Retreat Culture - A Growing Trend

Retreat Culture: A Growing Trend


Vacation time spent at a luxurious retreat is a growing trend. People are looking for something unique – something that will change their quality of life. The various retreats at Anamaya are designed to allow you to experience something you’ve never experienced before and to shed your skin from the chaos of life. The focus at our retreats is your health and wellness. It could be argued that this is opposed to the all-inclusive resort experience where the idea of getting away from the stresses of life may be the same, but the focus is much different and inevitably does more damage than good.

The all-inclusive resort tends to encourage unhealthy behaviour like over-eating and drinking. Not only is gluttony encouraged but vacationers are not really exposed to the culture of the country that they are visiting. So my question is – does that actually reduce stress or increase your levels of toxins and impact your health in a negative way?

A rapidly growing retreat culture has been created as these types of vacations have seen great success. Anamaya Retreat Center has encouraged this trend by offering a variety of health and adventure retreats to customers who want a new type of vacation. Retreats are designed to be enlightening, creative, rejuvenating, romantic, adventurous and more. The retreats normally have great individualized packages that are priced very reasonably.

Spa retreats and yoga retreats are popular but you can find a number of additional options. Body detoxification retreats are common as well as creative writing, painting, spiritual or emotional healing, surfing, circus performing, and more. Retreat vacations are structured around the desires of their clients. At Anamaya resort the resort themes are based on health and wellness but every package is unique. An added benefit is that the resort itself is located in a breathtaking paradise.

Another commonality among retreats is the focus on healthy, organic food. Although the science behind food health is still relatively new, Anamaya prepares your food with a lot of thought and love. An abundance of care goes into creating the recipes we use, we have very close relationships with the organic farms we grow the food we buy, and we cater to any dietary needs. Many retreats include Raw Food workshops into their packages or focus specifically on detoxifying the body through diet.

As the movement towards retreat vacations grows, there is an increasing need for facilities where retreat leaders can host their programs. Anamaya retreat center hosts numerous retreats. “Leading a retreat at Anamaya is such a delight. The Yoga Deck is by far the best place I have ever taught yoga. I will never forget that glorious and expansive view of the ocean. The food is amazing. Oscar is a wonderful chef and the Staff are all such lovely and helpful people. Myself and my students received much more than expected. Look forward to doing it again,” says Daniella Cotreau of Body Temple Yoga. The location of the facility needs to contribute to the vacation retreat – hence the word vacation. Some popular destinations for retreats are Costa Rica, Indonesia and India.

The next time you’re taking a week off of work, check out our website for some incredible deals on retreat packages and treat yourself to a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Find out for yourself why the Retreat Culture is so appealing – you won’t regret it!

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