PRIVATE RETREAT with Jessie Kates -

PRIVATE RETREAT with Jessie Kates


We are excited to announce that JESSIE KATES is offering a PRIVATE Retreat at Anamaya Resort From Sept 16 – 23, 2023.


All bookings and coordination will be organized through Jessie, so please contact Anamaya’s Reservations Department in order for them to connect you directly with Jessie for more information.


Shift Yoga Retreat with Jessie Kates:

Journey to the heart of the jungle, overlooking the ocean for the most epic week of relaxation and rejuvenation! This retreat will focus on REST. As you rest in the lush jungle landscape on the stunning Anamaya property, you will learn to rediscover your right to REST… and rewire the narrative that you think you need to “earn” the right to rest and rejuvenation.

Practices on this retreat will be deeply nourishing – with steady, grounding morning flows… recalibrating breath work… and deep evening relaxation sessions infused with the wisdom from yogic traditions that teaches us our power is in our ability to REST.

Take this week for you to return to wholeness.

You will leave this retreat having reclaimed your birthright to relax and therefore will recapture access to your wholeness. After a week of deep deep inner rest you will flow through the rest of your year with a rejuvenated body, mind and soul.

Refill Your Cup:

A pristine, private resort awaits… just for you! Jessie Kates has rented out our breathtaking resort, perched high atop the jungle landscape of Montezuma, the most charming beach town in all of Costa Rica.

This magical oasis overlooks the most epic oceans views and is surrounded by lush and glorious Costa Rican jungle. This vacation is meant to fill your cup… the goal is to do absolutely nothing but eat, sleep, practice yoga, and relax on repeat for an entire week.

Relax in your private hammock with a good book overlooking the ocean, hike to the famous Montezuma falls just minutes away, soak up the warm 80 degree sun from the infinity pool, or walk down to the beach for a nap by the waves.

More About Jessie Kates:

Jessie Kates is a charismatic force of nature. A pioneer in the yoga industry for almost 15 years, she brings a special kind of magic to the art of holding space. Trained as a trauma informed yoga therapist, she has a skill for taking care of each individual in the room with mastery and grace. When guiding retreats, her focus is creating space for personal exploration, nourishment and restoration. Jessie has an impressive gift for meeting everyone where they are and has a knack for creating experiences where each individual in the group feels the experience was just for them! Jessie resides in Maryland, USA and owns a local yoga studio called SHIFT YOGA. Here, she champions a therapeutic approach to yoga that is helping to shift the narrative about what yoga is and who yoga is for.

What makes Jessie most unique according to her students is the heart energy she leads with. To study/practice with Jessie feels like coming home to the place you are most loved in the world. She has a profoundly welcoming presence and is a special soul. She also is a master connected. Her super power is the she can make a room full of strangers feel instantly like family!

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Sept 16 – 23, 2023


Why Your Body, Mind & Soul DESERVES This Retreat:

You deserve to take the time to pause…
To allow yourself to rejuvenate and regain your wholeness…

Jessie’s teaching philosophy is that all belong. She aims to uplift the whole and complete path of yoga and the culture of India from which it comes, by infusing every yoga experience with the deep wisdom of the yogic path. She presents yoga as the wholistic life path our yoga ancestors set out to establish yoga as. Her philosophy is rooted in the core teaching of yoga that each of us is whole and complete and that rest, peace and deep well-being in the birthright of all peoples. She believes that yoga experiences are a sacred collaboration and holds an immense loving space for students to safely connect to their breath and she offers a lot of freedom for folks to move their body in the way that feels best to them.

What other’s have to say…

“I am so glad I did this for myself.  Everything was just perfect.  From the accommodations, to the food, the whole vibe was medicine for my soul.  Thanks Jessie, I am already daydreaming about the next retreat.”

“I have been on several yoga retreats in the past and I have never experienced a sense of bonding and closeness with a group full of strangers before.  The way you cultivated a sense of deep community and closeness with everyone on the retreat was pure poetry in motion.  I was nervous about traveling alone, but am walking away with a dozen new lifelong friends and I have never has such a great takeaway from a retreat before.  Thank you Jessie.”

“I have never laughed so hard.  I can’t get over how much fun I had doing nothing in the woods for a weekend.  Thank you for a soul renewing trip.  Everything was perfect and I am so grateful I went!!”

Accommodations & Pricing:

SPOTS ARE FILLING UP, so contact our Reservations Team HERE for more information on what rooms are available, pricing, and more details to save your spot today!


Take This Time For YOU!

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