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Editors’ Choice Award: Anamaya Resort is a Fantastic Place for a Yoga Honeymoon or Romantic Retreat in Costa Rica

Reposted in partnership with DatingNews.Com  Original Article published by Amber Brooks  Check out the original article HERE. The Scoop: Whether you’re traveling solo or with a significant other, Anamaya Resort can take care of you and create a memorable experience on the beautiful beaches of Costa Rica. The resort offers a seven-day yoga retreat with

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An Interview with Colynn Vosburgh

Colynn Vosburgh & Anamaya Present “The Ultimate ONLINE 200 Hour YTT”   Join Colynn Vosburgh, Anamaya Resort, and an amazing group of guest teachers for an online 200 hour YTT, that is Yoga Alliance Certified! We wanted to interview Colynn to give you a bit of insight into who your future (or potentially future) YTT

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Anamaya’s Virtual Wellness Summit

  Have you heard about Anamaya’s Virtual Wellness Summit? A 3-Day Online Event Dedicated to Your Health, Happiness and Wellbeing Aug 28, 29 & 30. This 3 Day Summit Will Allow You To Explore Fun & New Ways To Stay Healthy, Stress Free & Present. Anamaya’s Health & Wellness Summit Will Include: Introduction To Self-Hypnosis Transcribing

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Anamaya’s LONG-AWAITED Cookbook is LIVE!

Anamaya is so excited to finally present: Anamaya’s Cookbook Membership! You’ve waited so patiently for our Cookbook, and it’s finally here!   Start cooking now!  We’ve collected Anamaya’s most popular recipes, and you can access them… Breakfast Lunch Dinner and More …all through your very own online Cookbook Membership!   What’s included? Anamaya’s Top Recipes!

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Cooking During Quarantine & Reducing Stress Levels

You’ve probably have experienced your social media feed light up with images of freshly baked bread, elaborate dinners, cookies and more. It seems as though the pandemic has inspired families to get creative in the kitchen. One of the reasons Anamaya wanted to launch this cookbook membership was to serve those of you who have

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Do you know what the most nutrient dense leaf is?

I’ll give you a hint… It’s native to northern India but also grows in other tropical and sub-tropical areas, including Asia and Africa. And we serve it at Anamaya! Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? It’s MORINGA! Moringa is the most nutrient dense leaf there is. It’s very high in antioxidants…it contains more than 40 antioxidants. Right now

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Holly Basil Tea

Holy Basil and Anamaya’s Famous Reviving Herbal Tea

If you’ve been to Anamaya and attended one of our Cooking Demo’s with Chef Jeff, then you’ve probably tried the amazing (and incredibly healthy) herbal tea. It includes: Flor De Jamaica (a type of hibiscus) Cranberry Hibiscus Holy Basil (Tulsi Basil) Guanabana Leaves Juanilama Gotu Kola Moringa Leaf Galangal Tea Tree Leaves Lemon Juice Honey

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Anamaya’s First Virtual Retreat

Is your heart aching to get away?  We know how important your physical and emotional self-care is… so let us serve you the best way Anamaya knows how. We are so excited to share Anamaya’s first ever Virtual Retreat… DATES: May 25th – May 29th. Your Virtual Retreat Will Include: Five 90-Min Vinyasa Yoga Classes

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How to Find Zen in Times of Crisis

  Feeling zen in the middle of a global pandemic? We all know how to find our zen in the most positive of moments… in a great class with a beautiful environment, in our sacred space in our home, to the tune of monkeys chanting and birds chirping on a beautiful yoga deck in Costa

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SPECIAL RECIPE: Anamaya’s Hot Sauce

We are so excited to be launching our cookbook membership very very soon! But to give you a little sneak peek, we wanted to give you one of our most requested recipes… (Who else can’t wait to get back to Anamaya and breathe the fresh ocean air while being served 3 healthy meals and 2 delicious

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Yoga for Back Pain

Yoga for Back Pain    Experiencing back pain?  There are many different stresses in our everyday life that can create back discomfort and pain, but if you don’t want to or aren’t in need of medication or harsher forms of medical care to rectify your back pain, yoga can be a healthy, multi-benefit alternative!   

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View of Anamaya

How to Choose the RIGHT Yoga Retreat

  How to choose the RIGHT Yoga Retreat for you. Have you been dreaming of escaping to a yoga retreat throughout the last 2 difficult years? So have we… But, how can you make sure it’s the trip you’ve been dreaming of and everything you hope it will be? It’s all about choosing the right

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When are you ready for a YTT?

When are you ready for a YTT? “Yoga is the journey of self, through self, to the self.” – The Bhagavad Gita Everyone’s journey with yoga is unique, and recognizing that your journey will never look just like someone else’s is crucial. However, while we all walk our own path, there are a few hints

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K Anderson - Anamaya

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Anamaya 

The view is LITERALLY breathtaking. Now, hear us out. We KNOW we are a little biased. But when you pull up to Anamaya, you are enveloped in a lush, green jungle…. And then before you know it you pull over the hill to a stunning, crystal blue ocean for as far as the eye can

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The Business of Yoga

Are you a yoga teacher, retreat leader or studio owner? Do you want to grow your business in an authentic way that isn’t misaligned with your true purpose and intention for starting? Because you don’t need an MBA or sleazy sales tactics that make you dread building your business. You can grow your yoga or

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Social Media Workshops with Shelby Kincer

Does trying to figure out Instagram feel like the first time you tried to hold pigeon pose for longer than 2 minutes? Do you struggle to understand Facebook, Pinterest, Youtube and every other platform available today? Or maybe you’re on them… but have no idea how to make them profitable.   DATES & TIMES: We

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