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Online YTT & 50 hr Immersion with PETER KAABERBOL

Peter Kaaberbøl Kristensen hybrid

Oct 30 to Nov 6, 2021

with Peter Kaaberbøl Kristensen hybrid
Dorm: $795 + tax
Triple: $945 + tax
Double: $1095 + tax
Single Deluxe: $1645 + tax

*accommodations & meals


Peter Kaaberbøl Kristensen has taught Yoga and body alignment for more than 20 years and educated more than 500 yoga teachers around the world. Peter is the founder of LagoCph school of yoga in the city of Copenhagen, Denmark. He’s also an accomplished personal trainer, and the creator of the “X-Pand Me” body stretching system. In addition to yoga, he’s a master practitioner of martial arts, meditation, and bodywork and for the last fifteen years has devoted his life to training yoga teachers worldwide.

Peter has a knack for explaining complex yogic principles in a way that helps his trainees investigate their body’s subtle energies. By bringing his students’ awareness to their inner worlds, he helps them deepen their yogic practice from the inside out. His intensive teacher training programs deepen the trainees’ personal practice and guide their teaching techniques to a place where they can freely impart the body’s inner wisdom to their own students.

Peter began practicing yoga at 18-years old and has studied with a broad range of classical Indian teachers including Akhil Bhattacharya and massage master Rahul Bharti in Nepal. He has practiced extensively in India, Brazil, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Japan, and the United States. His interest in bodywork and movement took him to martial arts, including Aikido and Capoeira, Thai yoga therapy, and Acro yoga.

Peter runs his teacher training programs in Denmark and, in Costa Rica, Guatemala, and Honduras. He lives in Copenhagen with his wife and two daughters.

program goals

Anamaya Resort has partnered with to create a new way for yoga students to become yoga teachers by combining 200 hours of online courses, done at your own speed, with a single, one-week intensive training at Anamaya in Costa Rica.

We will learn the asanas in their classic form as well as from a developmental perspective; offering a deep understanding of how the body moves. We will also explore the body from a therapeutic perspective, applying the breath,  yoga therapeutic techniques.

This training will prepare you to:

  • Teach a Vinyasa yoga class with precise adjustments and intelligent sequencing.
  • Understand common skeletal problems and develop an understanding of how to work preventively and therapeutically.
  • Apply Anatomy & Physiology to yoga and movement.
  • Understand the breath and instruct appropriate breathing techniques.
  • Sit in daily meditation and be able to instruct on the art of meditation from direct experience.
Peter Kaaberbol teaching


This special online training offers the full curriculum of a 200h Yoga Teacher Training. We have compiled 136 pieces of content into 10 modules representing more than 20 years of study, teaching and mentoring.

Students Will Receive:

  • 200 Hours Online Yoga School Manual
  • 65 HD Tuition Videos
  • 15 Sequence Charts
  • 9 Audio Tuition files
  • 38 E-books
  • 8 Illustrations
  • 10 multiple choice Q&A
  • Certificate of completion mailed to your address
  • A valuable digital toolbox to kick off your own teaching
  • Access to a global community of like-minded people that support your development, personal abundance and growth

Online Study Includes:

  • 50+ Videos
  • 20+ books
  • 20+ sequences
  • Illustrations, audio classes, certification
  • Online tests by video

Study online at your own pace.  See in depth online curriculum HERE. We suggest between 1-4 months of online study time before the final week.

Price for the online portion is $731 (including taxes).
This is after a 25% discount promo code which is available
only to those attending the 50 hr immersion at Anamaya.   

Ready to start your YTT journey?

50 Hour Curriculum at Anamaya

This training is for anyone with some basic background in practicing yoga, who wishes to teach privates or groups, that incorporate alignments, breath-work and meditation.

This immersion teacher training is unique in the way has been structured for optimum learning in order to teach. With thoughtful subjects, focused teachings and support through the yoga sequence builder, we make you an expert in creating classes that deliver transformational experiences to your students.

Furthermore you have an option to purchase online content to support your immersion. The teachings deliver the yoga content in a way that is digestible and easily integrated into your daily life. They have been carefully curated by our experienced yoga teachers, delivering only useful and relevant yoga knowledge.

This immersion program will prepare students to:

  • Teach yoga, meditation and pranayama
  • To design sequences with great variations for different needs
  • To give proper alignments
  • To teach 1:1 sessions, 2-3 hour workshops, and full flow classes

Students Will Receive:

  • 10 hours of Alignment Based Yoga Workshops
  • 10 hours of Yoga Teaching and Prep Techniques
  • 10 hours of Meditation, Pranayama and Satsang Prep
  • 10 hours of Sequence Designing Including all Classic Content
  • 10 hours of Examining, Certifying and Celebrating

Included at Anamaya:

  • Full 50 hour program, which includes all the classes needed for your teaching certificate
  • Private access to the famous Montezuma waterfalls
  • Use of the pool, yoga decks, and shared space around the resort
  • Circus performance and dance party

Price for the Immersion at Anamaya is $400 + 13% tax (plus accommodation of choice).

Space is Limited, Book Your Spot TODAY!

The Immersion Program at Anamaya will be run with a minimum of 6 people and a maximum of 16. A 60% deposit is required to reserve your spot.




The daily program will run from 6:30am – 7:00 pm.

Classes will be held 6 days a week from Sunday to Friday. There will also be some free  time during the week to go to the beach and relax. Please note that this is subject to change depending on the needs of the group. Written and practice assignments, as well as the final written evaluation and teaching demo, round out the program.

Example of What Your Day Might Look Like:
  • 6:45: Fruit
  • 7:15 – 9:00: Meditation / Pranayama / Asana on Hip & Mula Bandha
  • 9:00: Breakfast
  • 9:45 – 11:15: Anatomy Hip, Pelvic Floor & Mula Bandha
  • 11:30 – 1:00: Nature of The Mind Philosophy
  • 1:00: Lunch
  • 4:00 – 5:00: Pranayama / Breath Teaching Techniques
  • 5:00: Snack
  • 5:15 – 7:00: Sequencing and Designing Classes
  • 7:00: Dinner


Peter is a true teacher, who has a beautifully systematic yet natural way of threading his teachings together, linking theory and movement together seamlessly. He strikes the perfect balance between deep spiritual teachings and theoretical concepts that allow you to understand body and movement in a necessary way to become a great and responsible facilitator of the yoga teachings.
This course has really inspired me to continue on my own yoga journey, it has ignited the passion to learn and develop myself and my practice further. The 5 Elements are a great method to teach and really embody a positive lifestyle.
All the classes were blissful, placed appropriately to offer the student maximum opportunity to rest, digest, feel and appreciate the sensations in our bodies. The course has given me so many new insights about the practice of yoga and also about myself and the stage that I am in my own yoga journey.
I want to take this opportunity to thank Peter Kaaberbøl Kristensen for producing such a high quality 200hr, we are really blessed. I realized this after training with many “yoga superstars” Thanks for setting me up for success Peter.
I’m very grateful for the time in this course. I truly was, in a very positive way, surprised about the content and development of the course that in every aspect it was way better than I could imagine it thank you!

Start My Yoga Journey Today!

This is an opportunity to go deeper into your practice, and will be one of the most transformational experiences you have ever gone through. It will be a tremendous beginning to a journey of understanding yourself at a new level, heal and grow.
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