Top Tips For Traveling To Costa Rica in 2022 -

Top Tips For Traveling To Costa Rica in 2022

Top Tips For Traveling To Costa Rica in 2022

Whether you’re seeking adventure, family-friendly activities, delicious food, or magnificent accommodations, Costa Rica has it all. This picturesque country, which is home to rainforests, beaches, river valleys, biodiverse species, restaurants, pubs, and luxury hotels, has long been a popular vacation spot. Still, in recent years it has grown in reputation as an incredible destination.

So what do you need to know before going to Costa Rica for a trip?

Here are our top tips for your next visit!

Consider Costs- Many people believe traveling to Central America is always inexpensive, but this is far from the case. Tours can easily cost upwards of one hundred USD, food can be the same price as in Canada, the United States, or Europe, and gas is about double the price in the United States. However, you can easily turn that into your own gain by being smart about how you travel.

One of the best ways to enjoy Costa Rica is also its least expensive. Take your time and enjoy the local land itself, soak in the atmosphere of small towns and villages, get to know the locals, and find those cheaper meal spots that maybe aren’t as ‘touristy’. You’ll get to really know the soul of the place, without the cost. 

Try A Tour- Costa Rica is a great place to explore without a guide, considering most people speak English, but that should not have you ruling out a tour. A guided tour can help you pack tons of experiences into a short visit without worrying about the logistics of driving yourself.

One of the most amazing things about a tour is the connection that the guide can give you with the locale around you. After all, what better way to explore your surroundings than someone who knows, and lives, where you are exploring? Our suggestion is to find one of the less ‘touristy’ tours, one that will really dive into the life and culture of Costa Rica. (We can help arrange that and many other explorations at Anamaya) 

Enjoy The Beauty- Costa Rica is a great example of magnificent biodiversity, and each region of the country has its own distinct feel, flavor, and local culture, making travel around the Central American paradise intriguing and new. 

And believe us when we say that Costa Rica has it all—from lush cloud forests to impenetrable jungles, beautiful colored sand beaches nestled against inviting crystalline waters, mineral hot springs, animals of all shapes, sizes, and colors, and an almost endless variety of exotic, mouth watering fruits.

We guarantee that if you simply let yourself be and enjoy the atmosphere, you will be astonished, spiritually awakened, awed, entertained, and most likely transformed. But it does require letting yourself actually enjoy, and experience, everything around you instead of just casually visiting.

Attend a Scheduled Retreat – While you may want to see all Costa Rica has to offer, another great alternative is a retreat where you can have a home base and a trusty concierge to help schedule every excursion and make local recommendations without the additional hassle.

What About Currency?- In the tourism industry, the US dollar has become the de facto Currency, and in Costa Rica, hotels, destinations, and tour businesses typically list their pricing in US dollars. In fact most places you might not even notice the difference and you can easily get by without having to swap over to another currency, if you do not wish to do so.

So, if you’re trying to get your money together, don’t worry about exchanging it all at once; it’s not 100% required if you’re from the United States. If you are not from the United States, you should carefully consider changing your Currency into US dollars or Costa Rican colones.

Don’t Forget The Sunscreen and Repellent- Costa Rica is a land with abundant sunshine, and even when the sky is cloudy, UV rays are still present. Stick around on the beach for even thirty minutes (and believe us when we say you will not want to leave these gorgeous spots), and you’ll want to make sure you are slathering on the sun screen, just in case. If you’re not used to being out in the sun for extended periods of time, you’ll need to apply more sunscreen. If you are someone who tends to forget, set the alarm to remind yourself.

Also, bear in mind that the lush flora of Costa Rica makes it an excellent breeding ground for mosquitoes and ants, so if you want to prevent being bitten while exploring, use plenty of repellents.

Need ‘Net?- Free Wi-Fi is standard at hotels, and many have it available throughout the property. However, open Wi-Fi in public locations is difficult to come by. If you plan on using the Internet frequently while in Costa Rica, we recommend purchasing a prepaid SIM card for your phone. Luckily the locals are extremely friendly and even if you find yourself without a phone or internet connection there’s usually someone who will let you call out to get in touch with whoever you need to!

If you are organizing a trip to Costa Rica, the most crucial decision you must make is which destinations will be included in your itinerary. This will assist you in determining the ideal location for lodging and transportation.

Our recommendation? An incredible resort stay at a luxurious hotel nestled in the lush jungle, overlooking the clear blue ocean – Anamaya.

Anamaya is a boutique hotel, and transformational health resort complete with Health and Yoga Retreats in Montezuma, Costa Rica, one of the world’s most beautiful and picturesque beach villages. To schedule your stay at Anamaya: and find peace of mind.


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