, unadulterated form of one of the world’s favorite treats. Cacao’s scientific name, “Theobroma cacao,” translates to the “Food of the Gods” and for good reason. Known as a superfood, cacao is high in magnesium, calcium, antioxidants, and iron and is an incredible mood booster! One of our favorite cacao properties is anandamide, a neurotransmitter known as the bliss molecule. For those with an interest or background in yoga and/or Hindu philosophy, you may know that the word “ananda” means bliss and refers to a higher state of being. Cacao facilitates our goal of achieving that blissful state and deepens our connection to our highest selves.

According to indigenous myth, when the balance between humankind and nature is threatened, cacao comes from the rainforest to open our hearts and return us to harmony. Already have a connection to chocolate? We invite you to experience another dimension of that connection—a deeply spiritual or shamanic one. Sacred cacao partners with us, facilitating the journey inward and the discovery of our truest, most love-filled selves.

What is a Cacao Ceremony?

It is a gathering honoring ancient wisdom of the Mayans and Aztecs and the cultures of South and Central America. There is a sage and palo santo opening and cleansing of the energies and purification of the body before attendees sit in a circle.

Ceremonies officiated by Cristiane start with opening the 4 corners of the world and inviting the guidance of IxCacao Goddess of cacao by Mayan traditions and the Cacao, prepared solely with water (spices and sweeteners can be added) is blessed in preparation. After the Cacao is served also in a ceremonial and ritualistic manner, Cristiane guides the attendees in a Self Exploratory meditation that clears and connects mind, voice and heart.

What to expect?

Cristiane invites to NOT have any expectations… and, some participants have experienced tingling on their skin, energy that rises up to the eyes (Crying a s purifying and wonderful tool of self healing), some felt euphoria, and at times, a deep sense of liberation and joy. Many of Cristiane’s clients who she have worked closely with Cacao, have shared that they no longer make use of antidepressant and psychosomatic drugs.

Price is $50

We’re a smaller sized boutique resort so our retreats book up fast! Save your spot by filling out a reservation request form today. Click the link below. Pura Vida!

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