Travel Directions to Anamaya

Traveling: To Anamaya Resort

Traveling to Anamaya can be straightforward and stress-free, especially if planned properly and we can help. 

Internationally, you can fly into the Juan Santamaría International Airport (SJO) near San Jose or Liberia (LIR) International Airport, but there are more transportation options from SJO.  Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions about travel.

Below we have listed the most common ways to travel to our location. Please take a few minutes to read the information thoroughly.  


Please keep in mind that you need time to go through customs, security, and immigration to exit the airport. A two-hour window between your International flight arrival at the airport and the local transportation departure time is the minimum we recommend you allow.

The domestic Airlines Sansa, Green Airways, and Skyway fly to/from the domestic terminal at SJO international airport, to the local Tambor Airport (TMU). Aerobell is another option you can consider, they fly to/from the Tobias Bolaños Airport, which is located about 30-45 minutes driving from SJO (depending on the day, time and traffic it can be more or less time) so we recommend you give yourself 3 hours in between flights to make the connections. They offer a $20 -30 per person shuttle between airports, one way. 

As of mid-December 2019, Aerobell should also start operating from SJO’s domestic terminal so make sure you select the correct airport when booking your flights. Please refer directly to each airline’s website to make your booking by clicking on the previous links in blue, and also make sure you check their luggage allowance to see if it matches your packing needs.

Tambor (TMU) airport is located approximately 35-45 minutes driving from Anamaya, at your request we can arrange a taxi to pick you up and bring you to Anamaya. The price of the taxi is $40 + tax (13%) each way – if other guests are coming on the same flight the charge can be split (minimum of $10 + tax per person).


Please remember you need time to go through customs, security, and immigration to exit the airport and meet the shuttle. Allowing a 2-hour window between your International flight arrival at the airport and the shuttle departure is necessary.

The shuttle can also pick up from hotels in the vicinity of the airports, and in some areas of downtown San Jose as well. If you suffer from motion sickness, please take the necessary precautions/medications.

There’s a daily shuttle departing from the SJO International airport at 6:00 am and 2:00 pm (mid-December to April), or at 8:00 am (May to mid-December). The price is $50 + tax (13%) per person each way, and the approximate travel time is 5.5 hours (2.5 hours from the airport to Puntarenas + 1.5 hours on the ferry + 1.5 hours from Paquera to Anamaya).

The shuttle back to SJO departs from Anamaya at 7:00 am and 3:00 pm (mid-December to April), or at 9:00 am (May to mid-December). 

From the LIR international airport, there is a daily shuttle at 9:00 am and 3:00 pm (the afternoon one with a minimum of 4 passengers, this is from mid-December to April) or at 9:00 am ( May to mid-December). The price is $50 + tax (13%) per person each way, and the approximate travel time is 4.5 – 5 hours. 

The shuttle back to LIR departs from Anamaya at 6:15 am all year round. An afternoon shuttle is available from mid to December – April with a minimum of 4 passengers and departing at 3:15 pm.


From SJO Airport

If the international flights you can find do not align with the shuttle times above, you can reserve a private shuttle as long as your flight lands no later than 1:30 pm. The shuttle is ferry-dependent and the latest you could take is the 5:00 pm departure. There are 2 options for this service, with vehicle switch or direct, which are detailed below.

Vehicle Switch

This means you will get on two different vehicles, the first one will pick the guests up from the airport or hotel and will drive them to the ferry dock in Puntarenas. You will carry your luggage and get on the ferry by yourself, and get off the same way (the ferry ticket is included so this will be given when you get there). Another driver will be waiting at the ferry dock in Paquera to pick you up and drive you to Anamaya. Since the first vehicle doesn’t get on the ferry, they do not need time to make a line to get on it. 

The price for 1-4 passengers is $250 + tax (13%) one way.


The same vehicle that picks you up will bring you to Anamaya, so the driver needs to get in line to board the ferry. An important note is that you will still get on the ferry by yourself, they only difference is that you will not be carrying luggage because this stays in the car. 

The price for 1-4 passengers is $325 + tax (13%) one way.

From LIR Airport

A private service can be set up if your international flight arrival time is unaligned with the shuttle departure times. This service costs $300 + tax (13%) one way, for 1-4 passengers. Additional passengers will pay $10 + tax each.


Charter flights and helicopter rides can be arranged during daylight hours. The prices vary according to the size of the plane and helicopter, it ranges from $780 – $3,500. Feel free to ask for a quote if you think this is the best option for you.


There is a water taxi service available from the Jaco area. This water taxi departs daily at 10:30 am from Herradura beach, located about 5 miles north from the famous Jaco beach. The crossing takes approximately 60-70 minutes and the price is $40 + tax (13%), one way.

A taxi from the place the boat drops you off to Anamaya costs $6, one way. 

This service can also be booked as a Bus-Boat, which is a combination of a ground shuttle and a water taxi. The pick-up locations can be from Manuel Antonio, Quepos, Dominical, Uvita, Parrita, and SJO airport (or nearby areas) or vice-versa.

Please contact us to get further details on this service if this sounds ideal for your travel.


Renting a car is always an option for travel. If your flight lands at a time that allows you to drive during daylight, you’re adventurous and, ideally, have driven in other countries then you should be fine. The roads can be in pretty bad shape and there is a lack of signage. In Montezuma it’s just gravel and some parts are bumpy so a 4×4 is ideal, especially in the rainy season.

Having a GPS in the car or some type of location app or service (Waze, Google Maps, etc) is necessary. Making sure the maps are downloaded to your device to be able to drive even when GPS or cell reception is lost, which is very common in certain areas of the drive from either the  SJO and Liberia airports to Anamaya, is a must.

Depending on where you are driving from you’d need to take a ferry from Puntarenas. You can check the ferry schedule by clicking here. Please take into account that the latest ferry you could take is the one that departs at 5:00 pm because our business hours are 7:00 am to 9:00 pm.


If you know some basic Spanish, have previous experience taking buses in foreign countries, and if you feel comfortable, there is a direct bus from San José that departs at 6:00 am or 2:00 pm from Terminal 7-10. This terminal is located in an area considered unsafe so take a taxi if you are planning to take the public bus from this terminal.

The direct bus also stops about 15-20 minutes after the departures from the terminal at a bus stop called “Puente Villa Bonita”. The latter is located about 5-10 minutes drive from the SJO airport, a taxi would charge $6-$10 maximum to this location. We are unsure why this happens but to reserve the 2:00 pm bus you need to select San Jose in the “where are you leaving” and Santa Teresa in the “Where do you want to go” from the drop-down questions on the website.

Their booking portal can be visited by clicking here.

The morning bus is the one that aligns best with the check-in time and the reception hours (7:00 am until 9:00 pm).

If you have no other choice than taking the 2:00 pm bus, please get off in Cobano so you can take a taxi to Anamaya rather than coming to Montezuma, as it is really hard to find a taxi at that time. The price for the taxi from Cobano varies from $15 – $18.


Depending on where you are flying from and the flights you can find, sometimes flying one day early and staying overnight near the airport is the best option to make the necessary connections, the same applies for your departure. 

If you want us to assist you with arranging a shuttle from either of the International airports, or taxi from the local one, please send us your flight information (airline, flight number, and arrival time) or the name of the hotel where you’ll be staying if you are planning to fly a few days before the retreat/YTT. 

Anamaya Resort - Sunset at Nearby Beaches
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