PRIVATE RETREAT with April Elliott -

PRIVATE RETREAT with April Elliott


We are excited to announce that APRIL ELLIOTT is offering a PRIVATE Retreat at Anamaya Resort From June 8 – 15, 2024.


All bookings and coordination will be organized through April, so please contact Anamaya’s Reservations Department in order for them to connect you directly with April for more information.


Put Down What You Are Carrying Retreat


Journey to the heart of the jungle, overlooking the ocean, for an epic week of healing and transformation! Join April Elliott on a transformative journey for the “Put Down What You Are Carrying” retreat.  This week, immerse yourself in an unforgettable celebration of life, where each moment is infused with a sense of freedom and vibrant energy that you truly deserve.

Nestled in stunning surroundings, this retreat is more than just a break – it’s an opportunity to shed the burdens that may be holding you back. Under the expert guidance of April Elliott and her guest teachers, you will explore all the layers of your being and dive deep into your true self through various yoga modalities. Yoga sessions focus on your fascia and connective tissues, releasing deeply stored trauma, while a special Face Yoga workshop aims to alleviate the physical signs of worry and distress, refreshing your spirit.

With a schedule that also includes meditation, and Kharma Yoga beach cleanups, every activity is designed to enhance your well-being. This experience promises deep connections, rejuvenation, and a profound personal awakening.

Don’t miss this chance to turn a page, lighten your load, and embrace a life of unburdened joy.


More About April Elliott:

April Elliott is the owner of Detox Yoga Studios in St Louis Missouri. She has two locations here.  At the age of 26, April was seven months pregnant with her daughter, Isabella. A building fell on top of her during a tornado and she was injured and buried several feet deep in bricks and debris. When she was found, her leg was crushed and her belly was flat. In the end, her daughter and her both made it out safe but she was never the same after this accident.

After the accident, she was determined to never again live one day on this earth without appreciating the life she was blessed to have. She suffered from PTSD and was doing at-home rehabilitation. She read an article about yoga and thought she would give it a try. Before the accident, she participated in running, lifting, and kickboxing. Her first yoga class was done in a small studio that could only fit about seven people. She was amazed by the way she felt, and after that day, her life was forever changed. The dream to open a studio and help others find healing through yoga started on that day almost eight years ago. In 2017, she went to Costa Rica and lived there for a month deep in the mountains overlooking the ocean at Anamaya. It was here that she completed her 200-hour YTT. She has since held five retreats and Anamaya and cannot wait to return.

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June 8 – 15, 2024


Does This Sound Familiar…

Are you navigating the pressures of daily life? This retreat offers a space where stress dissolves and tranquility takes its place. Whether you’re young or simply young at heart, “Put Down What You Are Carrying” welcomes individuals of all ages. Here, at Anamaya you can step away from your routine… recharge your spirit… and reconnect with your inner peace.

Join April Elliot for a week where stress has no place, and wellness embraces you at every turn… and arrive back home with a lighter step, carrying less weight from past traumas or future worries.


Accommodations & Pricing:

SPOTS ARE FILLING UP, so contact our Reservations Team HERE for more information on what rooms are available, pricing, and more details to save your spot today!


Take This Time For YOU!

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