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Yoga Retreat with LIANA HOFFMANN

Yoga is the door to a new world where your body & mind meet and connect.

“I can’t say enough positive words to describe my stay at Anamaya. The place itself is gloriously beautiful. The staff are caring, warm, attentive and kind. The food was delicious, creative, healthy and satisfying. The spa services are remarkable. The two yoga decks are so beautiful. There are many fun day trips to choose from… it doesn’t get much better than this.” – Karen

Retreat Details

Our weekly retreats run all year long, so when you book your stay with us the FIRST STEP is to choose the week that works best with your schedule. Every week we have different guest yoga teachers from around the world that come to teach at Anamaya bringing their unique talents and energy. Our retreats run from Saturday to Saturday. 

The price of your retreat starts with your BASE RATE (which includes your accommodations and meals). Excursions, workshops, and other add-ons you choose to customize your week will be added to your final bill at Anamaya. 

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Oct 14 – 21, 2023
Liana Hoffmann


Liana is a 500-hour certified Yoga & Meditation Instructor, who specialize in Vinyasa- and Hatha Yoga practice, Yoga Anatomy, and the practice and effects of Yoga Nidra. She is also the founder of Nambin Yoga, a community for all who love the deeper & spiritual practice of yoga and who want to gain and share yoga knowledge and skills.

She is a curious nature lover and adventure seeker, hungry for the world’s secrets and knowledge, and most likely that’s why she ended up becoming a Yoga Teacher. “There is so much to learn, I won’t find an end. That’s the beauty of Yoga – You are always a teacher and a student at the same time.”

Liana’s Yoga journey began in the Australian Outback where she worked and lived in an indigenous community for six months. She found herself in the most spiritual place she could have ever imagined. Yoga, back then, was just a physical exercise to her but spirituality was there, even though she didn’t realize it at the time.

She continued Yoga back in Germany and on her travels, still considering it as a physical exercise until she went to a class where the teacher brought her into a Shavasana that actually made her feel the connection of her body & her mind. Another time, at another studio she suddenly felt the vibration of the OM, far beyond her physical body. This is how she started to open up to the deeper aspects of Yoga. She expanded her knowledge and tried various techniques in Yoga, besides the Asana Practice.

She accomplished her first 200-hour Teacher Training in Hatha- and Vinyasa Yoga at the Gayatri School in Tenerife.

For the advanced Teacher Training, she traveled to Goa to experience the roots of Yoga in India. The 300-hour Training was focused on Yoga Anatomy and the Teachings of Vinyasa Yoga.

She has also accomplished a Yoga Nidra Teacher Training and researches the effects of this particular technique that benefits overall well-being, and improves brain functionality, focus, and sleep.

She has been teaching Fitness and Yoga Classes since 2019, in Germany and during her adventures abroad. Liana loves working with people and accompanying them throughout their journeys.

In her classes, Liana combines the physical aspects and facts of Yoga with a hint of spirituality that is accessible and understandable to everyone.

You can expect creative and powerful Hatha-Vinyasa Flows. Through the practice of postures (asanas), breathwork, and meditations, you deepen your practice on the mat and off the mat. You will find the opportunity to discover your own body and its capabilities.

Due to her experience as a Fitness coach and her specialization in Hatha & Vinyasa yoga, as well as her education in Yoga Anatomy, Liana puts her focus on the right alignment based on your body structure.

It is important to Liana that her students enjoy the Yoga Classes, no matter which level they are at.

“The most beautiful gift is when my students open their eyes with a big smile on their faces, after a class of mine”

Teaching Philosophy

“The sensitivity that we develop to observe and the ability to be one with ourselves, the realization of this powerful connection is called Yoga.”

Liana’s intention is to guide you to the realization of our own Zen Space, your happy place where you find your ways to inner peace, where she helps you to reset from all of the influences out there, in the fast paced world of responsibilities. Not only through Yoga but also other methods that you can use daily to relax and clear up your mind. There are so many things you can discover and adapt to your life. Creating your zen space might be Yoga, meditation, art, music, food, nature, dancing, and so much more.

Liana’s mission is to inspire and teach you tools to connect with yourself again. You may be truly yourself, you may experiment and enjoy your own place of bliss.

To Liana, Yoga is not just about performing asanas but rather performing a Yoga-Lifestyle daily. Developing self-awareness and a positive mindset toward yourself will simultaneously increase positive and loving thoughts toward others and the environment which leads to a happier place for yourself and make the impossible become possible

“Yoga is for every body and everybody!”


Yoga Means Union Workshop Series

The word yoga means unity and is derived from the Sanskrit word Yuj, which means to join. 

This unity or joining is described in spiritual terms as the union of the individual consciousness with the universal consciousness. On a more practical level, Yoga means balancing and harmonizing the body, mind, and soul or we can also say emotions.  

