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Meditation & Yoga Nidra Continuous Education Program

Join us at Anamaya for one of our Relaxing and Transformational Retreats… Or Attend the Very Special Meditation and Yoga Nidra Training. (not just for yoga teachers)

This week we’re hosting one of our famous weekly retreats, or you can opt-in to participate in a training that will teach you to run inspiring Meditation and Yoga Nidra classes. If you are a yoga instructor already this will count as 50 hours towards your continued education. If you simply want to take your meditation and yoga practice deeper – this is the program for you as well!

If you are attending the weekly retreat (and not interested in the special training), the prices below include your accommodation and all meals for the entire week. Prices do not include yoga classes, spa services, surfing lessons, and other extras – they can be added to your experience as a la carte options so you can customize your week to suit your needs perfectly.

Prices for Weekly Retreat (without training)

Dorm – $795 + tax (our most affordable option)

Triple – $945 + tax

Double – $1,095 + tax

Single – $1,645 + tax

A deposit of 60% is required to reserve your spot and the remaining 40% will be paid at check-in. Please connect with our RESERVATIONS DEPARTMENT for more information on available rooms and additional details.

Retreat Dates:

May 22 – 29, 2021

Colynn Vosburgh


The incredible Colynn Vosburgh will be hosting this weeks retreat as our guest yoga teacher. She will be teaching all the yoga classes and running the Meditation & Yoga Nidra training as well.

I remember the first time I meditated. I really didn’t like it. I squirmed and fidgeted and couldn’t settle my mind. I kept peeking to see if the teacher was still there every time she was quiet and it felt agonizing. Yet, after I was finished, my day went quite well. Working in the ER that night, I was able to be more centered than ever before and found patience I usually didn’t have. After that, no matter how hard, I found a dedicated practice that helped settle my chaos.” – Colynn Vosburgh

Colynn Vosburgh, a Canadian Registered Nurse/Medical Student turned Yoga Instructor, brings her own unique flare of west meets east to the subject of meditation. After specializing for over 17 years in the Emergency Room, the current state of the medical system encouraged Colynn to leave her medical career and pursue a new one, one that would impact the health of the world in a more positive way, teaching yoga. Her knowledge of the body, dis-ease, injury, prevention and health, and her fun, easy going nature combine to create an interactive, experiential and exciting class that offers the knowledge necessary to understand the nervous system, mental health in the present day, and healing one’s own dis-ease (whatever that might look like) and yet bringing awareness to the philosophical and traditional healing methods and understanding the impact of self related to physical and mental health.

Colynn has been a part of the yoga world for over 20 years, and chose to increase her knowledge of meditation by diving into teacher trainings focused on the nervous system, trauma sensitivity, personal growth and of course, Meditation.  Colynn has participated in over 40 YTTs as an and has offered an innumerable amount of hours as a Meditation and Nidra teacher supporting students (and teachers alike) in de-cluttering their minds, taking time for self-care and slowing down in many different ways to support rejuvenation of the nervous system, and therefore the body-mind.

Colynn currently lives in Costa Rica embodying and practicing her very own teachings as she practices what she preaches. Having a thriving yoga and meditation business is not as chill as it sounds, and therefore requires intentional time to chill out, take time and care for herself. Come join her at Anamaya where the setting alone supports that for you.


The workshops that are a part of the meditation and yoga nidra training will prepare and certify students to:

