PRIVATE RETREAT with Heather Alaine -

PRIVATE RETREAT with Heather Alaine


We are excited to announce that Heather Alaine is offering a PRIVATE Retreat at Anamaya Resort From April 15 – 22, 2023.


All bookings and coordination will be organized through Heather, so please contact Anamaya’s Reservations Department so they can connect you with Heather for more information.


The Hermosas Retreat with Heather Alaine:

Hermosas Retreats are life changing! They not only give you the exhale you have been seeking, they provide you with a sacred pause and expert guidance that allow you heal and stand fully in your center, empowered and embodied. You will come home with beautiful aligned energy, tools to help you navigate the transition, and the best version of yourself.

In addition to making “hard stuff” more fun, Heather Alaine brings energy, vitality, and perspective to every class she teaches. She keeps it real. She shares from a place of vulnerability. She sometimes drops curse words. Heather is unique in her experience with multiple modalities that complement each other – dance, fitness, strength, yoga. She also loves learning new things about the body, currently including Z health (brain/body connection) and PQ (positive intelligent quotient).


A Week of Embodied Practice:

Days will begin with morning meditation and gentle movement, followed by a delicious breakfast. Most days will have dance and strength practices to get you in your body and feel empowered. Afternoons will allow you free time to wonder to the beach, take a nap in a hammock, read that book that you’ve had on the back burner, chat with other Hermosas, journal, get a massage, or whatever else your heart desires. As we close each day with intention, there will be an offering of gentle yoga to unwind before dinner.

This Hermosas Retreat weaves together daily physical practice, soul nourishing food, and time for deep connection to ourselves and other amazing women.

More About Heather Alaine:

Heather Alaine is a fierce advocate of love, and a believer in the transformative powers of reflection, connection, and movement to live more fully.

She grew up overseas in Rota, Spain which is where she began her professional dance journey. She has studied modern, ballet, folkloric, and hip-hop and over the years has developed her own style which is a fusion of dance expression. Tae Kwon Do, kickboxing and other forms of movement joined the party when she moved to the Bay Area wayyyy back in 1997.

Her love for learning and passion for wellness led her to become a certified personal trainer, massage practitioner, and yoga teacher. As a wellness nerd, Heather is rooted in exploring the connections between brain and body and believes the aging journey can be filled with radical self-love, strength and grace. In addition to teaching a myriad of movement classes, she is a Wellness Coach and movement teacher for U.C. Berkeley staff, leads Hermosas (Women’s Wellness Retreats), and an author (READY). In her downtime, she can be found soaking in a hot tub, hiking in the redwoods, or sipping on champagne and eating tapas.

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April 15 – 22, 2023


Why Your Body, Mind & Soul DESERVES This Retreat:

You deserve to take the time to pause…
To allow yourself to heal and regain your center…
To feel empowered and fully embodied, with aligned energy and valuable tools to navigate your transition towards becoming the best version of yourself.

Heather believes that movement should be a mix of playfulness and depth. She infuses laughter with squats and loves to share wisdom from Buddah and Beyoncé. She firmly adheres to wellness and movement as lifestyle, guiding women to develop a deep listening to your own body and making choices from that place of knowingness. As Heather approaches 48 and teaches classes that include her own Mama at 82, Heather’s teaching is on pointe with helping women gracefully age and stand strong in their centers.

What other Hermosas have to say…

“There’s just something magical and powerful in meeting and sharing from an authentic way with a group of other like-minded women. Hermosas was beyond my expectations. It was the perfect combination of movement, relaxation, connection, laughter. You deserve taking a pause. Allow yourself to feel this magic!”
– Lisa

“Hermosas introduced me to a life-changing practice of permission: to be myself, completely, right here and how. You don’t have to be ‘ready’ for this retreat – come as you are and enjoy every moment! The schedule overall of Hermosas retreats is my FAVORITE. It is such a thoughtfully curated day, with always the right amount of time between and a beautiful energetic arc throughout. I also REALLY love dancing and singing my ass off, such a celebration. I have never experienced a space more welcoming of exactly who you are in this moment. Exhausted, scared, burnt out, hesitant, stressed, timid — all the reasons why you may not feel “ready.” This space meets you – and loves you – just the way you are right now.” – Lauren


“Hermosas is a combination of serious/funny/deep/playful moments. My favorite moments include restorative poses in stretch, the energy visualization practices, quiet walks, dance classes, the Sass, the FOOD, my beautiful quiet room. What I would say to women considering an Hermosas Retreat: You deserve this–such a good combination of nourishing treats for the soul!” – Laura


Accommodations & Pricing:

There are only 3 SPOTS LEFT, so contact our Reservations Team HERE for more information on what rooms are available, pricing, and more details to save your spot today!


Take This Time For YOU!

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