Anamaya’s Virtual Retreats

Is Your Heart Aching to Get Away?
We hear you!

Please Join Us For One of Anamaya's Very Special Virtual Retreats.

  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Cooking Demos
  • Workshops
And This Week... Belly Dancing!

We know how important your physical and emotional self-care is... so let us serve you the best way Anamaya knows how.

DATES: July 27th - July 31st.

This week is packed full of Dance, Connection & Yoga! Your Retreat will include:

  • Five 90-min Vinyasa Yoga Classes with Colynn Vosburgh.
  • One 60-min Yin Yoga class with Colynn.
  • Two 75-Min Belly Dancing Classes with María de Miguel Ibáñez - LIVE from Anamaya.
  • Two 45 min Live Meditation Sessions with Kelsey Matheson.
  • One 90-Min Total Discharge Workshop with Colynn.
  • One 60-Min Live Cooking Demonstration with Chef Jeff - LIVE from Anamaya.
  • An Opening circle & Closing Circle Workshop with Kelsey.

If you can't make the LIVE classes - no problem! We will record them for your convenience.

Your retreat will cost you $187 + tax. UNLESS you sign up before July 23rd – then the price is only $147 + tax!

"This was the most incredible week for me! I wasn’t sure how much I would get from doing a retreat online, but I gained so much, physically, emotionally and spiritually, AND it has genuinely set my life on a whole new course. It has been truly transformational and I am so grateful!"

Transport Anamaya into your very own home.

Learn to cook some of your favorite Chef Jeff dishes.

Boost your immune system and improve your health & wellness.

Be a part of a like-minded community during difficult times.

Bring Anamaya Home.


Colynn Vosburgh

Colynn truly believes that the world we are operating in is hazardous to our health and wellness. She teaches a supportive class that allows her students to connect to the present moment and take the time to let go of some of the stresses constantly plaguing each person. Regardless of the style of teaching, Colynn promises to deliver a class in which you connect deeper to your true-self, you discharge your nervous system, and you focus on your breath as a tool. Increasing the awareness of your body puts you back in touch with your inherent healing nature and sets you up to integrate these practices when you leave the retreat. Empowering students to continue with this journey far beyond our time together.

María de Miguel Ibáñez

María de Miguel Ibáñez will be your Belly Dancing Teacher this week. At 7 years of age she had her first experience with dance through figure skating, but at 18 she discovered the ancestral art of belly dance and she felt in love with it. At 22 Maria became a member of the Arabesque Dance Troupe company. Her troupe traveled around Spain and Portugal dancing at  Arabic events and Medieval Fairs. In 2014 Maria moved to Montezuma, Costa Rica where she works as a belly dance teacher and as a performer at different hotels in the area, private parties and street shows. Maria soon became a part of the artistic team of Anamaya, and more recently, she was part of the reality show “Jungle Live” on the Discovery Channel.

Chef Jeff

Chef Jeff is our amazing Chef at Anamaya. His solid experience in Michelin star restaurants, with his own businesses combined with his passion for new world cuisine, give the guests of Anamaya an unforgettable culinary experience. Jeffery was raised in Florida, and after working his way up the ranks in Gainsville he took charge of Emiliano’s Café, under executive Chef Ali de Paz with Chef Joe Ramos. He later worked with Michelin Star Chef John Tennick and Chef Phil Robertson all becoming major influences in Jeff’s culinary journey. Eventually Jeffery reunited with Chef Alida De Paz and opened MYA New World Cuisine in Escazu Costa Rica. Chef Jeff’s talents in the kitchen are impossible to ignore, and we are grateful to have him as Head Chef at Anamaya.

Total Discharge Workshop

In the world we live in today, our nervous systems are always on. Our ancient bodies are engulfed in modern stresses and it is affecting our overall health.

Join Colynn for a discussion about the nervous system and learn tools to release the constant pressure we put on ourselves and our bodies, and how to integrate them into your daily life. You will experience a 1.5 hr class in which you will totally discharge your nervous system and find complete relaxation. 

Belly Dancing Classes!

Two amazing Belly Dancing Classes to get your body moving, gain strength, and tone your muscles – right from the deck of Anamaya. Belly Dance or Arabic Dance is the oldest dance in the world that our ancestor women used in their fertility rituals in which their soul, their mind, and their body were connected to give rise to movements which demonstrated the powerful balance of sensuality and femininity that every woman has.

With these belly dance workshop we will learn the basic movements of belly dance, how to dissociate the different parts of the body, having total control over it, working and developing coordination, flexibility, muscle tone, and mind-body connection, all to the rhythm of Arabic music.

We are excited to introduce you to the rest of the community!


Remember, if you can’t make the classes live we will be recording them so you can watch them at your own convenience at another time.


9:30am -11am ET: Yoga with Colynn
1pm – 2pm ET: Opening Circle with Kelsey
5pm to 6:30pm ET: Total Discharge Workshop with Colynn


9:30am -11am ET: Yoga with Colynn
2pm to 3:15pm ET: Belly Dancing class with Marie
5pm to 5:45pm ET: Meditation with Kelsey


9:30am -11am Yoga with Colynn
2pm to 3pm ET: Cooking Demo with Chef Jeff
5pm to 6pm ET: YIN YOGA with Colynn


9:30am -11am ET: Yoga with Colynn
2pm to 3:15pm ET: Belly Dancing Class with Marie
5pm to 5:45pm ET: Meditation with Kelsey


9:30am -11am ET: Yoga with Colynn
5pm to 6pm ET: Closing Circle with Kelsey

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