In the Workshop series ‘Yoga means union’ we will practice and combine different yoga techniques to approach this unity. 

Due to the access to the different practices you can explore and perhaps discover the most suitable ones for your needs, and adapt them to your own personal practice.


Breath-work & Vinyasa Flow

Yoga is not just about physical practice in the form of asanas. Rather, it is about the connection between body, mind, and soul. This connection is also created through meditation, among other things.

There are many different meditation practices, including pranayama (breathing exercises), but also the physical practice of asanas (poses), which is also called active meditation. If we combine pranayama & movement in the asana practice together, we create a meditative state and thus sensitize ourselves to the connection between body, mind, and soul.

Probably the most commonly used breathing technique during a yoga practice is Ujjayi breathing especially very common in Ashtanga and Vinyasa yoga. Ujjayi breathing is also described as the sound of the sea, ocean breath, or the sound of friction. The translation from Sanskrit is; “victorious”. This means that we gain or regain control over our breath.

In the Flow & Breath workshop, you will slowly approach the Ujjayi breathing step by step and then put it together in a Vinyasa flow. You will learn about the importance of breathing in your yoga practice and familiarize yourself with the term ‘One Breath, One Movement’.

This workshop offers you knowledge, movement, breath-work, and the establishment of a connective state of your breath and body.

The price for this 2.5 hr workshop is $45 (or $120 for all three workshops)


Calm & reset your nervous system. A detox for your inner self

Pranayama is generally defined as breath control. The word Pranayama means the Extension of the dimensions of Prana.

Prana: Universal or Life Energy
Yama: Control

During the Pranayama practice, you practice breathing exercises involving control over the pace of your breath, the length of your in- and exhales, and holding your breath in specific sequences. The goal of pranayama is to connect your body and mind. It also supplies your body with oxygen while removing toxins. This is meant to provide healing physiological benefits.

There is a big variety of Pranayama techniques, which we categorize into Calming, Balancing, Heating, and Activating.  In this workshop, you will mainly focus on the calming and balancing techniques in order to prepare you for the Yoga Nidra practice.

Yoga: Union
Nidra: Sleep

Yoga Nidra is the state of dynamic sleep, meaning that the practitioner remains aware. The intention is not to sleep during practice, instead, the consciousness functions at a deeper level of awareness. In Yoga Nidra, the higher state of relaxation is enforced through turning inwards, away from the outer sensual temptations.

The practice develops memory, increases brain functionality and creativity, and improves sleep. Researches prove that the higher the state of relaxation, the greater the receptivity. When consciousness is still connected to all of the senses the receptivity stays at lower levels. Hence, when you withdraw your mind a little bit and enter into a state of neither asleep nor awake, whatever impressions enter your mind at that time become powerful and remain there.

Liana will guide you through the ancient practice of Yoga Nidra practice which Swami Satyananda Saraswati restructured to make it accessible to western cultures.

The purpose of combining Pranayama and Yoga Nidra is simply to give you the opportunity to completely surrender to relaxation and connection of body, mind & soul.

You might experience a whole new meditative state and benefit from the effects of Pranyama & Yoga Nidra which will be introduced during the workshop in more detail.

The price for this 2.5 hr workshop is $45 (or $120 for all three workshops)


A nourishing journey for body, mind & soul

Referred to as “A gift from the gods”,- Cacao is been a sacred plant medicine to the indigenous Maya, Aztec, Olmec & Toltec tribes, native to Meso-America for thousands of years, as a profound plant medicine, to heal the physical, emotional, and spiritual body.

With this awareness, love, and deep respect for the plant spirit “Espiritu Cacao”, the cacao is being shared in the ancient communities. This ancient plant medicine has been deeply integrated into the Maya culture that is still very much alive to this day.

This plant medicine is on the rise in our western world, where we are in much need of more connection, a deeper connection to our inner world to find the love within that then can be shared amongst our community.

Everyone is unique and beautiful in their own way. Cacao is here to assist us to bring more of our uniqueness and authenticity to the surface.

The indigenous Maya believe that healing happens when all 4 bodies are aligned: the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. This is one of the reasons why cacao was used in many rituals and ceremonies for healing beyond the physical body; to deepen their connection with the spirit world and nature itself.

Cacao Ceremonies are ultimately a connection with the self. Where cacao can assist us in the journey of cultivating self-love. which then can be shared amongst our community, to deepen the connection with others and mother earth herself.

In this workshop, Liana will guide you through a ceremony that will be dedicated to your overall body awareness. Connecting with your sensations, the physical, the emotional body, the mind, and your spirituality.

The price for this 2.5 hr workshop is $60, including all materials (or $120 for all three workshops)

In all of Liana’s workshops, you will not only get access to the practical aspects of the variety of techniques but also the wisdom behind them. 

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