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Julie Coluccio: 200 Hour YTT

Join Julie Coluccio and unlock the key to your sacred gift!

Join Julie in our idyllic Costa Rican paradise as you delve deeper into your yoga practice, acquire certification as a teacher, and undergo a genuine metamorphosis that will ripple through every aspect of your existence. Allow us the privilege of guiding you on this extraordinary path of self-discovery and empowerment.


E-RYT 500 Hour Yoga Alliance Certified


Oct 12 – Nov 2, 2024

Dorm: $3,495 + tax
Triple: $3,795 + tax
Double: $4,095 + tax
Single Deluxe: $4,595 + tax


Julie has been studying the different traditions and styles of yoga and meditation for over 22 years and is forever a student. She is the founder and creator of InTuYoga School of Well-Being, leading daily classes, educational workshops, teacher trainings, and international retreats.

She is an intuitive and devoted educator possessing both passion and enthusiasm for life and teaching. Her intention is to inspire and empower others to live life with more meaning and joy.

She has been influenced by many inspirational teachers including David Swenson, Beryl Bender Birch, Shiva Rea, Dharma Mittra, Natasha Rizopoulos, Janet Stone, and Sadie Nardini.

program goals

This immersion program will prepare and certify you to:

  • Teach creative vinyasa yoga classes with emphasis on asana alignment and utilization of props and modifications
  • How to teach a mixed level class with both beginners and advanced practitioners, through the use of kramas (step-by-step progression)
  • To communicate clearly and concisely with your students with simple and intentional verbal cues
  • Art of sequencing innovative yoga classes with mindfulness
  • Understanding and studying the Subtle Energetic Body, the 5 Bandhas
  • Acquiring a deeper understanding of Anatomy and Physiology
  • Teach and practice various meditation practices and Yoga Nidra
  • How to teach students safely with various medical conditions and injuries
  • Instruct and practice 9 Pranayama (Breathing) techniques and their adaptations
  • Understanding the healing power of sound and vibration (binaural beats and Solfeggio tones)
  • Discuss and study the history and philosophy of yoga as outlined in
  • Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra, the “Eight-Fold Path” along with analysis of the Kleshas (afflictions)
  • Empower yourself to tune inward to rediscover who you truly are, tap into your innate natural power (intuition) and to co-create your visions and dreams….

The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.” Albert Einstein


Techniques, Training, Practice (75 hrs)



Sun Salutations A, B, C
Standing and Balancing Poses
Twisting Poses
Seated Floor Poses
Core Poses
Arm Balances

Pranayama Techniques, Safety, and Adaptations

Nadi Shodhana


Key Terms
Meditation Techniques and Benefits

Subtle Body

The Five Bandhas
The Five Prana Vayus
The Five Kleshas
The Five Koshas
The Three Fundamental Nadis
Principles of Yoga Alignment

Sanskrit Asanas/Terms


Anatomy and Physiology (30 hrs)

Basic Anatomy (Bones, Cartilage, Fascia, Ligaments, Muscles, Joints, and Tendons)
Muscle Contractions
Anatomical Positions
Movements from Anatomical Position
Skeletal System (Bones and Spine)
Muscles of the Spine
Muscles of the Core
Shoulder Girdle, Muscles, Movements
Anatomy of the Feet, Hands, and Wrists
Anatomy of the Knees, Muscles, and Common Conditions and Injuries
Anatomy of the Pelvis and the Surrounding Muscles
Psoas Muscle
The Six Human Organ Systems and the Effects of Yoga

(Skeletal, Muscular, Digestive, Respiratory, Nervous, and Circulatory)
Anatomy of Breathing
Practicing Safe Yoga

Yoga Humanities (30 hrs)

History of Yoga
Yoga Sutras by Patanjali
The Eight Limb Path by Patanjali
Different Yoga Styles

Professional Essentials (50 hrs)

Principles of Yoga Alignment
Yoga Class Themes
Teaching Cues
Use of Props And Modifications
Classroom Time Management
Virtual Teaching
Living a Yoga Lifestyle
Finding your Voice
Yoga Business and Marketing
Code of Conduct/Ethics
Qualities of Being a Great Teacher

Practicum (20 hrs)

Practice teaching
Observe others teach
Both receive and give feedback


I’m excited to share with you the ancient teachings of yoga, meditation, and pranayama. My intention is to provide a comprehensive training program that will deepen your knowledge of yoga and to inspire you to want to rediscover who you really are and what your soul’s purpose is.

This training will strengthen your personal yoga practice, provide skills and tools to connect to your innate power called intuition, and inspire you to share your gifts and talents with the world. Wherever you may be on your path, I invite you to join my training to grow, heal, discover, transform, evolve, and co-create. 

I will provide a safe and nurturing environment for us to share genuinely and openly our perspectives and life experiences. There will be plenty of time for practice of skills learned and time for self-reflection.

