Yoga and Healing Retreat with Juliana and Enrico -

Yoga and Healing Retreat with Juliana and Enrico

Enrico and Juliana with yoga group

For this week we will practice Tula Danda Yoga twice a day, Mantra chanting, deep pranayama practice and meditation to heal Chakras, Nadis, the Energetic body, Astral body, Casual body, mind and matter. Reprograming all the impressions received through different fountains of information not only in this life but the past. We will also have various excursions to beaches, waterfall walks and visits to Montezuma town to do shopping and learn about Costa Rica.

Editor’s Note: Enrico and Juliana taught a special surprise demonstration class a couple of months ago at Anamaya for some of our lucky yoga retreat participants who had never heard of them. Afterwards, all the students lined up to give Enrico hugs and wanted photos with him. This is the only time I’ve seen the yoga students react this way with any of our teachers. Enrico is a true yoga phenomenon. Since his arrival in Costa Rica less than a year ago, he has become famous throughout the country, and though he teaches in several studios, it’s very difficult to get into his packed classes. There are always students who can’t fit into the doors. I guarantee this yoga retreat will be a truly different and rewarding experience with teachers whose energy goes far beyond what most provide. –Geoff McCabe, CEO, Anamaya

Enrico Omshanti’s Bio

Graduated in 12 styles of Yoga: Kundalini, Iyengar, Amrit, Trance Dance, Hot Yoga, Yoga Nidra, Yoga Recuperation, Yoga for adults, Meditation, Ayurveda Medicine, Ayurveda Yoga, Ayurveda aromatherapy etc….

Today Enrico teaches a fusion of all of his knowledge and a variation of healing movements, deep Pranayama, stretching and cardio.

The yoga that he teaches is call Tula Danda Yoga. It is the total balance of body, mind and spirit.

Register internationally with Yoga alliance and Yoga Alliance Europe.

Juliana at Anamaya

Juliana’s Bio

Juliana was born in Chicago, Illinois and raised in Caracas, Venezuela. Her interest in Meditation and Yoga was awakened during her teens when she was seating still and found herself looking deeply she realized in that moment that she did not know herself but she was programed to be who she thought she was. Her connection to yoga and the spiritual path strengthened through her daily practice self-study and curiosity. She was inspired by her teacher and mentor Olga Montanez. In 1988 after studying Yoga for 4 years and graduating from College, Juliana moved to the United States, where soon she found herself teaching groups and private sessions. Seeing the interest in yoga in the States she began to teach in gyms and health spas by 1990, Juliana had introduced Yoga to several gyms around the neighborhood of Sunrise, Coral Springs and Ft. Lauderdale. She has study many different styles of yoga but know she teaches her on intuitive movements that rises from within and not fallowing any style or rutting. She is a register teacher and school with The Yoga Alliance. She Teaches workshops and Teacher Trainings in the States and South America.

Juliana believes that we must continue to be a student in order to learn and grow, allowing ourselves to be a vessel of divine love to heal and guide others on their journey to spiritual growth.

Dates: Dec 4 through Dec 11, 2010 (Saturday to Saturday)

Price: $1600

Includes: Accommodation at Anamaya, in Montezuma, Costa Rica.
Food (3 meals per day, gourmet organic health food. Vegetarian, Vegan, or Gluten-Free is available.)
All Yoga, Meditation and Healing classes and Treatments led by Enrico and Juliana

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Important Announcement

Dear Anamaya Guest,

We are still accepting reservations for future bookings. Yes it’s true, there is a temporary travel ban from March 18th until June 15th in Costa Rica. 


However we know how necessary a week of recovery, rejuvenation and CONNECTION will be after this situation has stabilized. 

We will update you with more information as we receive it. In the meantime:

  • Stay in contact with family and friends.
  • Remember that kindness is everything.
  • Take your practice off the mat.

With much love,

The Anamaya Family