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"I am so grateful to you, Kelsey for offering such valuable tools for figuring out to grow my business as well as your compassion and humor around this. These are areas that are challenging to look at, and you make it feel so doable. Very helpful and so excited for what’s to come!!"
Heather - Mastermind Student

Why Do You (and your business) Need A Mastermind?

There are a lot of business courses, programs, masterminds and webinars out there…but if you’re reading this, then I’m guessing those programs don’t feel like a good fit for how you want to approach building your business.
Let’s be honest…being a business owner can be isolating. This Mastermind is a beautiful community of like-minded souls, all working together to elevate their business, their mindset and their income.

You don’t need an MBA or pushy sales tactics to sign up new clients. You can grow your yoga or wellness business with grace… in a dynamic way that will make a HUGE impact and allow you to serve more people.

Trying to build your business through trial and error will kill your passion. This Mastermind will allow you to learn from others who have the experience and understand that as entrepreneurs we need as much support as we can get.

Because you simply need some guidance and productive support.

If you are a Yoga Teacher, Retreat Leader, Coach, or Healer... then you already know that a supportive community is an incredible tool in helping you achieve your dreams.

The Business of Yoga Mastermind is a weekly training program taught by Entrepreneur & Success Coach…

(and one of the founders & owners of world renowned Anamaya Resort)

Kelsey Matheson

How The Business of Yoga Mastermind Works:


Every Wed at 11am OR 5pm ET you will meet on Zoom with the Mastermind group members for a LIVE training, Q&A, and discussion with Kelsey or other guest experts. Yes! There are TWO time options available to suit everyone's busy schedule... Same training, two time options. You also have access to Friday "Office Hours" for additional support.


For even more guidance… a place to ask questions, give or receive feedback, and connect with other entrepreneurs like you… our private Facebook group is a priceless resource. The Mastermind members are like family and the Facebook group is a great space for you to connect and not feel so alone as you build your business.

Access To Previous Trainings

All of our trainings will be recorded and those recordings will be posted in the private Facebook group. So if you miss a call, you can watch the replay. If there was a training that made you feel like “Yes! This is exactly what I need right now!”... then you can watch the replay as many times as you like. And you have access to ALL the past trainings as well.

Grow Your Business!

This group will support you in building those “business owner” muscles. It will support you in thinking BIGGER and stretching beyond your comfort zone. This Mastermind will allow you to get the tools that you need in order to clarify and simplify the world of social media, marketing, mindset, sales, branding, and everything else involved in growing the business that you love.

Are you ready to be serving this world at a much larger scale?!


If You Have Been Struggling To Grow Your Yoga Business, Then We Were Meant To Find Each Other!

I’m Kelsey Matheson, one of the Founders and Owners of Anamaya Resort. I’ve built numerous wellness businesses over the past 20 years…

And have taken that knowledge to help other female business owners grow in an authentic way! 

I know that by helping women to make more money in their businesses… and empowering them to step into their roles as thought leaders… the better off this world will be!

“Working with Kelsey has been truly transformational.”
- Regan
“I LOVE this group! I’ve met a group of people who support each other... And some of them I’ve met in real life! We keep other accountable & motivated!”
- Julie
“This mastermind group is the support I needed and found, and I’m so grateful!!”
- Rachel

What if the creators of the World-Class Yoga Center, Anamaya Resort shared their knowledge and wisdom to active your inner business guru, but in a way that makes sense?!

This is not a surface level program that might motivate you, but in the end doesn’t really help.

This is not a hard-core numbers and conversion course that makes your head spin.

It’s a program that gives you actual steps and the training to take your business to where you want it to grow!

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