PRIVATE RETREAT with Michelle Bermudez -

PRIVATE RETREAT with Michelle Bermudez


We are excited to announce that Michelle Bermudez is offering a PRIVATE Yoga Retreat at Anamaya Resort From Nov 26 – Dec 3, 2022.


All bookings and coordination will be organized through Michelle, so please contact Anamaya’s Reservations Department so they can connect you with Michelle for more information.


Pura Vida Sana Vida Yoga Retreat:

With Michelle’s intuitive gifts, grounded and empathetic nature, playfulness, authenticity, passion and ability to care deeply for others, Michelle has successfully guided women into their own Queendom, empowering them to switch careers, go back to school, start new relationships, and expel what is no longer serving them.

Having been born and raised in Costa Rica, Pura Vida life is literally in Michelle’s DNA.  That is why this Pura Vida Sana Vida retreat from Nov 26 – D3c 3 at Anamaya is EXTRAORDINARILY special. It is a homage to her motherland. Returning to the magic of the jungle with a tribe of strong and fierce women has served as a powerful container for feminine transformation.

Michelle has dedicated her life to helping women cultivate deep relationships with their bodies and live with more passion and authenticity. 


A Week of Tapping Into Your Own Magic & Beauty:

Enjoy three organic and fresh meals per day, as well as:

  • Yoga twice a day
  • MBodied practices
  • Meditation & mindfulness exercises
  • Visualization journeys
  • Scared Rituals
  • Goddess Circles

Moving my body connects me to my inner wisdom and joy. Sitting in spaces of stillness and discomfort connect me deeper to my presence. Both are profoundly important in learning more about who I am and how I choose to show up in the world. When I teach just like when I practice, it comes from the heart.  My classes are designed to help women move beyond the mind and physical body, into a space of exploring, experiencing, and understanding the magic and beauty of who they are.” – Michelle Bermudez


More About Michelle Bermudez:

In 2014, Michelle responded to her heart’s calling and gave up her successful career in nonprofit. She decided to donate her belongings and travel the world to study ancient healing arts.

Studying alongside great Masters throughout Southeast Asia, Michelle began to truly understand the profound connection between mind and body. She realized that her life of chronic pain and heart suffering was due to her own negligence of self and the strong desire to please others. While in India, she studied Ayurveda in the South, Yin Yoga in Goa, and Reiki and meditation in Rishikesh (North India). She then spent 6 months in Thailand learning the healing art of touch through Thai massage.

When the pandemic hit in 2020 and she was no longer able to see clients in person, Michelle became a certified embodiment coach, teaching women how to use their bodies and intuitive wisdom as portals for transformation and liberation.

Through a holistic embodied approach, Michelle has empowered hundreds of women to fully step into their Queendom and live a life filled with passion, authenticity and purpose.

Although she completed her first Yoga Teacher Training more than 12 years ago, Michelle considers herself a forever student, consistently returning to Asia to deepen her knowledge and skills.  She currently resides in Miami, FL and offers public classes, workshops, and one-on-one sessions.

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Nov 26 – Dec 3, 2022


Why Your Body, Mind & Soul DESERVES This Retreat:

Pura Vida Sana Vida isn’t your typical yoga retreat. Yes there is Yoga.  Yes there is a beautiful and luxurious resort, and delicious organic meals. However unlike most retreats, this retreat is a container for transformation.

Our intention is to empower high achieving women who are familiar with the patriarch hustle to activate their feminine radiance, magnetism and creative expression.  The retreat gives these women the opportunity to slow down, explore their femininity, and cultivate the courage needed to step fully into their Queendom.

When women come together, magic happens. When women come together with the intention to live more authentically in their purpose and passion, the world literally shifts.

This retreat will provide women with the confidence, tools, and embodiment practices needed for them to live with more authenticity, passion and  integrity. 22 women from all walks of life will have the opportunity to come together in the jungles of Costa Rica and explore their essence, their sacredness, their divine power.

Retreat participants will leave the retreat feeling empowered to step into their authenticity, power, and purpose.


Accommodations & Pricing:

There are only 3 SPOTS LEFT, so contact our Reservations Team HERE for more information on what rooms are available, pricing, and more details to save your spot today!


Take This Time For YOU!

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