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Chrell Kemnitz: 200 Hour YTT

Chrell brings his life-long passion for alignment and body-awareness into his teaching with functional anatomy so that you take yoga with you also as you walk of the mat.


Massage Therapist


Aug 26 – Sept 16, 2023

Dorm: $3,495 + tax
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Chrell Ionstrøm Kemnitz is a registered E-RYT500 yoga teacher, and a massage therapist with 25+ years experience in his field. His goal in teaching is to support his students to surrender to their own unique self and bring out their honest and natural way of moving, teaching and being in life.

He loves to bring yoga down to a functional everyday level, and he is a master in using small, precise adjustments and cues to take his students beyond habitual movement patterns.

He started his spiritual journey with yoga, meditation and healing work at the age of 13, and his curiosity and self-exploration through yoga and movement therapy, has been guiding him ever since. His deep fascination for alignment led him to intense studies of Structural Integration Massage, Thai Chi, Chi Gong and Alexander Technique. He sees the journey of experiencing life through body-awareness as his biggest adventure and path in life.

Chrell has been studying Hatha, Iyengar, Vinyasa and Anusara with masters worldwide, such as Leslie Kaminoff, Ray Long, Jonas Westing and Peter Kaaberbøl. He loves slackline, dancing, house-building from recycled materials, and the karma-yoga of being a father and a husband .

With years of studies in anatomy, physiology and pathology, more than 1000 hours of yoga teacher trainings, bodywork trainings and self-studies, he is a lifelong student and a competent teacher.

He opened his first bodywork clinic in 1998, working with Structural Integration Massage, integrating yoga as a self-help tool for his clients. Since 2011 he’s been part of the YTT faculty at LagoCPH (Copenhagen, Denmark) with Peter Kaaberbøl, and from 2016 also at Axelsons YTT in Sweden and Norway, with Sandra Grundstoff.
Chrells thousands of individual sessions with bodywork and more than 5.000 yoga teaching hours has given him a deep understanding of the students unique biomechanics and how to meet a group of individuals with different preconditions.

His more than 30 years of practice gives him a way of guiding the focus of his students through their own somatic experience in a class.

He knows to read the room and keep the focus in the classes sharp with a light spirit and a sense of humor.

program goals

This training will prepare and certify to:

  • Teach inspiring Vinyasa Yoga classes for students of various levels and target groups.
  • Understand how to build intelligent sequences with focused themes.
  • Use precise, and informative hands-on adjustments.
  • Understand how to weave alignment principles into classes with both group and individual cueing.
  • Understand anatomy and physiology, through the lens of yoga.
  • Apply the understanding of anatomy and alignment into gait and general movement.
  • Use yoga philosophy and meditation to deepen self-inquiry both in your own practice, classes and communication.
  • Use and instruct Pranayama/breathing techniques based on traditional and anatomical understanding.
  • Do a body-reading and recognize misalignments to help personalize a student’s praxis.
  • Learn about injuries and how to work with yoga safely and preventively.
  • Give a Thai Yoga Massage as well as use these techniques in Yoga classes or private lessons.


We all have different intensions motivating us to take a Teacher Training Program. Be it a drive to
understand yourself deeper, refining your praxis or tools to share your love for yoga, they all meet in
the intension of being fully present. Dedicating yourself to a teacher training program and breaking
of from your daily life and habits, will no doubt be a lighthouse of presence on your path in life, no
matter where it takes you.

The training will take you through the whole body thematically from the feet and up, with all of the
aspects of yoga reflected in it.

Asana Practice

Asanas are known as positions balanced by Sthira (steadiness) and Sukha (ease). We will explore wide
variety of asanas in depth, their anatomical and alignment principles, and the use of probs and
variations to meet individual limitations.

How we move and carry ourselves in life will be reflected in how we are met by life. Through this
teacher training program you will have 3 weeks of intensive asana practice with deep alignment
exploration. As you mindfully change your postural alignment through this asanas practice, you
cleanse your energetic flow, so that the mental and emotional patterns behind your habits can reveal
themselves. Classes will range from sweaty Vinyasa to soft Yin, but always with variations and
modifications to explore all levels.