  • Teach and practice inspiring and safe group and private Meditation and Yoga Nidra classes in a yoga studio, gym or corporate environment, yet also in your own home and various other wellness settings.
  • Comprehend and apply intelligent creation of meditations and nidras with a clear focus on relaxation, de-stressing and calming the nervous system.
  • Offer informed, compassionate, and experiential classes that support students in understanding the reasoning behind restoration, meditation and nidra.
    Utilize yoga philosophy to build compelling, inspiring yoga classes and use it as a tool for personal growth
  • Hold space for your continued personal expansion and the personal transformation of others
  • Have an in depth and firm grasp, and excitement to go deeper into the use of meditation and nidra as powerful tools for supporting students in healing their bodies, de-cluttering their minds and reconnecting to their own inner guidance.
  • Field the most common questions and issues from beginner students, including (but not limited to) mental and physical health issues and benefits of a practice with such conditions, appropriate use of props, creating a successful meditation practice, how to sit longer, how to quiet the mind and how to use meditation and nidra as an effective tool for physical, mental and emotional growth.
  • Understand how to safely work with these mental health and physical health conditions in a nurturing, therapeutic manner.
  • Understand the art and value of contemplation (meditation) and be able to lead others in the same from direct experience.
  • Study the breath in all its beauty, fluctuations, and variations and prescribe different breathing techniques for different effects.
  • Grasp the foundations and supporting energies of yoga nidra, with emphasis on the Yoga Sutras, ethics, professionalism and the business of meditation.
  • Feel comfortable and confident sharing all of these teachings with students.

50 Hour Training Curriculum

The process of learning to teach requires that you dive into your own life, your own practice and therefore requires that you prepare to go deep – emotionally, physically, intellectually & spiritually. There is a lot of material to cover in 1 week, so please ensure that you arrive for this experience ready to dive in and participate. Please ensure as much as possible, that you are able to address obligations and outside commitments before you arrive. Get started on your reading requirements, begin a 5 minute a day meditation practice and start journaling the process.

There is a heavy emphasis on meditation, self-care, yoga nidra and professionalism. So please be prepared to be on time, to have daily reading, practice and journaling assignments, and to complete a final teaching demo with in person feedback, and be prepared not to miss any classes. There will be time for silence, self-sadhana and if so inclined, the spa services offered at Anamaya. Be prepared to really care for yourself during this time and abstain from the internet and technology as much as possible.

Remember, meditation is a journey of self-discovery and building our sensitivity to the world around us. We will be discovering and releasing attachments to that which is familiar and constricting, in order to build our light to shine brighter than ever. In order not to disrupt each other’s process, we will, as a group, abstain from drinking alcohol, smoking, or using drugs for the duration of the course. This training is not a time to vacation and party; think of it more as an intensive or cleanse dedicated to honest self-reflection, purification, and clarity. Time off and evenings are for you to enjoy in a healthy and conscious way, always being aware of the collective and the community we are creating during the week.

***No Special requirements for this program just your commitment to being present and open!

Anamaya Partnering With School Yoga Institute

For this 50 hour training, Anamaya is partnering with School Yoga Institute. For almost 20 years, School Yoga Institute has been guiding students to step into their own unique practice as teachers, healers, and empowered individuals seeking to create impactful change in their community. They are a spiritually focused organization, built upon a foundation of love, radical self-acceptance, personal growth, and deep connection. They offer 21 day 200 hour yoga teacher training and multiple continuing education courses that are yoga alliance certified in breathtaking & sacred locations, interweaving yoga and shamanism.

They invite their students to immerse themselves in understanding through deep spiritual inquiry while being guided in the ancient shamanic teachings of the medicine wheel. Courses move through a series of four directions, each providing lessons that allow us to ground, connect and embody our most authentic self. They believe this connection to spirit is what makes these programs uniquely profound. Far beyond asana or the yoga alliance certifications, this is an invitation to explore your mindful practice and truth. Surrounded by the ocean and sacred mountains, you will be held and uplifted by like-minded souls and world class facilitators.

Prices Including Meditation & Yoga Nidra Training

These prices include your accommodations, 3 meals per day including coffee & tea (plus 2 snacks), and tuition for the program. These prices do NOT include the 13% Costa Rican sales tax or any extras (drinks, spa services, travel, etc).

Dorm – $1295 + tax

Triple – $1445 + tax

Double – $1595 + tax

Single – $2145 + tax

A deposit of 60% is required to reserve your spot and the remaining 40% will be paid at check-in.

We’re a smaller sized boutique resort so our retreats book up fast! Save your spot by filling out a reservation request form today. Click the link below. Pura Vida!

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