Costa Rica Honeymoon Retreats at Anamaya

Honeymoon in Costa Rica at Anamaya Resort


The planner and DJ have been paid, the gifts are already collecting dust, and the gown and tuxedo are packed away but that doesn’t mean that the excitement and romance ends. Costa Rica is one of the highest ranked destinations for honeymooners and at Anamaya we take care of our recently wedded guests.

Beautiful beaches, relaxing spa packages, exciting excursions and romantic accommodations surrounded by the exotic energy of the rainforest – it’s the perfect destination for your honeymoon. The Anamaya Resort management can assist in planning trips, excursions and lifelong memories in order to customize and make the most of your honeymoon.

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Montezuma: A fun little town with a lot of flair. You’ll find a lot of restaurant options with either a romantic atmosphere or a hip bohemian energy. On Saturday morning join the locals at the organic market where you’ll find food, local artisans, and musical performances. Montezuma is also famous for its beautiful waterfalls, hiking trails, canopy tours and beaches.

Cabo Blanco Nature Reserve: At the southern tip of the Nicoya Peninsula is one of the most stunning nature reserves in Costa Rica. The Cabo Blanco Nature Reserve has been a protected, established area of 1,172 hectares since 1963. This area is home to hundreds of tree species, numerous animals like armadillos, monkeys, pacas, porcupines and many more, as well as many beautiful birds like the long-tailed manakin, crested caracara, and ringed kingfisher to name a few.

Malpais: Rent an ATV and visit this quite little village that is well known for its surfing, scenic beaches and snorkeling. Malpais is also the perfect area to get in some fishing or for a boat tour to catch a glimpse of manta rays, whales and/or dolphins.

Santa Teresa: This area is another favorite among surfers, yogis and young communities. The Santa Teresa strip is full of great local restaurants, shops and surfing schools. It’s also known for some of the most stunning beaches and sunsets in Costa Rica. If you’re looking for some spirited nightlife, then Santa Teresa is the place to visit for live bands, international DJ’s or Latin influenced music.

For additional excursions please have a look at more exciting and romantic options to complete your Costa Rica Honeymoon: Anamaya Excursions.

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