Pranayama and Meditation

We will have daily progressive Pranayama practice and you will get a deep understanding of the
nature of breathing, the muscles involved in the shape change of breath, and how to promote
different energetic effects to praxis. We will explore the Nadis, Prana and Apana and how they can be
seen through anatomy and physiology.

In this program we will use Vipassana meditation as the core technique, to see reality as it is and to go
through life and death with a curious and clear awareness. Through the daily meditative practice, we
will explore the nature of the mind. You will learn tools on how to experience life as a passenger from
the backseat of your human vehicle and to share your unique experiences as a teacher.

Anatomy, Physiology and Biomechanics

There will be a strong focus on anatomy, alignment, and connective tissue, both in theory and
practice. Alignment is so much more than the lines of a posture. It is what makes gravity your lifelong
teacher, who always tells the truth, and is with you every moment in life.

We will look at anatomy and physiology, through the lenses of yoga, and go through the skeletal
system, major- and key muscles and joints, and how they all connect through the web of connective
tissue (Fascia), with the other major systems of the body.

We will travel through the areas of the body thematically, from feet and up, and build our
understanding from a solid base to refined interconnection. Classes will be followed by anatomical
examination both in theory and elaborating workshop practice. In this way all theory, will be
grounded in practical application of your practice and teaching.

History and Philosophy

During this training, we will create an overview of the history of yoga seen as a spiritual as well as a
physical practice, and the development to modern days yoga. We will study and discuss “the 8 Limbs
of Yoga” from the “Yoga Sutras” as a 8-fold path to attain Moksha (freedom) and the energetic
science of yoga. The word Yoga means “to unite”, and through this course we will seek to unite with
our True Self, as we cleanse the body and mind and bring the depth of yoga into the physical training.

Thai Yoga Massage

In this part of the course you will learn all the basic elements of massage technique, in an ancient
form which is like a Vinyasa for both you and the receiver. We review and work with techniques that
will enable you to perform a 1½ hour full body massage, which includes muscle massage, yoga
features, acupressure, joint manipulation, relaxation exercises and work with energy pathways. You
will be given tools to work with the body, both in a complete 90 minute body massage and also with
focusing on specific problems. As we are becoming yoga teachers, we will bring attention to how to
use these techniques when teaching yoga classes both for the corrections of students or as
therapeutic tools in one-to-one sessions.

Teaching Methodology

There will be many small group assignments where we can practice teaching in a safe environment
and step outside of our individual comfort zones. You will learn how to create intelligent sequencing
through various themes, focus and target groups.

You will learn to give safe and informative hands-on adjustments, to guide a student through tactile
cues. A good adjustment can sometimes inform more than a thousand words.

There will be regular “Sharing’s” both in smaller groups and with the whole group. Sharing is a
practice of expressing, and what’s alive & experienced in the moment… or reflections on different
questions in a given time with full attention by the group and listened to without comments. This
brings a depth to the connection of the group and a bridge between the meditative observations in


In this yoga teacher training program, there will be plenty of exciting experiences and hard work awaiting.

You will develop your awareness of mind, body and beyond.You will be seeded with information and probably come home with more questions than when you came. Yoga is a vast and life-long study, and here we will provide a secure base for those who want to go deeper in life through yoga. In this 200-hour yoga teacher training we will cover all the important elements from yoga positions to the anatomy of movement, pranayama to philosophy and more. Below we describe some of the topics the program will cover.

In addition to the scheduled hours of teaching with Chrell, all students are expected to read some obligatory texts (about 300 pages including philosophy, manual, anatomy, etc.) Also, students will be asked to do some homework to pass and eventually a final exam paper and a project / karma yoga.

This Yoga Teacher Training will include a total of 165 contact hours with Chrell:  8 1/2 hours per day plus 7 evenings of 2 hours. During the training you have 3 days off.

