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Yoga Retreat with LINEA GINN

If you need to escape the craziness of life.

Are desperate for some well deserved “me-time”.

And need to invest in yourself in order to rejuvenate and de-stress.

Then this is the week for YOU!

Retreat Dates & Pricing

Our weekly retreats run all year long, so when you book your stay with us the FIRST STEP is to choose the week that works best with your schedule. Every week we have different guest yoga teachers from around the world that come to teach at Anamaya bringing their unique talents and energy. Our retreats run from Saturday to Saturday. 

The price of your retreat starts with your BASE RATE (which includes your accommodations and meals). Excursions, workshops and other add-ons you choose to customize your week, will be added to your final bill at Anamaya. Please see below for the workshops this teacher will be providing.

Oct 17 – 24, 2020



Linea is from Denmark, 50 years young, a mother of 4 natural home-birthed children and has been a vegetarian, vegan or raw foodist for 27 years. She has been a part-time assistant for the Father of the Living Foods Realm, Viktoras Kulvinskas.

Linea holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Science working with special needs individuals and a graduate of Social and Health Care Giving as a Certified Nursing Consultant assisting new parents and mothers on the “Art of Nursing”. She has work experience in videography production as well as web design. She has studied E.F.T. (Emotional Frequency Tapping) for many years and has an intuitive sense in assisting others in releasing emotional and spiritual blockages.

As a Yoga Instructor, her amazing passion for yoga is reflected in her unique, inspiring style with a focus on kundalini methods that always activate the fire within. She had led many classes in Denmark, U.S.A. and Costa Rica. She believes it is time that we start celebrating our powerful, beautiful and spiritual being. To activate, as an act of love, our sacred hearts, to be grounded, loving and honest with an awareness of the body temple, our physical playground. Celebrating ourselves is a portal one can choose to enter through in order to access and connect to higher levels of acceptance, love, joy and wisdom. Kundalini Yoga Flow is a great tool and formula for accessing this prana one carries within. It awakens a love and conscious recognition for the self.

Anamaya Resort View From Upper Deck
Anamaya Resort View From Upper Deck
Anamaya Resort View From Upper Deck


Kundalini Yoga Flow is a powerful tool to connect with your authentic Self: Your true place of power, peace and knowingness. Everyone has it. Through my yoga and meditations, you can access that place while having a unique physical experience. By working with breathing exercises/pranayama – with focus on breath of fire, active visualizations, chanting and movements we purify, strengthen and balance our body, mind and heart, so you can be more yourself.

Kundalini Yoga Flow will beautify, soften and tone your body. Yoga will develop a deeper connection to your sexuality & sensuality and enhance your sex life. Kundalini Yoga Flow is a form of yoga that I have developed over my 18 years of yoga practice. My yoga consists of a combo between Vinyasa Flow and kundalini yoga.

“Thank you for your guidance, intuition, very clear instructions, encouragement and variety in each Kundalini class. We took a class from you every day for the week… We hope to return to continue our work with you. You are a true beam of light and love.” – Nancy



This workshop is 2 hours. Price is $45 (or $80 for both).

In this workshop we are working with detoxing the body, mind and soul with pranayama, hatha poses and kundalini yoga movements.
We are letting go to make room for more vital life-force to flow through the body, making it run faster facilitating the clearing of blockages in the meridians.

This will help us feel more alive and juicy in the body… in alignment with the more authentic parts of ourselves.

The asana poses will squeeze and clear any accumulation from the muscles, vital organs and glands returning the body into a state of balance. Emotions will shift and leave clarity of mind allowing guidance, ideas and realizations to rise from within.

We close with a rejuvenating savasana with guided meditation to let the body absorb the pranic information, settle the energy into a higher level of vibrational pattern, leaving us feeling nourished and purified.


The workshop is 2 hours. Price is $45 (or $80 for both)

The term kundalini is referring to the vital force or sexual creative energy that we all hold within us. Often called the “sleeping goddess” located around the first chakra or root chakra at the base of the spine. When awakening this energy we access our youthful powers, rejuvenating and beautifying the body, activate our sexual energy that not only can improve our libido but also enhances our sense of creativity and joy of life in general.

We all have this energy and we can all increase it.

We will be working with pranayama, bandas, sounds and kundalini movements. We close with savasana with breath-work and guided meditation.

This workshop is for beginners and advanced practitioners as well. Everyone has the potential of having a profound experience.

We’re a smaller sized boutique resort so our retreats book up fast! Save your spot by filling out a reservation request form today. Click the link below. Pura Vida!

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Important Announcement

Dear Anamaya Guest,

We are still accepting reservations for future bookings. Yes it’s true, there is a temporary travel ban from March 18th until June 15th in Costa Rica. 


However we know how necessary a week of recovery, rejuvenation and CONNECTION will be after this situation has stabilized. 

We will update you with more information as we receive it. In the meantime:

  • Stay in contact with family and friends.
  • Remember that kindness is everything.
  • Take your practice off the mat.

With much love,

The Anamaya Family