Treating Yourself Post Pandemic -

Treating Yourself Post Pandemic

Treating Yourself Post Pandemic


Do you still feel as if you’re suffering the aftershocks of a big and profound period of perpetual uncertainty?

You are not alone.

People everywhere are starting to experience a “return to normal” and navigating this world of finally-kind-of-post-pandemic life. Trying to assess what in the world we just lived through and how much damage this pandemic really caused. Some of us had to self-isolate while all of us had to practice social distancing and sheltering in place.

We were worried, anxious and challenged. 

Those uncertain times caused major stress and anxiety for most people, even if you were typically mentally and emotionally healthy or strong. But now is the time we take back our well-being!


By recharging your body, mind and soul.

Treating ourselves to the things that recharge us rather than drain us is essential to refueling our tanks post-pandemic. Try treating yourself by:

  • Getting Some Rest: Don’t just wait for the weekends to rest up; the occasional game of hooky or a quick nap during your lunch hour can go a long way
  • Start Journaling: Journaling is a very therapeutic practice that is often used as a tool to relieve stress through venting or downloading all your thoughts
  • Tidy Up: A clean space is a happy and calm place
  • Exercise: Yoga is actually a great method of treating yourself while keeping your fitness and health goals in mind
  • Invest In Experiences: Go on a date to a fancy restaurant or finally book that trip you’ve been dreaming about. You’ll be able to cherish those moments and memories for a long time, and that’s always a good investment

Take treating yourself to the next level. You deserve it. Learn how staying at the beautiful Anamaya Resort can cure your post-pandemic blues.


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