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Unleashed with Kelsey Matheson. A Retreat For Women Who Are Ready For MORE.

A Journey of Massive Growth through Self-Discovery, Healing, and Awakening.
Get Ready to Become Unleashed!

You have amazing and unique gifts to offer the world, but maybe you don’t know what they are yet… or maybe your fears are getting in the way. This week in paradise will help you discover what truly makes you special, and how those gifts relate to your life, career, relationships, and higher purpose.

During this week long retreat you will experience deep healing and the release of past fears that are holding you back, so you can become the woman you were born to be.

It’s time to find your purpose, build your confidence, and shift past stories that are no longer serving you. It’s time to become UNLEASHED!

The focus will be on uncovering your blocks and healing past wounds to help you align with your true potential. During our week together you will begin the healing process to transform and create a life that lights you up!

For this retreat Kelsey Matheson is partnering with the talented Astrologer, Sara Elise to take the work even DEEPER. Based on your individual astrological chart, we will customize your experience so you can activate your gifts and step into your magnificence!

Do you want MORE out of life… but need clarity on what that really looks like? Do you feel like life is passing you by and you desperately need something to KICKSTART you into the next phase of your life?

The UNLEASHED Retreat Is For YOU If:

  • You feel GUILTY about prioritizing your needs, but you know how much you NEED a retreat like this.
  • You feel blocked and are struggling to reach your goals… but are ready for change in a MASSIVE way.
  • You feel lost and powerless as life seems to fly by… you’re dying to jump off the hamster wheel and take control of your life.
  • YOU NEED AN ACTION PLAN! Clarity is great, but you know you’ll end up in the same old cycle without a plan.
  • You feel stuck, overwhelmed and frustrated! Something is holding you back, and you know it’s time to get out of your own way.
  • You desperately need to connect with other like-minded women. You know surrounding yourself with other women on a similar path will motivate you… and it’s EXACTLY the energy you need to be around.
  • You are determine to push past surviving and truly starting LIVING!

Your Journey At Anamaya Awaits

During the week of April 11 – 18, 2020 you will become a part of the Anamaya family. Imagine being surrounded by the beauty of the rainforest, being fed 3 organic & gourmet meals per day (plus snacks), participating in 4 days of workshops, healing practices and trainings, and taking the time for yourself to read, swim, get a massage, or nap in a hammock.

Image meeting other women from around the world who have also come to share this journey with you of self-discovery, healing and awakening. Imagine creating life-long friendships through this process so you are never alone. You will have built-in support and develop new relationships  – all while taking in the most amazing ocean view you’ve ever laid eyes on.

Along with astrologer Sara Elise, Kelsey will create a sacred space and help to guide you through this journey. Through world renowned techniques that incorporate energy work, help to uncover fears that have been holding you back for decades, and heal past emotional trauma… you will stop surviving and start THRIVING!

Essentially your transformation begins AS SOON AS YOU SIGN UP because your commitment signifies your desire for more… And the growth will continue after the retreat because you will take home practical tools that will allow you to continue your evolution.


The price is only $995 + tax!
Normally these types of retreats cost thousands!!

Anamaya is The  Perfect Setting For a Retreat

Anamaya’s beautiful location… nourishing and delicious food… perfect temperatures… wildlife… and a staff unlike any other will provide you with an escape from your daily stressors and allow you to create an experience for yourself that will have long-term benefits. Anamaya is a very spiritual and powerful place energetically, and has been hosting life-changing retreats for over 10 years. This stunning setting is the perfect location for you to become UNLEASHED and step into the highest version of yourself. It is a sacred place with jaw-dropping views and a high quality energy that replenishes and rejuvenates. The perfect setting for a retreat vacation.

RETREAT DATE APR 11 – APR 18, 2020

Kelsey Matheson


About Kelsey Matheson

Kelsey Matheson is an energy worker, award-winning entrepreneur, and success coach based in New York. Kelsey became a coach to help women transform their lives after experiencing her own mental, emotional and physical hardships while building businesses, becoming a mother, and learning the hard way what it really takes to become healthy, happy and balanced.

She believes the more women who are empowered to step into roles as brilliant, beautiful leaders – the better this world will become. By tapping into your fears and blocks, Kelsey provides a space for you to align with your higher-self and see your true potential.

Like so many women Kelsey has also experienced suffering in silence, which is why it is now her mission to help YOU get out of your own way… but you can’t do it alone. Working with Kelsey will allow you to SEE your magnificence in order create the life you were born to live!


There will be a number of workshops, trainings and healing practices throughout the week… but the healing will begin BEFORE you arrive at Anamaya!


Personalized Astrological Reading:

The astrologer Sara Elise will be providing everyone their very own reading before you arrive at Anamaya. This will be a crucial tool in seeing where you are, and where you’re going so we can strategically focus on what will serve you at the highest level. After you sign up we’ll put you in touch with Sara directly to schedule your reading.

Support BEFORE and AFTER The Retreat:

We will jump on a group Zoom call BEFORE April 11th in order to meet the other women attending, meet Kelsey & Sara, and talk more about what you can expect, answer any questions you may have, and dive into your intentions for this transformational week together. 

We will plan a follow up Zoom call AFTER the retreat for additional support once you’re back at home navigating life with new eyes, new intentions, and an unleashed soul. Both of these calls will be recorded if you’re unable to attend in person. Dates for these call are TBD.

