Yoga for Back Pain -

Yoga for Back Pain

Yoga for Back Pain 


Experiencing back pain? 

There are many different stresses in our everyday life that can create back discomfort and pain, but if you don’t want to or aren’t in need of medication or harsher forms of medical care to rectify your back pain, yoga can be a healthy, multi-benefit alternative! 


What are some ways yoga can help back pain? 


  1. Strengthen your body 
    1. Yoga in the physical form is often recognized for strengthening your body, but it can also help to strengthen strength in specific muscles and areas of the body. 
    2. When practicing, you are required to stretch your abilities in each pose, which in turn leads to the specific pose and body part it challenges gainin strength, especially as repeated over time. 
    3. Many different yoga postures help the back as the back and abdominal muscles are crucial to performing many of the more popular yoga poses. 
    4. In addition to that, your back and the muscles supporting your spine help your body to maintain the correct form, and move through the variois poses.
  2. Relaxing your body 
    1. Yoga also gives your body the opportunity to stretch and relax, something that is rare in many forms of exercise. Did you know your body (and even specific muscles) carry stress? Yoga helps to reduce tension and keeps your body stretching and increasing your flexibility. 
    2. In addition, stretching with yoga increases blood flow, allowing nutrients to flow in, toxins to flow out, and a pseudo massage of the soft tissues and muscles in the lower back. Combined with the rhythmic breathing of a yoga practice, your body is open and your circulation is strong and greatly relieves pain. 
  3. It improves daily posture and balance 
    1. Yoga is a great way to activate your body and practice consistently, but it also bleeds into your daily life in the best way possible: 
      1. Helps your daily posture 
      2. Helps your daily balance
      3. Helps your overall body and mental stress 


There are so many amazing benefits of yoga, no matter who you are or the type of pain your body may experience, it is a gentle, effective way to bring healing into your life. 

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