  • 60 hours: Asana Practice and technique
  • 35 hours: Teaching method and hands on
  • 30 hours: Anatomy and physiology
  • 15 hours: Philosophy and spiritual development
  • 10 hours: Practicum
  • 15 hours: Sequencing
  • Also included is a one-year subscription to LagoCph’s online studying platform,, to study Classes and Asanas. 10 hours yoga practice on sequences given by the teacher is expected to fulfill prior to arrival.

Students must furthermore have a minimum of 10 hours of yoga practice by certified teachers before arriving.
Students will be asked to teach (gain experience) and/or study 20 hours (to gain insight and self-chosen subject) after end of training to receive their certification. These personalized assignments will be discussed with Chrell before being given to the student.


  • It is expected that you as a student can participate in a coherent yoga class.
  • A desire for refining your body-awareness and your yoga practice
  • A curiosity and interest in learning and understanding

We have no requirement that the student must have practiced advanced Yoga or be particularly agile. During the training, we will go through everything from both gentle to demanding exercises, and you are always encouraged to follow your body as the primary teacher.

If you are interested in this training, please fill out THIS FORM. Upon acceptance, you will secure your deposit and become enrolled in the program. ​

I look so much forward to meeting you and taking this journey together. I will support you, so that you literally will walk away with a new gait through life.


Example of a typical day:​

  • 7am: Fruit and homemade granola is served
  • 7:30am-9am: Morning practice: meditation, pranayama, and asana
  • 9am-10am: Breakfast
  • 10am-1pm: Asana, anatomy, alignment, sequencing, philosophy, practice teaching
  • 1pm-2pm: Lunch
  • 2pm-5pm: Philosophy, adjustments, practice teaching, inversions, sequencing, yoga massage
  • 5pm: Snack
  • 5:30pm-6:30pm: Yoga massage, sequencing, body-reading, gentle practice, sharing
  • 7pm: Dinner

***Schedule might be subject to change.


Please get these exact books. E-books will do too.


These books are recommended by not required:


Chrell is a skilled teacher, specialized in anatomy, yoga massage, posture in practice, yoga philosophy and vinyasa yoga in general. Chrell is undoubtedly the most skilled and committed “body hero” to work with in practice, his wisdom to get the most quality out of a practice, based on posture and muscle activation, is indispensable. Chrell gets all my best recommendations, and if I could, I would bring him with me everywhere, because he is exactly what I would categorize as a living reference. Namasté.
My favorite teacher in the world! Chrell was part of my early journey into yoga and I have never stopped learning from him since. His unique style of teaching yoga creates the most intuitive and wonderful flow in his classes, and his kind and joyful spirit always radiates out and lifts you to new levels every time. He can take one look at you, and tell you exactly how to improve your practice. He is one of the most knowledgeable and yet humble people I’ve ever met and he is a great inspiration for me, on a professional and human level. His down to earth approach to spirituality and community speaks to me deeply. In all my travels in the yoga world, there are very few people I’ve met that I would deem “enlightened” but Chrell is definitely one of them. I’m very thankful to have crossed paths with him, and he’ll always have a special place in my heart.
I took my my first eryt-200 in Copenhagen with Chrell as my teacher. I am beyond grateful that he was my teacher. The reason is simple; Chrell has a profound and practical knowledge of our anatomy in movement. He helped me create a strong foundation, from which I am practising, teaching and living from now. He is an alignment expert and he helped me move from rigidity to fluidity. He is respectful and in my humble opinion have a great balance between seriousness and playfulness. He has my best recommendations. And I still take regular private sessions at his studio.
To be taught by Chrell is to be guided into precise, deep, and stable alignment both physically and spiritually. Classes and education by his lead is a calm and safe place to be. Cuing is amazing, theory is easily transformed into practice, and he is the guide who will really make you feel the embodies magic of, how the smallest cues can make the most profound difference in a pose, in a practice, in a way of life. Highly recommended!

Secure your spot today!

If you are interested in this training, please fill out THIS FORM. Upon acceptance, you will secure your deposit and become enrolled in the program. ​ I look so much forward to meeting you and taking this journey together. I will support you, so that you literally will walk away with a new gait through life.
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