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You did WHAT at yoga?!

Yoga is a way of life for many people, to others it is a once a week activity, for the masses though, yoga is something totally new and unknown. Even though yoga studios can be found on nearly every corner in many North American cities, it is still a world unfamiliar to many. It can

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Savasana, No it’s not nap time!

“Do I have enough time to pick up the kids?” “What am I going to make for dinner?” “Do these pants make my butt look big?” “Is the teacher looking at me… no really, is he?” Does this sound your mind during the final pose of a yoga class? Savasana, also known as “corpse pose”

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Kirtan is not a fancy spelling of Curtain

I remember visiting the home of a friend of mine in elementary school. She was of Indian descent and her home was decorated very ornately with pictures of various gods, goddesses and other colorful images. There was also music playing that I had never heard, it definitely was not the Bruce Springsteen or Bryan Adams

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Namaste, but why?

Yoga can be extremely intimidating. It’s a whole world of body contortions, chanting, strange language and eclectic music, not to mention the seemingly “perfect” bodies scantily clad performing every pose just so. To a beginner, heck, even to a seasoned yoga pro, entering a new class or studio can be a will testing experience. Part

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We need to breathe?!

I have been told many times that I make the most annoying sounds when I am working on the computer. Apparently I hold my breath until I can’t possibly hold it any longer, then I let it out in short, irritating spurts. When I was made abruptly aware of this behavior I started to pay

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Yoga is for EVERYONE… YES! this means YOU!

I first started doing yoga when I was about two years old. My Mom, who has always been a huge inspiration for me, especially in the area of healthy living, would watch an old yoga program on TV and I would follow along. I still remember how she would tell me the names of the

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Surfing for Beginners

SURFING TIPS FOR BEGINNERS Surfing is an awesome sport and can be extremely addictive. It has truly become a way of life for many people around the world but starting out can seem a little daunting and even a little scary. Learning how to surf at Anamaya’s Surf and Yoga Retreat can become much easier

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Yoga & Surfing Truly are Soul Mates

Surfing and yoga may seem to be diametrically opposed to one another. Surfing is seen as intense, thrilling, and adventurous, and yoga as tranquil, controlled, and meditative. The fact is that they complement each other very well. Surfing is a very popular sport but with any sport certain areas of the body will be more

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Surf Camp

Soul Surfer Yoga Retreat and Surf Camp

It’s no secret that Costa Rica is well known worldwide to be a hotbed of surfing and yoga. The Soul Surfer Yoga Package is a perfect combination of the two. This package is for those who are complete beginners and want to learn how to surf, as well as seasoned surfers who want to take

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Kale – Sauteed Medellin Style

This phenomenal and simple recipe for sauteed kale was created by Anamaya’s chef Camilo, from Medellin, Colombia. Ingredients: Kale garlic olive oil white wine fresh dill salt & pepper Sautee the chopped kale with the garlic, and halfway through, add a dash of white wine. When ready to serve, add finely minced dill. Wow, this

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Whole Wheat Pancakes

2 cups whole wheat flour 1 tbsp baking powder 1 tsp salt 1 1/2 – 2 cups hazelnut or almond milk (depending on how thick you like your pancakes) 2 eggs 1 tbsp tapa dulce (raw sugar) 4 tbsp oil 1 tbsp butter 2 portions ripe sweet fruit (banana, mango, chopped dates) Mix dry ingredients

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Fire Dancing and Yoga Retreat with Srikanta

Learn to Fire Dance in paradise! with world-famous fire dancer Srikanta Barefoot of the Cirque du Soleil. Read our interview with Srikanta here: Srikanta Speaks. Videos: Srikanta from Cirque du Soleil Price: $995 + 13% Tax (BUT, tax will be included in the price is you pay 100% in advance when booking). THE MONTEZUMA GATHERING

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Zumba Retreat

Interview with Zumba Teachers Cristiane Machado and Leah Short

When I was at Anamaya in September 2010 I had the great joy of taking my first Zumba class with Anamaya staff Leah Short, and then to participate in Cristiane’s exhuberant classes during the Zumba retreat. We all sat down on the rocks in Montezuma’s town beach and got to the heart of their passion

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Yoga Asana for Detoxification

As you prepare to embark on a yoga retreat at Anamaya, you must know this is the perfect opportunity to cleanse and detoxify your body. You imagine days filled with tropical fruits, and healthy foods, yoga and meditation; nights consisting of deep sleep lulled by the ocean breezes. And this is what you will get!

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