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Yoga Retreats with DAGMAR SPREMBERG

Spark Your Life Retreat with Dagmar Spremberg.

Are you ready to reignite your passion and transform your life?


At Anamaya Resort’s “Spark Your Life” yoga retreat with Dagmar, you’ll embark on a journey of profound self-discovery and renewal. This isn’t just another yoga retreat; it’s an immersive experience that will awaken your inner fire and inspire lasting change.


Dagmar’s unique and powerful workshops and classes blend yoga, mindfulness, and creative movement, guiding you to connect deeply with yourself and unlock your true potential.


Imagine mastering breathwork techniques that energize your spirit and engaging in transformative practices that harmonize your body and soul – all in the stunning setting of Costa Rica’s lush rainforest. Don’t miss this chance to spark your life and embrace a new, vibrant you. Book now and start your journey to transformation.

From the moment I was welcomed at the resort to my departure, the whole trip was exceptional. As a guy who hasn’t done a lot of yoga and who is not in great shape I was worried that this would be a little too serious about the yoga, and the small size might be too intimate with the other guests. Turns out I was wrong. Not only is the location quite extraordinary, but the yoga with Dagmar was wonderful and accommodating.” – Chris

Retreat Details

Our weekly retreats run all year long, so when you book your stay with us the FIRST STEP is to choose the week that works best with your schedule. Every week we have different guest yoga teachers from around the world that come to teach at Anamaya bringing their unique talents and energy. Our retreats run from Saturday to Saturday. 

The price of your retreat starts with your BASE RATE (which includes your accommodations and meals). Excursions, workshops, and other add-ons you choose to customize your week will be added to your final bill at Anamaya. 

Simply fill out the inquiry form to get more information on available accommodations,  pricing, and options specific to your needs.

Feb 1 – 8, 2025
Dagmar Spremberg


Are you longing to get away from the stresses of everyday life?

Join Dagmar Spremberg for a yoga retreat at Anamaya and enjoy a week of inspiration and gentle stimulation for your senses. Leave your worries behind and reconnect with your body, mind, and spirit through movement, nature and healthy, delicious meals.

Dagmar Spremberg is a 500 hr E-RYT, trained in Anusara Yoga, Vinyasa Flow and Yin Yoga, and is the founder of Montezuma Yoga in Costa Rica. While growing up in Germany all she could envision for herself was a life in the sunshine and under the palm trees. After 20 years of soul searching and many detours that let her explore city life in Los Angeles and New York, she found her dream life by the beach in the lush & tropical nature of Costa Rica. Through her own experience she learned and believes that everybody can live their dreams and that our work is to become clear and open to receive the gifts we all deserve.

Her teachers are Elena Brower and Rod Stryker, and in her classes she emphasizes softening and deepening of the breath as the key to unlocking your potential and your intuition that will lead you to live an authentic life. When we find the gifts in our yoga practice we can make better, clear decisions from our inner wisdom and aren’t no longer afraid to share our truth.

Dagmar leads international retreats, teaches Yoga online and is very popular on Youtube with her jungle yoga videos. Her five week yoga mentorship SPARK YOUR LIFE has helped many women to re-connect to their self practice and find the courage to create changes to live a fulfilled life.

When I started yoga 20 years ago, my goal was to touch my toes. But I soon realised that it was more about touching my heart, and to find the trust and freedom to live an authentic life. My journey was learning to create space and to value and set boundaries through practices of yoga, self-care, and stillness. I believe in the power of sharing with like-minded people – together, we can empower each other to live our lives fully.

Your Retreat At Anamaya

Each morning, enjoy a dynamic vinyasa flow practice with Dagmar. In the evenings you’ll be practicing a slow flow or yin practice. This week will help you to surrender and relax deeper into your breath and body. You will flow effortlessly through your practice and take inspiration home for your self-practice. You will be confident, inspired and feel ready to more skillfully navigate these challenging times.

The practices are open to all levels. Meditation and Pranayama are introduced and deepened as well. This retreat is designed to take you deeper into your practice as you reconnect to your heart’s inner wisdom, become more aware, more sensitive, and more receptive to the beauty in you life. You will gain a toolbox of new practices to integrate into your life at home to better deal with stress and create authentic relationships where you can fully by yourself.


Conscious Communication Workshop

How comfortable are you to speak your truth? Are you sometimes keeping yourself small in order not to make others uncomfortable? When you hold back your truth it can slowly build up frustration inside you which might suddenly burst out, and that might be hard for others to understand or handle. So how can you learn to own and express your deepest truth in a way that can be lovingly received by others? When we hold back speaking our truth we often unconsciously start rejecting ourselves for it. When we learn to ask for our needs without fear we build integrity and trust within ourselves.

In this workshop we will explore ways of conscious communication and simple practices to empower your relationship with yourself and others.

90 minute workshop 

Ecstatic Dance Workshop

Do you love dancing? Imagine dancing for 90 min to great music with a group of likeminded people. Finding your flow, without talking or stopping, just moving!

Ecstatic Dance is not a dance class, but rather a movement meditation. We are starting and closing together as a community. Music builds slowly up, and you are just allowing it to move your body, sometimes even with your eyes closed. A beautiful, sensual way of movement, getting you out of your head and into a sweet connection with your body.

90 minute workshop

Prices are $40 each, or $70 for both.

We’re a smaller sized boutique resort so our retreats book up fast! Save your spot by filling out a reservation request form today. Click the link below. Pura Vida!

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