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Aquaponics Wall of Salad and Fish – by Eve Sibley

Author: World Food Garden Founder and CEO, Eve Sibley Last month I had the exciting task of building a vertical garden on the southeast wall face of an infinity pool at the Anamaya Yoga Resort in Montezuma, Costa Rica. The plan was to make a vertical aquaponics garden that would be fed by a fish tank which we

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Hotel Business and the Internet

Summary: Internet devaluation Name: Peter Warren Media Outlet: Future Intelligence Query: Does the internet devalue everything that it touches? According to some commentators the internet is driving a terrible decline in standards and knowledge and is eroding skills and the knowledge base that they are built upon. As a result there is the inevitable move

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Sexiest Hotel in Costa Rica

Why is Anamaya one of the sexiest hotels in the world? We’re located in one of the worlds designated Blue Zones – where people live the longest and the healthiest. Anamaya also means “good health” and anyone with a healthy glow definitely gives off a sexy energy, but the resort itself has a lot more

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Ecotourism Interview with Anamaya CEO, Geoff Mccabe

“Green” is the future… not a passing fad. Countries around the world are continually improving their laws and green requirements, so it’s smart business to get ahead of the curve rather than retrofitting a business later. Plus, being energy efficient saves money, and attracts clients. And in the luxury market that we’re in, the clients are the most educated about what’s green and what’s not. Rich people are all shopping at Whole Foods these days. People who can afford not to be slowly poisoning their family with today’s toxic products, then they are spending the money on cleaner options, which are becoming available in every category… travel included.

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