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Rates & Schedule: Weekly Retreats

Your 7 Day Transformational Experience Awaits!


Choose Your Accommodation Style.
We have stunning rooms that suit everyone’s budget and personal preference.


Choose your Retreat Package.
Create an experience that is full of adventure…or one that is more healing & relaxing…or perhaps a little bit of both!


Decide what week (or weeks) you will spend at Anamaya.
Choose based on the guest yoga teacher we have that week, or based on what works best for your schedule.

ANAMAYA Accommodations

At Anamaya we have 15 lovely rooms to choose from that are all unique, eclectic and beautiful. Your accommodation price is based on how many people you share the room with.  You get to decide if you want more of a communal room or private room.  Here are the 4 categories to choose from and the prices.  The photos of the rooms below are linked to pages that describe each room. What’s available will be largely based on when you book.  

These base rates include 7 nights accommodation and 3 delicious healthy meals (plus a daily snack) per day.  As much of our food as possible is grown at our organic farm and it’s all gluten and dairy free with vegetarian and vegan options. We don’t serve red meat, but do have fresh local fish and chicken.  Most of our guests can’t believe how delicious it is while still being healthy and without gluten or dairy.  The food is definitely a highlight of the Anamaya experience! 

NOTE: The first price listed is for our Low Season (May – Oct), and the second price is for High Season (Nov – April). Plus there is an added $200 for the Christmas and new years weeks.  

Dorm Rate:
$795 / $995
per week (plus tax).

We have two lovely “dormitory style” rooms at Anamaya that accommodate 5 women. Both Dorms have stunning ocean views, are a great option for solo travelers and are for women only.

Triple Rate:
$945 / $1,195
per week (plus tax).

We have three rooms at Anamaya that accommodate 3 people… including our amazing treehouse! Each with amazing ocean views that will take your breath away.  Our triple rooms are for women only.  

Double Rate:
$1,095 / $1,395
per week (plus tax).

Choose one of our beautiful double occupancy cabanas, each with epic views and private bathrooms. These rooms are perfect for couples or BFFs, mother & daughter, etc.  They are only booked in pairs.  

Single Deluxe:
$1,645 / $1,995
per week (plus tax).

Enjoy everything Anamaya has to offer AND have one of our beautiful deluxe cabanas all to yourself.

Important Information About the Base Rates Above:

    • Classes, workshops, treatments, alcoholic drinks or other “extras” are not included in the price.
    • All rooms have fans and Air Conditioners.
    • The base rates listed above include one week of accommodations (Sat – Sat) and three mouth-watering meals per day.
    • 13% Tax will be added.
    • We love children, but sometimes having kids at Anamaya can be tricky. Please contact our reservations team to discuss if Anamaya is the right fit for you and your little ones.
    • We have MULTIPLE WEEK DISCOUNTS. If you stay with us for 2 weeks you will receive $100 off each retreat. If you stay with us for 3 weeks you will receive $150 off each retreat. If you stay with us for 4 weeks you will receive $200 off each retreat. Please note these discounts are not valid for Private Retreats or Yoga Teacher Trainings and only 2 discounts can be used at a time.  

Questions? Please click below to fill out our inquiry form.


Anamaya now offers short-stay (3-4 night) retreats in the months of May through October only. You can also add 3-4 days to a weekly retreat to extend it.

All short stays are booked as a base price (accommodations and food only) and extras such as yoga, massages, surfing, tours, etc, are added on in an a-la-carte manner.

Pricing is as follows for 3/4 nights:

Dorm $375/$500 (plus tax)

Triple $450/$600 (plus tax)

Double $510/$680 (plus tax)

Single Deluxe $780/$1040 (plus tax)

First price listed is for 3 Nights. Second price is for 4 nights.

Starting Days for Short Retreats:

Our 3 and 4 day retreats can start only on Saturday, Tuesday, or Wednesday. This is done to align short stays with our weekly retreats, which start and end on Saturdays.

Contact our staff about availability for your particular dates, and availability of rooms.


With the new site we have new prices.  We’ve put together several great groupings of our activities for you to choose from.  These are just suggestions, because you can also create your own custom package.  The prices listed are the total price of the activities (before tax) that would be added to your base rate above.  You are not locked into any of these packages because you don’t pay for them until you check out and most people just end up doing a custom combination to suit their needs and mood each day.  But this gives you an idea of the prices for a variety of amazing experiences!    



add $216 per person to base rate

This package includes all 10 yoga classes that are taught over the week, a zipline canopy tour, a surfing lesson, beach excursion and circus performance.

yoga & surfing

add $376 per person to base rate

This package is for beginners who want to learn how to surf, or surfers who’d like to take their skills to the next level. It includes all 10 yoga classes, 5 surfing lessons, board rental, group beach excursion and circus performance.


add $96 per person to base rate

This package is our most economical option, and only includes the 10 yoga classes that are offered throughout the week (for the price of 8) and the circus performance. And you can always add excursions, workshops, and spa treatments to customize your experience once you arrive.


add $256-296 per person to base rate

This package is designed for those who want to relax and recharge. It includes all 10 yoga classes, two 60-min massage treatments of your choice, beach excursion and circus performance. Price varies based on spa services you choose.  


add $186-206 per person to base rate

This package is a great option for couples who are traveling together and want to relax, explore and connect. It includes all 10 yoga classes for each individual, a 60-min couples massage and beautiful beach excursion. Price varies based on spa services you choose.  


add $390 per week to base rate

This package is for those who want to become certified scuba divers. We use the CMAS International Diver Training Certification System to certify new divers. The CMAS course is the equivalent to PADI’s Advanced Open Water Certification, so at the entry level the CMAS course is more comprehensive than PADI’s Open Water Diver Certification. You can add the 10 yoga classes individually ($12 each) or as a group (+$96), which will be a fantastic accompaniment to your scuba diving training.

custom retreat - a la carte option

If you’d rather not pick a package at all, and simply play it by ear when you arrive then that is always an option as well.  Remember – you can create the perfect retreat for you, so the a la carte option allows you to pick and choose how many classes, excursions and extras you’d like to participate in. Click learn more to see our full list of options!


The first step in your transformation could be reading this guide, so we’ll tell you more about Anamaya and a few important points to consider when choosing the right Yoga Retreat for you.


Please see our Retreat Calendar below that lists our weekly retreats, our Yoga Teacher Trainings (YTTs), and a list of guest yoga teachers who come from all around the world to teach at Anamaya.

Click on the teacher’s name to learn more about them and the special workshops they’ll be offering. Even if you’re not planning on practicing yoga while you’re hear at Anamaya, you might be interested in one of the special workshops!

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