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Yoga and Adventure Retreat with CARRIE INGHAM

In this retreat, you’ll experience the joy and expansion of your range as you playfully embody movement, venture deep within stillness, and extend in connection to others if you choose.

“I can’t say enough positive words to describe my stay at Anamaya. The place itself is gloriously beautiful. The staff are caring, warm, attentive and kind. The food was delicious, creative, healthy and satisfying. The spa services are remarkable. The two yoga decks are so beautiful. There are many fun day trips to choose from… it doesn’t get much better than this.” – Karen

Retreat Details

Our weekly retreats run all year long, so when you book your stay with us the FIRST STEP is to choose the week that works best with your schedule. Every week we have different guest yoga teachers from around the world that come to teach at Anamaya bringing their unique talents and energy. Our retreats run from Saturday to Saturday. 

The price of your retreat starts with your BASE RATE (which includes your accommodations and meals). Excursions, workshops, and other add-ons you choose to customize your week will be added to your final bill at Anamaya. 

Simply fill out the inquiry form to get more information on available accommodations,  pricing, and options specific to your needs.

Nov 11 – 18, 2023
Carrie Ingham


Carrie has taught yoga and practiced bodywork for ten years and did her very first trainings with us back in 2012. Her insightful classes use accessible skeletal alignment, calming mental direction, sequencing that encourages curiosity and expansion, nervous system tools, and awareness of the subtle. These elements make increased clarity, strength, and flexibility inevitable side effects of a satisfying practice. Her deep reverence in holding everything as sacred with a skillfully playful hand is the essence of her teaching style. Her inner life is vibrant and her system is set to subtlety which enables observation, design, and creation of opportunities and curriculum. Carrie’s training, experience and insight have benefitted thirteen studios, thousands of classes, hundreds of private students, retreats, and events, as well as various YTT programs and teachers seeking her niche experience in the last decade.

Prior to teaching, she left design work on the US east coast where her health deteriorated from overwork and disconnection. In cultivating her practice as treatment and relishing the release of savasana, she experienced a profound peace which put her back in touch with Life. Her intention in sharing the practice is to lay out a way into that feeling for anyone with the desire to reach it. Her offerings span a range of states of consciousness to expand your capacity, light you up, and aid finding what best balances your unique system.

With an extensive background in acrobatics and leadership of Thai Yoga Massage workshops and trainings, she has a strong understanding of the mechanics and energetics of movement. She has cultivated a balance of incorporating control and surrender, movement and stillness, curiosity and experience, into the embodiment and techniques she offers. The areas of focus she brings to Anamaya for your renewal include vinyasa flow, restorative Nidra, CRC Meditation, Thai Yoga Massage, and Acro Yoga.

CRC is a style of meditation Carrie pioneered from the experience of her own deep practice. She invites you to feel the truth of your being, waiting just beyond the movement of the bodymind. Bliss is not reserved only for those who may avoid the challenges of the active world, but the birthright of every human and the layers of your natural system hold the keys, waiting for your attention. We’ll attend the body in friendship and reverence, arrange the mind with intention, open to your guidance and genius, but keep going to knowing!

In this retreat, you’ll experience the joy and expansion of your range as you playfully embody movement, venture deep within stillness, and extend in connection to others if you choose. Enjoy a combination of invigoration and release each morning, exploration and freedom each day, deep relaxation with new experiences each evening, and stretching from fun to ease! No experience or partner required, simply come open to what you will find. Carrie’s enthusiastic and caring spirit will help you look forward to the time you spend investing and immersing in yourself. Leave renewed, with experience that will continue to serve you in your life beyond the mat.

Your system is seeking homeostasis, connection, ease and joy. This is your sign and invitation to reset and reconnect!


Intro to Meditation

Practice the basic principles of deep listening and being through the path of Contemplation, Relaxation, and Concentration which lead to the natural state that is Meditation. We begin with the seat, as the body will distract from the process if not given proper initial attention, progress to an overview of the process, open the way with breathwork, then experiment with nervous system and mental tools to find balance. The workshop closes with progressive relaxation, guided meditation and assisted silence. Whatever your ideas of meditation are now, you will absolutely love the experience of pause when you find YOUR way in and meet your system where it is now. Find a sacred space of refuge inside.

This workshop is 90 minutes, and the cost is $25 (Or $80 for all 3 workshops)

Inversion Insights

For the curious and willing, Carrie offers a compilation of practical skills, awareness, and guided practice time for incorporating headstands and handstands into your healing toolbox. Carrie’s early years were spent honing physical coordination in competitive gymnastics and acrobatics. She traveled with the competitive collegiate female team for Ohio State Cheerleading, trained with a circus and AcroYoga group in Boston, MA in her twenties, then founded Columbus Acro Play in Ohio’s capital and inversions have played a pivotal role in her practice to this day. Their ability to affect perspective, circulation, and calm the mind are their strength in any yoga practice and there is a version of inversion that is right for you! Private clients, teachers and Yoga Teacher Trainings seek out Carrie’s curriculum and eye on these advanced skills because of her ability to communicate and distill complexity into accessibility and diagnose nuanced individual issues in a way that feels like play! Start where you are and find out where you can go in safety and in confidence.

This workshop is 90 minutes, and the cost is $35 (Or $80 for all 3 workshops)

AcroYoga Play & Thai Yoga Massage

This workshop begins with the basics of nonverbal communication of partner Acro play, then moves into the divine duality of giving and receiving of Thai Yoga Massage. In groups of 4 we will learn to spot, fly, and base safely, then separate into partners to learn the basics of pressure techniques, stretching, and energy work. See where you’re comfortable and where you find new sensation! Join as an individual or pair (beloveds, friends, family, just-mets) as long as you’re comfortable giving your consent to be touched and trusted. We’ll tailor it to right where you are so you feel uplifted in safety.

This workshop is 90 minutes, and the cost is $35 (Or $80 for all 3 workshops)

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