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Yoga Retreat with MARIES REBUCAS

Retreat Details

Our weekly retreats run all year long, so when you book your stay with us the FIRST STEP is to choose the week that works best with your schedule. Every week we have different guest yoga teachers from around the world that come to teach at Anamaya bringing their unique talents and energy. Our retreats run from Saturday to Saturday. 

The price of your retreat starts with your BASE RATE (which includes your accommodations and meals). Excursions, workshops, and other add-ons you choose to customize your week will be added to your final bill at Anamaya. 

Simply fill out the inquiry form to get more information on available accommodations,  pricing, and options specific to your needs.

Nov 27 to Dec 4, 2021

Maries Rebucas


An artistic wanderer with vibrant Filipino roots, Maries has been traveling the globe since 2013. Two years ago the crystalline shores of Santa Teresa tugged at her heartstrings, stopping her in her tracks. A certified yoga instructor with a wealth of experience, Maries has enjoyed teaching for over 14 years. With a staggering 1000 hours of teacher training under her belt, she has trained and taught in some of the world’s leading yoga centers. From yin yoga in Bali, to Bikram in the Philippines, to Ashtanga Mysore in India – her knowledge in the field is extensive. Having derived immense positivity and personal growth from her practice she revels in sharing her experience with others. Yoga has humbled and inspired Maries. Teaching is her way to be of service, express gratitude and maintain a profound connection to source. She is also a passionate artist and a keen environmentalist. As the sole founder of non-governmental organization, Children for Rescue, enhancing the lives of street children in the Philippines is a cause close to her heart

Teaching Philosophy

Maries fell in love with yoga as a spiritual practice many years ago. As a teacher, it is her deepest intention to hold space for others to feel, with the knowledge that they are supported and loved unconditionally. She empowers her students by showing them how to explore the dynamics between body, mind, and breath for themselves. This is an inherently creative process, giving students the confidence to become masters of their own mats. In her experience this is not only holistically beneficial, it is spiritually connective, bringing an abundance of gratitude and love to anyone who chooses to practice



Yoga inversions are believed to have incredible health benefits including: strengthening muscles, boosting circulation and calming the mind. During this dynamic 2-hour workshop we will dissect and explore some impressive postures. Headstands, forearm stands and handstands have been known to intimidate aspiring yogis but do not be alarmed. We believe that these postures should be accessible to all, regardless of age and experience. Alignment tips and tricks will show you just how straightforward these postures can be. By arming you with a series of preparatory postures and modifications you will gain the confidence you need to take flight. During this workshop, tumbles and laughter are guaranteed. It’s a great way to challenge yourself, leap out of your comfort zone and have a lot of fun along the way


Incorporating acrobatics and elements of Thai massage, acro yoga is partner work at its best. A fluid and graceful practice, it is a dance between beings that is beautiful to behold. Participants will firstly tune into themselves and the natural rhythms of their own bodies before progressing to partner or group work. Triads are the most common set up in an acro yoga class. One person lifts another while the third person ensures safety. During this workshop you will learn a number of acrobatic techniques that challenge the body whilst utilising the healing properties of massage. This is both a playful and profound experience as the joy of physical connection meets the deeper aspects of yoga practice.


If indulgence and relaxation is calling, this workshop is for you. Thai Yoga Massage is a delicious form of bodywork that combines yogic stretching with the physical pressure points of Chinese acupuncture and Ayurveda. It is proven to detoxify the body, boost the immune system and fight diseases. It has also been known to lower blood pressure and reduce anxiety. In this light, playful workshop partners will learn basic techniques and sequences. Each participant will have a chance to give and receive. All will experience the healing and nourishing power of touch. Thai yoga massage takes place on the ground. Although no previous experience is required, participants need to be able to get up and down with ease

Each workshop is 2-hours. The price is $40 per workshop or the package price is $110. 


We’re a smaller sized boutique resort so our retreats book up fast! Save your spot by filling out a reservation request form today. Click the link below. Pura Vida!

