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Yoga Decks

Witness the epic views from Anamaya’s sky-high yoga decks. Our guests tell us that our yoga decks are the number one reason they came to Anamaya – to practice yoga overlooking our incredible views, and add some stunning images to their Instagram Accounts.


We are blessed with some amazing beaches near Anamaya, located in Montezuma, Cabuya, Mal Pais and Santa Teresa. We also have a beach excursion that many of our guests say is one of the highlights of their stay with us.


Having a picture taken at our pool is so coveted by our guests, it’s become one of the most popular social media profile pictures. Our pool has also been featured in most of the press we’ve received over the years. It’s warm enough to swim in all year, and it sits on the corner of a bluff high above the ocean and jungle below.

The Main House

The main house is where our guests collect for meals, cooking classes, to snoop in our gift shop, or chat with a friend in our conversation pit. The upper yoga deck and the pool are located at the main house, and it’s the heart of Anamaya.


Anamaya means health or to be free of disease in Sanskrit, and our brilliant chefs and cooking staff are dedicated to creating tasty and healthy meals. All our food is gluten free, and although we do serve fish and chicken – we also have vegetarian and vegan options.

Anamaya Spa

Our spa is one of the true gems of Anamaya. Our experienced therapists offer our guests the most luxurious treatments and premium health services including a variety of massages, facials, body scrubs, reiki and cranial sacral sessions, watsu, and more.

Anamaya Excursions

We have something for everyone in order to customize your stay at Anamaya. Surfing lessons, horseback riding, waterfall hiking, zip-lining, and more. Experience everything Anamaya and Costa Rica have to offer. There’s a reason it’s called the happiest place on earth!


The famous Montezuma Falls is only a 5-minute walk from Anamaya. There are three separate waterfalls in total, and our guests enjoy the swimming holes and rope swings. All rivers in Costa Rica are considered public land so you can hike up the falls and enjoy the natural beauty.

Anamaya Farm

A 10-minute drive from Anamaya is our farm Rancho Delicioso where we grow a lot of the food that our restaurant uses to cook our delicious meals. We also have a permaculture program that we offer at the farm, and many people love to host their own retreats at our farm as well.

Wildlife & Animals

Costa Rica is an animal lovers dream! There are a variety of monkeys, exotic birds, whales, turtles, butterflies, sloths, frogs, iguanas and more. Costa Rica has such an impressive array of wildlife that we can guarantee you will have many opportunities to see the animals who share the jungle with us.


ANAMAYA: accommodations

Enjoy the beauty of the rainforest and the comforts of a refuge in charming private cabinas in Montezuma.

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DATE YOGA TEACHER YOGA TEACHER´S WORKSHOPS Special retreats & Teacher Trainings
Nov 27 - Dec 4 Maries Rebucas Inversion Immersion, Thai Yoga Massage & Acro Yoga for Beginners Workshops Hotel Bookings
Dec 4 - Dec 11 Zarelly Canales Cacao Ceremony & Divine Breath Dance Meditation Workshops Independent Retreat
Dec 11 - Dec 18 Lola Rephann Spirituality & Personal Growth Workshops
Dec 18 - Dec 25 Lola Rephann Holiday´s Anamaya Retreat: Manifestation Magic Workshop
Dec 25 - Jan 1 Colynn Vosburgh New Year's Anamaya Retreat: 2022 On Purpose Workshops.
Jan 1 - Jan 8 Cristiane Machado Infinite Possibilities Workshop
Jan 8 - Jan 15 Private Retreat
Jan 15 - Jan 22 Lucy Hamel Once Upon a Time Workshop
Jan 22 - Jan 29 Private Retreat
Jan 29 - Feb 5 Jonna Schwarz Healthy Back, Open Heart Workshop
Feb 5 - Feb 12 Terri & Chloé Releasing Darkness & Opening to Light, The Heart Connection Workshop Independent Retreat
Feb 12 - Feb 19 Lucy Hamel The Magic in the Air Workshop
Feb 19 - Feb 26 Private Retreat
Feb 26 - Mar 5 Natalia Chaverri Awakening The Senses, Bio- Creation & Partner Yoga Workshops Independent Retreat
Mar 5 - Mar 12 Malissa Whited The Koshas – Finding Bliss in Paradise Workshop Independent Retreat
Mar 12 - Mar 19 Private Retreat
Mar 19- Mar 26 Leanna Hamilton Myofascial Release, All About Handstands & Breaking Down Vinyasa Workshops Independent Retreat
Mar 26 - Apr 2 Private Retreat
Apr 2 - Apr 9 Joan Radford Morning Meditation & Inside Out Workshops
Apr 9 - Apr 16 Kimberly Manthey Get Out Of Your Head Workshops
Apr 16 - Apr 23 Natasja Payne Journey to Self & Intro to Ayurveda Workshops
Apr 23 - May -14 Colynn Vosburgh - 200 hrs Yoga Teacher Training- 3 weeks
Apr 23 - Apr 30 Cristiane Machado Infinite Possibilities Colynn Vosburgh 200 hrs YTT
Apr 30 - May 7 TBA TBA Colynn Vosburgh 200 hrs YTT
May 7 - May 14 Zarelly Canales TBA Colynn Vosburgh 200 hrs YTT
May 14 - May 21 Private Retreat
May 21 - Jun 11 Lola Rephann - 200 hrs Yoga Teacher Training - 3 weeks
May 21 - May 28 Cristiane Machado Infinite Possibilities Workshop Lola Rephann 200 hrs YTT
May 28 - Jun 4 TBA TBA Lola Rephann 200 hrs YTT
Jun 4 - Jun 11 Zarelly Canales TBA Lola Rephann 200 hrs YTT
Jun 11 - Jun 18 Private Retreat
Jun 18 - Jun 25 Jackie Chiodo Refine & Aling, Intro to Ayurveda & The Chakra System Workshops
Jun 25 - Jul 16 Jackie Chiodo - 200 hrs Yoga Teacher Training - 3 weeks
Jun 25 - Jul 2 TBA TBA Jackie Chiodo 200 hrs YTT
Jul 2 - Jul 9 Zarelly Canales TBA Jackie Chiodo 200 hrs YTT
July 9 - July 16 TBA TBA Jackie Chiodo 200 hrs YTT
July 16 - July 23 Kim & Scott Bringing the Bliss of Anamaya to Any Situation & Peeling Back the Mask Workshops
Jul 23 - Aug 20 Colynn Vosburgh - 300 hrs Yoga Teacher Training - 4 weeks