Beautiful Infinity Pool at Anamaya

Salt Water Infinity Pool at Anamaya, Costa Rica

At Anamaya, we strive to be chemical-free, and use products that Saltwater Infinity Pool at Anamaya Resort​facilitate a ​more natural, organic way of life. Currently our pool now uses a salt-water system, which allows one to enjoy swimming without the worries of high levels of toxins entering the body. Various medical studies have found that children who swim in chlorinated pools have a higher risk of developing lung diseases including asthma. This is directly associated with the high levels of disinfectants and chemicals chlorine pools often maintain. According to one study by Alfred Bernard of the toxicology unit at the Catholic University of Louvain in Brussels found that children who swam frequently in highly chlorinated pools had damage to their lungs similar to that in regular smokers.
Saltwater pools have more beneficial health effects than chlorinated swimming pools because they eliminate the need for excessive amounts of toxic chemicals. Saltwater pools do use chlorine, but it is a constant supply of chlorine that works with the pools salinity. A saltwater pool converts regular salt into natural liquid chlorine through the process of electrolysis. The natural liquid chlorine is converted to hypochlorite, which effectively eliminates the algae and bacteria. Hypochlorite is then reconverted into saltwater before re-entering the pool area.
The salt water pool has a salt content of around 2,500 to 6,000 parts per million, much less than the Ocean’s average content of 35,000 parts per million. Because of this low salt, low chlorine input, saltwater pools tend to be more soothing, and the water will feel smooth to the touch.

After swimming in this mild saline solution, you will notice that your skin does not dry out or leave a whitish residual (chlorine flaking) on your body. Also, you may notice there is no irritation to the epidermis or eyes and your hair will retain its natural oils. Instead, your body will feel smooth, refreshed and revitalized.

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