SRI Sessions:

SRI stands for Tomato Respiratory Integration, and is a healing modality created by Dr Donny Epstein. We will go through three SRI sessions during our week at Anamaya.

This will be the foundation of the work we do together. SRI focuses on gentle breath, movement and touch, to help you shift into an energy rich state. This practice will allow you to dig deep into your fears and emotional blocks in a safe, loving and dynamic way.

Sacred Cacao Ceremony:

Does your connection with chocolate run deep? This ceremony takes the love of chocolate to a whole new level by facilitating the journey inward, and discovering your truest, highest, most love-filled self.

Additional Trainings & Workshops:

Workshops to understand your inner Doubt Demon… Strategic goal setting sessions… Visualization and  Breath-work Trainings will also be incorporated into the Women’s Retreat to set you on a path of success. These sessions will help you align with what you really need in an undistracted and nurturing environment.

Beach Excursion with Sunset Meditation:

We’ll enjoy an afternoon at the beach (Playa Hermosa) on the other side of the peninsula – and end our day with a beautifully guided meditation right before taking in the always breathtaking Costa Rican sunset.

Time To Relax, Rejuvenate and Process:

There will be lots of time to lounge by Anamaya’s famous infinity pool, take a nap in a hammock, catch up on your reading, or spend some time reflecting on your journey. We want this experience to be one filled with growth and rejuvenation.

The price for this retreat is only $995 + tax! This price DOES NOT INCLUDE: 
  • Your travel
  • Your base rate at Anamaya (your base rate covers your accommodations and meals)
  • Yoga classes
  • Additional excursions or workshops
  • Spa treatments
  • Other extras

Anamaya has rates to suit everyones budget, so please contact our Reservations Team today!


During this week we are very excited to offer our guests a session with the Lucia N°03: A Meditation Tool for the New Age.

Consciously conceived, developed and created in Austria by Dr. Engelbert Winkler (psychiatrist), Dr Dirk Proeckl (medical neurologist/psychologist), and engineer Jury Locker, the Lucia N°03 is a HYNPNAGOGIC LIGHT MACHINE designed to stimulate the Pineal gland.

Lucia N°03 Hynpnagogic Light MachineThe Lucia N°03 gently entrains the brain using the application of wide spectrum white light. Called a Neurostiumulator, Lucia’s stroboscopic light patterns stimulate the pineal gland, opening up a beautiful space for visionary exploration. Not only visually stunning, the Lucia N°03 helps clear the mind and allows even beginning meditators to reach a deep space of peace quickly. Not a replacement for meditation practice but quite the opposite – working with Lucia encourages people to meditate by awakening them to deeper states of consciousness, giving them the confidence (and roadmap) to get there on their own.

While the Lucia N°03 is not a medical device, using it supports a deep state of spiritual health and wellbeing that is always available when our consciousness is not obscured by daily distractions and thought processes.

Clients work with Lucia for a wide range of reasons. Some of the reported benefits have included:

  • Rapid and sustained deep relaxation
  • Increased learning capacity and performance
  • Peak athletic performance and recovery
  • A sense of ‘slowing down’
  • Holistic health improvements to a wide range of emotional and mental symptoms, including anxiety, depression
  • A passage through time and spacelessness
  • Immersions in worlds of colour and shape and never-before-seen beauty
  • Stimulation of creativity
  • An ability to ‘let go’ of egoic attachment and reconnect with one’s larger essence
  • increased self awareness
  • Deep emotions and a strong feeling of peace and joy
  • Spiritual experiences
  • Alleviating symptoms of seasonal effective disorder
  • Helping with sleep disorders.

Try a Lucia session for yourself to experience the amazing benefits! One session is $80 and will be offered by Sara Elise.

Sara Elise

More About Astrologer Sara Elise

Sara Elise is an Astrologer living in Toronto, Canada. Her work uses the Astrological Map formed at the moment of birth to help align clients with their highest evolutionary intention. She helps people fall in love with themselves…. by reflecting what they already know in their core: that they are here on purpose, their lessons are for a reason, and they can make choices aligned to their highest good and in flow with Universal design.

When Sara was 21 years old she experienced what might be called a ‘spontaneous awakening’. Essentially her higher self came into her body, merged with her personality, and reminded her why she is here. To wake up… and to facilitate that for others.

Several teachers came her way. One of whom was the renowned astrologer, Debra Silverman. After Sara spent a decade in P&G Marketing, and a decade becoming a mother to 3… Sara then became one of Debra’s official Certified Astrologers and now teaches for her online school, Applied Astrology.

Sara has also spent years mentoring with the indomitable Mr. Alan Oken, studying esoteric astrology and the ancient wisdom teachings. She has trained with Mark Jones, a practitioner of Evolutionary Astrology in the Jeffrey Wolf Green lineage. And spent a year working with Didi Firman, training as a Psychosynthesis Life Coach.

Sara helps people answer questions like: Why am I the way I am? How do I align with my deepest hearts desire? How do I awaken while thriving in society? What narratives need to be re-written? What lessons am I here to learn? What are my gifts and how do I activate them? What is my purpose… and HOW DO I LIVE IT?!

We’re a smaller sized boutique resort so our retreats book up fast! Save your spot by filling out a reservation request form today. Click the link below. Pura Vida!

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