In this program you will learn the principles of yoga alignment to gain a stronger understanding of the anatomical alignment of the foundational asanas. There will be numerous dialogues and practice yoga asana labs on how to effectively and safely sequence and theme classes. You will acquire the knowledge of how to teach with precise cues, utilization of props and how to provide modifications for the asanas. You will learn Sanskrit Asana names and key terms.

I will offer a variety of videos, presentations, and discussions on basic human anatomy, physiology, and biomechanics in relation to yoga asanas and breath work. There will be further study and practice of a collection of pranayama and meditation techniques with their adaptations. There will be plenty of handouts on yoga history, the different yoga lineages, and the ethics and codes of conduct as outlined by our governing organization called Yoga Alliance.

There will be optional readings on the subtle body including, the Vayus, Kleshas, Koshas, Nadis, and Chakras. Additionally, I will cover information on how to develop yoga as a business/career, how to market yourself, finding your voice, how to be an effective teacher, and time management in a class, and how to organize or host a workshop and retreat. Lastly, I will discuss how to attain continuing education requirements for you as teachers along with available opportunities for your students to advance their yoga and well-being knowledge and training.

Are you ready to dive in!?


A minimum of 3 months of consistent practice are required in order to help you and your body prepare for this transformational journey ahead of you. Or, if you are involved with a closely related fitness or sports training program.

Students must be willing to learn, study, and practice.


This is an example what the schedule might look like during one of the days of your training.


PLEASE NOTE: This is subject to change…

  • 6:30 am: Fresh fruit is served in the main house
  • 7am – 7:30 am: Topic Examples… Dharma Talk/Meditation/Journaling
  • 7:30 am – 9 am: Yoga Practice/Yoga Nidra/Sound Healing/Pranayama
  • 9 am – 10 am: Breakfast
  • 10 am – 1 pm: Topic Examples… Asanas/Sun Salutations/Alignment/Cueing/Functional Anatomy/Sanskrit/Props and Modifications
  • 1 pm – 2 pm: Lunch
  • 2 pm – 4 pm: Topic Examples… Yoga Humanities (The Eight Limb Path, Yoga Sutras)/Art of Sequencing/Class Themes/Yoga Business and Marketing/Finding your Voice
  • 4 pm – 5 pm: Practice teaching/Yin/Yoga Nidra/Sound Healing
  • 5 pm – 7 pm: Snack and Break
  • 7 pm: Dinner



Here is a list of books that are considered supplemental reading:


I have been practicing yoga for almost 20 years and took a 200 hour YTT with Julie Coluccio and a co-teacher in 2017. It was a transformative experience both physically and spiritually. Julie is an exceptional yoga instructor, combining deep spirituality and philosophy with an inspired physical practice. She has many years of experience both as a student of yoga herself and as an instructor and it shows in the way she moves her own body and the way she leads a class. She has a superior knowledge of anatomy and alignment. She values pushing the physical edge while balancing it by listening to the body. She is positively radiant with her love of the practice and it is contagious when in her presence. I highly recommend her as a yoga teacher training instructor.
I met Julie Coluccio in 2019 taking a yoga class with her. I then decided to take her 200-hour teacher training course to get my certification to become a teacher. I have to say that I have been to numerous yoga classes since 2017 and researched other teacher trainings courses in the area. Julie goes above and beyond in her classes and into detail when teaching her classes, her students, and her followers. If she sees someone not doing asana poses properly, she will go to the person or speak aloud and not go directly to the student. She will show or teach how the asana should be done properly and why it is so important to use proper alignment. She also speaks about what the asana poses work on with in your muscle groups, your balance, flexibility, and proper alignment while teaching her classes. She uses and speaks about mantras and for what they are used for. She uses sound healing tools and techniques, and spiritual inspirations quotes and techniques while doing her classes. She talks about Feeling the poses while in the pose. What her training has done for me personally, is It has brought me inner healing, strength, flexibility, and balance on and off the mat. Her training and techniques in her training and classes has also brought me to a new level of finding my true self, strengths, and weakness within myself. It has opened my heart chakra, Third eye chakra. It has brought the true love from within myself, and it has helped me with my visions and powers that I hold inside of myself. It has opened my own deep spirituality and purpose for who I truly am. I cannot say enough about Julie and her being a great teacher, healer, and her spiritual energy that she puts out into the universe and her students.
I met Julie when she co-led a yoga retreat in Costa Rica. The classes she led were truly amazing. I felt as if I was being guided by a leader in the field. Her depth of knowledge of each pose was beyond what I ever thought I would be able to learn. I later found out that her and the other leader of the retreat had a 200 hour yoga teacher training. I didn't have to think about whether or not I would do it. I hadn't planned on doing yoga teacher training but being led by Julie was too good an opportunity to pass up. I enrolled and have never regretted it. I have gone on to become a yoga therapist and know that the foundational knowledge Julie instilled upon me helped me in my new endeavor immensely.
My 200 yoga teacher training in 2018 with Julie Coluccio was an amazing and profoundexperience that I will always remember and hold dear to my heart. Her training was very professional, comprehensive, and informative. Her attention to alignment, anatomy, cueing combined with her spirituality keeps me looking forward to additional workshops and trainings.
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