Anamaya’s Wellness Summit

A 3-Day Online Event Dedicated to Your Health, Happiness and Wellbeing.

Reset and Rejuvenate With Some of Anamaya's Finest Teachers During Our Exclusive Online Summit.

And So Much More!

We know how important your physical and emotional self-care is... so let us serve you the best way Anamaya knows how.

DATES: Aug 28, 29 & 30

This 3 Day Summit Will Allow You To Explore Fun & New Ways To Stay Healthy, Stress Free & Present.

If you can't make the LIVE classes - no problem! We will record them for your convenience.

The Wellness Summit will cost you only $57 for three full days of AMAZING content!

"I wasn’t sure how much I would get from doing a retreat online, but I gained so much, physically, emotionally and spiritually, AND it has genuinely set my life on a whole new course. It has been truly transformational and I am so grateful!"

Transport the healing energy of Anamaya into your very own home.

Learn from some of Anamaya's most celebrated teachers from around the world.

Boost your immune system and improve your health & wellness.

Be a part of a like-minded community during difficult times.

For Anamaya Fans, Health Enthusiasts & Wellness Explorers.


Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression Workshop with Colynn Vosburgh. In Yogic tradition, the atman, or true-self, is unharmed in death and continues to reincarnate into physical bodies through the passage of time. Each life has a lesson associated with it and the lesson continues to repeat until it is learned. Each life teaching something different, something more, to support you on your continued journey. Allow me to guide you back through 1-2 past lives so that those lessons can be sprinkled into your present life. 

Transcribing Your Soul's Desire

Transcribing Your Soul’s Desire with Cristiane Machado. Journaling is an easy and accessible tool for self-realization, self-care and self-discovery that can uncover layers of past build up and fears of future. Intentional journaling means that you sit to be with yourself and the emotions and feelings of a particular situation or moment in order to get a different perspective of a particular “problem”. It is also where one learns how to use writing as a tool for co-creation and manifestations of one’s dreams and desires. In this workshop you will learn about sitting with intention and using your senses to muse yourself and become your best ally in the gorgeous and sometimes challenging ART of living well.

Introduction to the Chakras System

Introduction to The Chakra System with Kelly & Ted Stiglich. Chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning “wheel” that is used to describe the spinning energy centers within the body that carry the life force (chi) and affect the wellness of an individual. We know at some level; we are more than just our body. We have emotions and feelings. Chakras are the house of our emotions and feelings broken up into separate disc/wheels of energy. When these energy centers are out of balance it will show up in the body. In this 1.5-hour workshop you’ll learn in great detail about each Chakra and the effects on the body. The best way to learn is to feel it in your body! We will provide a Chakra quiz from the book, Wheels of Life, by Anodea Judith, that will help bring clarity to balances and weaknesses.  

Choosing Love Over Fear

Choosing Love Over Fear with Kim & Scott Goyette. This session will redefine the concepts of LOVE and FEAR and offer insight into how we can place our focus on LOVE. We will explore why we behave the way we do and discuss techniques to make the changes necessary to choose LOVE over FEAR and live the life we truly want.

L – Listening more closely to yourself and others
O – Observing the world more actively and less passively
V – Voicing your thoughts and feelings because YOU matter!
E – Empathizing with all, since we all have a story!

F – Forgiving yourself and others
E – Eliminating beliefs that do not align with your heart (your truths)
A – Accepting yourself and others
R – Rising up and becoming resilient

Introduction To Self-Hypnosis

Relax & Release Into Peace, And Introduction to Self-Hypnosis with Jackie Chiodo. Join Jackie, clinical hypnotherapist and discover: What is hypnosis? How can it help you gain control of your mind in these uncertain times?

Hypnosis will help you relax and reset. In less than 20 min, clear the mind of stress and worry, fear and anxiety, so that you can focus on what you want to create and experience NOW and rise above the noise, as you tune into what is possible at the deepest level of your mind. Jackie will show you how the limiting beliefs held in the subconscious mind, cause a chain reaction into our daily experience. It is hard to find peace in the world today, with hypnosis, you can quickly relax and release the mind and the body into a state of peace. The lecture Includes a free 20min guided hypnosis recording you can download afterward.

Awaken The Power Within

Awaken The Power  Within with Selena Lael. In this rich 1.5-hour workshop, we will activate feelings of expansion, ease and deep peace, as we dive into three different meditation techniques that can be practiced separately, or combined as the powerful Pillar of Light meditation. This practice is a beautiful way to charge and enliven your current or beginning meditation practice. All experience levels warmly welcomed.

The Medicine Circle for Personal Growth

The Medicine Circle for Personal Growth with Lola Rephann. Four Directions ceremony is a spiritual process taught by Ana Forrest. Each direction of the Medicine Wheel is aligned with a stage of life and rites of passage common to all human beings.

By intentionally calling in and aligning with the wisdom (or medicine, as it’s called in Native American spirituality) of each of the four directions, we open ourselves to inspiration, support, and guidance from the Great Spirit (God/Goddess/Source Intelligence as you understand it).

This workshop includes chanting, meditation, visualization and writing.

Yoga Nidra

Pedro Luna is a south Florida based yoga instructor, and international yoga retreat leader. Pedro is also the co-coordinator of the largest outdoor yoga event in south Florida YogaFestFL, and the creator of the hilarious and globally recognized Instagram account @Yogimemes.

Ever since Pedro took his first yoga class he knew he wanted to teach yoga and help serve others. He believes yoga is for anyone and everyone. Pedro’s mission in life is to share the gift of yoga with the world. 

The class will either be Chakra Yoga Nidra or Yoga Nidra For Calm. You can vote on your preference in our Yoga Lovers Group.

Opening & Closing Circles

Opening and closing circles will be hosted by Anamaya co-owner Kelsey Matheson. 

Opening circle is a meet-n-greet with the instructors, will give you an opportunity to ask questions, and get a sense of how the weekend will run.

Closing circle will close out the weekend with a guided meditation, and will give everyone a chance to process the events of the summit. There will be an opportunity to share and ask any follow up questions you may have for the instructors.



Remember, if you can’t make the classes live we will be recording them so you can watch them at your own convenience at another time.

 Friday Aug 28

10am – 11am ET: Opening Circle with Kelsey Matheson
2pm – 3pm ET: Transcribing Your Soul’s Desire with Cristiane Machado
5pm – 6:30pm ET: Introduction to The Chakras System with Kelly & Ted Stiglich

Saturday Aug 29

10am -11:30am ET: Choosing Love Over Fear with Kim & Scott
2pm – 3:30pm ET: Introduction to Self-Hypnosis with Jackie Chiodo
5pm – 6:30pm ET: Past Life Regression with Colynn Vosburgh

Sunday Aug 30

Workshop TBA
2pm – 3:30pm ET: Awaken The Power Within with Selena Lael
5pm – 6:15pm ET: The Medicine Circle with Lola
6:15 – 7:00pm ET: Closing Circle with Kelsey

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