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DATE YOGA TEACHER YOGA TEACHER´S WORKSHOPS Special retreats & Teacher Trainings
Nov 27 - Dec 4 Maries Rebucas Inversion Immersion, Thai Yoga Massage & Acro Yoga for Beginners Workshops Hotel Bookings
Dec 4 - Dec 11 Zarelly Canales Cacao Ceremony & Divine Breath Dance Meditation Workshops Independent Retreat
Dec 11 - Dec 18 Lola Rephann Spirituality & Personal Growth Workshops
Dec 18 - Dec 25 Lola Rephann Holiday´s Anamaya Retreat: Manifestation Magic Workshop
Dec 25 - Jan 1 Colynn Vosburgh New Year's Anamaya Retreat: 2022 On Purpose Workshops.
Jan 1 - Jan 8 Cristiane Machado Infinite Possibilities Workshop
Jan 8 - Jan 15 Private Retreat
Jan 15 - Jan 22 Lucy Hamel Once Upon a Time Workshop
Jan 22 - Jan 29 Private Retreat
Jan 29 - Feb 5 Jonna Schwarz Healthy Back, Open Heart Workshop
Feb 5 - Feb 12 Terri & Chloé Releasing Darkness & Opening to Light, The Heart Connection Workshop Independent Retreat
Feb 12 - Feb 19 Lucy Hamel The Magic in the Air Workshop
Feb 19 - Feb 26 Private Retreat
Feb 26 - Mar 5 Natalia Chaverri Awakening The Senses, Bio- Creation & Partner Yoga Workshops Independent Retreat
Mar 5 - Mar 12 Malissa Whited The Koshas – Finding Bliss in Paradise Workshop Independent Retreat
Mar 12 - Mar 19 Private Retreat
Mar 19- Mar 26 Leanna Hamilton Myofascial Release, All About Handstands & Breaking Down Vinyasa Workshops Independent Retreat
Mar 26 - Apr 2 Private Retreat
Apr 2 - Apr 9 Joan Radford Morning Meditation & Inside Out Workshops
Apr 9 - Apr 16 Kimberly Manthey Get Out Of Your Head Workshops
Apr 16 - Apr 23 Natasja Payne Journey to Self & Intro to Ayurveda Workshops
Apr 23 - May -14 Colynn Vosburgh - 200 hrs Yoga Teacher Training- 3 weeks
Apr 23 - Apr 30 Cristiane Machado Infinite Possibilities Colynn Vosburgh 200 hrs YTT
Apr 30 - May 7 TBA TBA Colynn Vosburgh 200 hrs YTT
May 7 - May 14 Zarelly Canales TBA Colynn Vosburgh 200 hrs YTT
May 14 - May 21 Private Retreat
May 21 - Jun 11 Lola Rephann - 200 hrs Yoga Teacher Training - 3 weeks
May 21 - May 28 Cristiane Machado Infinite Possibilities Workshop Lola Rephann 200 hrs YTT
May 28 - Jun 4 TBA TBA Lola Rephann 200 hrs YTT
Jun 4 - Jun 11 Zarelly Canales TBA Lola Rephann 200 hrs YTT
Jun 11 - Jun 18 Private Retreat
Jun 18 - Jun 25 Jackie Chiodo Refine & Aling, Intro to Ayurveda & The Chakra System Workshops
Jun 25 - Jul 16 Jackie Chiodo - 200 hrs Yoga Teacher Training - 3 weeks
Jun 25 - Jul 2 TBA TBA Jackie Chiodo 200 hrs YTT
Jul 2 - Jul 9 Zarelly Canales TBA Jackie Chiodo 200 hrs YTT
July 9 - July 16 TBA TBA Jackie Chiodo 200 hrs YTT
July 16 - July 23 Kim & Scott Bringing the Bliss of Anamaya to Any Situation & Peeling Back the Mask Workshops
Jul 23 - Aug 20 Colynn Vosburgh - 300 hrs Yoga Teacher Training - 4 weeks