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Yoga Retreat with JONNA SCHWARZ

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Jan 29 – Feb 5, 2022
Jonna Schwarz


Jonna is a woman of the outdoors. She has always moved her body in nature and when the opportunity to begin a full practice became available to her, she took it and never looked back.

Jonna started her yoga journey in college with DVDs of Shiva Rhea. On a run one day, she stumbled up on a Bikram yoga studio. After the 30-day challenge, Jonna attended another 15, putting her at 45 days of yoge with no break. She was hooked and soon began to explore any yoga she could find.

After college Jonna knew she wanted to teach and with the encouragement of her husband, she completed her 200-hour vinyasa and hatha-focused training with Bamboo Moves. Jonna then apprenticed at a studio in Indiana and received certification as a Bikram hot yoga instructor. With those practices under her belt, Jonna yearned for more experience and knowledge from her fellow yogis. Jonna challenged herself to a 500-hour program that spanned two years. Four years ago Jonna completed the 500-hour teacher training, moving through modules that included Ayurveda, yoga for aging bodies, and Yin yoga. Each hour she has spent in training has led to become a well-rounded instructor. Despite the immense value of organized trainings, Jonna gives most credit to her students, who teach her something new every class.

Jonna’s studio in Hamilton, Montana is where she connects with the majority of her clients, though she does dabble online and guest teaches in her hometown whenever she visits.

In addition to her passion for yoga, Jonna is a Peak Pilates certified instructor and an ACE-Certified Personal Trainer and nutritionist.

Teaching Philosophy

Jonna’s style of teaching focuses on alignment and breath, and the beauty of dynamic movement that builds full-body strength and long-term viability. With her background in multiple fitness modalities, you will receive a practice to keep you moving comfortably and with ease, even while challenging yourself.
Jonna is inspired by the unique abilities of our different bodies – where our strengths and challenges present themselves. Movements found in nature, whether in an animal or fish, grass or tree, all find place in what Jonna idealizes as a great yoga practice.


Workshop: Healthy Back, Open Heart

Three, 90-minute sessions
$55 each or both for $100

Restriction in the spine, shoulders, and hips can hold us from opening the front of the body. Weakness in the core also affects the ease of back bending. At the center, the heart and a lifetime of emotion from childhood to the present rests, and can also aid in the restriction you may feel to back bending. Fear of vulnerability or looking into the past is held here.

Discover how to extend into heart-opening asana through functional exercises to open the hips and groin, build the core, and open the shoulders and spine. Discuss the anatomy and psychology behind back bending to provide stability and ease. Find joy in your backbends and learn ways to include them into your daily life and practice.

This two-part workshop will take place over two days. Though you are encouraged to attend both sessions, know that you can attend only one if that works better for your personal goals and what you hope to receive from the workshop.

***During this week at Anamaya, Jonna will also be offering Private sessions for yoga, pilates or personal training, a great opportunity to deepen in your practice and knowledge of your body.

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