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Bali Cabina


2 people


Ocean View – AC – Ceiling Fan – Garden Bathroom, Bathtub – Deck – Hammock


The Bali Cabina is the most popular and romantic cabina at Anamaya, and is usually the first booked. It was actually designed and made in Bali, then disassembled and shipped here to Costa Rica.


The Bali Cabina is probably one of the most popular rooms at Anamaya. It was designed in Bali, then disassembled, shipped to Costa Rica, and re-assembled here. This room has a spectacular garden bathroom and deck overlooking the ocean.

This room is perfect for couples, solo travelers, or two good friends. There can be two single beds or one King sized bed in this room.

The Bali house is a very exotic room and has three walls of glass with large curtains for privacy.

From this room you can see the mainland of Costa Rica, all the way down to Jaco and Quepos. On a lucky day you may see dolphins or whales playing in the water, and most of the time you can hear the Montezuma Falls off in the distance. 

The outdoor tropical bathrooms are a big hit here at Anamaya, and the Bali Cabina is one of the largest garden bathrooms. It is one of only two rooms that has a bathtub, and from the tub or shower you are treated to a breathtaking view through a unique round window.


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