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Yoga Retreats with JIVANA

Maybe you need to escape the craziness of everyday life…

Or you’ve just gone through a difficult life event…

Or perhaps you simply want to practice yoga in a tropical paradise.

Join us at Anamaya Resort for a week long retreat and let the transformation begin!

Holiday Retreat Dates:

April 25 – May 2
July 4 – July 11
Aug 15 – Aug 22
Sep 12- Sep 19
Nov 14 – Nov 21



JIVANA is a multi-dimensional being, playful spiritual artivist, and tantrika-yogini. JIVANA considers art a spiritual path, which includes the art of yoga. With the idea that “I am Art”, JIVANA as an avant-garde yogini applies her philosophy of karma yoga to artivism. JIVANA uses writing, dance-performance art, digital media, and collaborations with artists to raise awareness about important issues, inspire people to feel empowered, and act selflessly to change the world.
She has been running a holistic environmental awareness non-profit for over a decade which includes several projects in the Southern Nicoya Peninsula: Futuro Verde environmental school, Karen Mogensen Reserve in Jicaral, Wild Sun wildlife rescue and release center, and the Green Wave environmental show home. She attributes finding her yogic path and being empowered to start and continue her non-profit work to an art project she started in 2004 that revolves around the superheroine character and muse, Raver J. She has published a comic book and full-length literary novel about this character.
Through her karma yoga work, JIVANA is a living example and inspiratrix for others to lead a more conscious, intentional, beautiful, and blissful existence while balancing the call to help save the planet in their own unique and creative way. Her teaching is heart-centered, Earth connected and reverent.  Through her upcoming fictional autobiography, JIVANA is pioneering rave culture literature, and hopes to inspire and continue to build a global community of artivists – peaceful, playful, poignant, warriors of the rainbow dedicated to transforming the world.



See your practice from a different perspective with an engaging overview of the larger system of yoga.

As evidenced on the walls of pre-historical temples, we delve into Egyptian origins and meanings of certain yoga postures including and emphasizing the sun salutation also known as “The Journey of RA”.  This study is juxtaposed with the understanding from India and the 8-fold path. This workshop is for anyone that wants to feel a deeper spiritual connection to the system of yoga especially if there is a love for sun salutations.  Included is a section on inversion training to work toward a headstand. 2 HOURS $50

*Must have 2 students


Jivana hosts time for spiritual questions related to yoga, tantra, meditation, and magick. 1 HOUR


$70 / hour

Self-Love to Superheroism – private consultation and workshop surrounding self-care (aka self-love) practices and how they bridge into personal superheroism.  Take care of yourself and take care of the world.  Jivana shares her personal practices that help her sustain her karma yoga (nonprofit work and activism).

Femmika – private consultation and workshop centering on the exploration, celebration, and embodiment of the Divine Feminine.  Femmika includes self-care techniques for women including a mini-facial yoga routine, teaching of a sensual movement flow, availability for open (more intimate) discussion regarding relationships (if desired or needed), and the development of personal empowerment pose.

We’re a smaller sized boutique resort so our retreats book up fast! Save your spot by filling out a reservation request form today. Click the link below. Pura Vida!

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Important Announcement

Dear Anamaya Guest,

We are still accepting reservations for future bookings. Yes it’s true, there is a temporary travel ban from March 18th until June 15th in Costa Rica. 


However we know how necessary a week of recovery, rejuvenation and CONNECTION will be after this situation has stabilized. 

We will update you with more information as we receive it. In the meantime:

  • Stay in contact with family and friends.
  • Remember that kindness is everything.
  • Take your practice off the mat.

With much love,

The Anamaya Family