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New Years Retreat with COLYNN VOSBURGH

Need some much deserved rest and relaxation? Looking to actually ENJOY your holiday this year?

Our Holiday and New Years retreats are two of the most popular weeks of the year to stay at Anamaya. Join us in one of the happiest countries in the world – it’s the perfect way to end (or begin) another year.


PLEASE NOTE that the pricing for these weeks during the busiest time of the year reflect that, and are stated below. These prices also include all your meals!

    • Dorm Rate (women only): $1,195
    • Triple Rate: $1,395
    • Double Rate: $1,595
    • Single Deluxe: $2,195

These rates are per person and do not include tax.

Retreat Dates:

Dec 25 – Jan 1

Colynn Vosburgh


Colynn Vosburgh brings her West Coast teaching style and life experiences from British Columbia, Canada. After practicing yoga and nursing for over 14 years, Colynn decided to create a massive change and began attending Medical School as well as took her 200hr Yoga Teacher Training. As it is known to do, YTT changed Colynn’s mind on the direction in life she was going. Within 2 years, Colynn quit med-school and nursing & decided to pursue a career in coaching through Yoga & Meditation. Colynn’s western clinical fusion and knowledge of anatomy, physiology and disease process coupled with eastern philosophies makes her classes original and life changing, both mentally and physically.

Colynn truly believes that the world we are operating in is hazardous to our health and wellness. She teaches a supportive class that allows her students to connect to the present moment and take the time to let go of some of the stresses constantly plaguing each person. Regardless of the style of teaching, Colynn promises to deliver a class in which you connect deeper to your true-self, you discharge your nervous system, and you focus on your breath as a tool. Increasing the awareness of your body puts you back in touch with your inherent healing nature and sets you up to integrate these practices when you leave the retreat. Empowering students to continue with this journey far beyond our time together.

Colynn is owner of Frik-Shuhn Yoga & Coaching – a successful boutique studio and yoga school in BC – and has been evolving her teaching skills over the past 5 years by attending such certification programs as Meditation Teacher Training, Yin & Chakra Training, Restorative Teacher Training, Private Yoga Teacher Training, Reiki Level 1, Coaching Apprenticeships, Partner Yoga Teacher Training, Kids Yoga Teacher Training & 300 hour Teacher Training. She has integrated her knowledge into her favourite styles of yoga and teaches unique Flow (Vinyasa), Restorative, Meditation & Yin classes as a result.


2022 On Purpose…

This week we are offering 3 very special workshops. We are going to look at the past, be in the now and create the future!


Past Life Regression

Energy never dies, but is transferred back and forth endlessly, taking many shapes and occupying different dwellings. Once energy escapes an expired body it’s only a matter of time until it re-enters a new body. Come and journey with Colynn for over 2 hours to discover two of your past lives. Let us see where you came from so we can create where you are going! This workshop requires comfortable clothes, a journal and a pen, and an open mind. We will spend most of the time laying on your mat.

The price for this workshop is $35.

Awakening The Chakras Now

Journey with Colynn through the seven sisters that govern your physical body, your emotions, and the lens at which you view the world. Let us see where you are so we can know where we want to go. This is a 2 hour interactive workshop that includes discussion, introspection and a meditation practice. Bring your journal and pen.

The price for this workshop is $35.

Manifest Like You Mean It

People will plan a wedding or plan a trip to ensure that all runs smooth and successful, so why wouldn’t one plan their year or their life? Let us look at what you want and plan where you are going. Create 2022 on purpose. This is a 2 hour workshop that includes movement and meditation with some journalling.

The price for this workshop is $35.


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