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Jacqueline Chiodo YTT at Anamaya

Jacqueline has had the honor of studying with the best modern day teachers in yoga and Ayurveda and has a deep respect for all spiritual paths. Her style is a lovely blend of each system she has worked with over the years.

Jacqueline Chiodo
200 Hour

ERYT 200, 500

Ayurvedic Practitioner


June 25 – July 16, 2022

Dorm: $3,495 + tax
Triple: $3,795 + tax
Double: $4,095 + tax
Single Deluxe: $4,595 + tax


Jackie Chiodo ERYT 500, serves her local and global Yoga Tribe, as a Yoga Instructor, Certified Clinical/ Medical Hypnotherapist, Life Coach, and Ayurvedic Wellness Coach. Her purpose in life and call to service, is to help each individual wake-up to their limiting beliefs, and provide them with the knowledge and experience in order for self-healing, transformation and growth to occur. Jackie is passionate about nature and guides her students and clients to tune into the natural world for balance and well-being. Her love of nature and the elements is woven into her teachings and lifestyle through Ayurveda and the Chakra System.

Jackie asks each student to hold up a mirror and see themselves as they truly are, so they can see the world as it really is.  She inspires students to meet themselves where they are and be honest with how they got here. She will encourage you to go deep and dream big and ask: Who do I wish to be? How do I want to be seen in the world?

She will challenge you to be accountable for how you show up and what you create in your life because of it. She inspires you to let go, clear the way, and awaken to the full possibility as you embrace the gift of being YOU. She reminds you of the power of your mind and how to use it as a tool instead of a weapon.  Jackie’s programs have transformed hundreds of students in her past 20 years of guiding others into wholeness and wellness with the tools of Yoga, Mediation, Ayurveda and Hypnotherapy.

Jackie is a student of life and continues to evolve and adapt and educate herself in order to be of the best service to her community. Jackie has been leading yoga classes, trainings and retreats since 2001 and owned a successful yoga center in SW Florida for 16 years, which she has transferred online for now. She has a degree in Religious studies from Rutgers, University and is able to weave a deeper understanding from an academic perspective of spirituality and philosophy into this program.

Jackie integrates the power of intention and ritual throughout the training, translating the elements into the teaching of yoga and life. Jackie is fascinated by the power of the subconscious mind and in pursuit of her understanding, she became a certified clinical and medical support, hypnotherapist in 2018. She weaves the teachings of yoga and the power of the mind with Yoga Nidra and self- hypnosis, to expedite personal healing and heighten awareness of limiting beliefs being fed through the mind, nervous system and body. She connects this to the Chakra system and how it affects what we experience in life. She will guide you into the power of your own mind, where you have the knowledge and control to shift in a deeper way, to experience lasting results.

Jackie has been educating and guiding others into self-healing for over 20 years, with over 25,000 hours of teaching/coaching experience in Yoga, Ayurveda, and Meditation. She leads trainings, retreats and continuing education online and at Anamaya. She loves the jungle and will guide you to tune into the environment and allow nature to assist you in your quest for self-understanding, healing and transformation. Jackie has been leading her jungle tribes at Anamaya, since 2011.
She is a leader in the field of integrated wellness and is passionate about healing the world One Mind at a time.

program goals

  • Become Certified as a Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance, through Joyful Yoga, at the 200-Hour level.
  • Teach a well-sequenced yoga class with precise alignment cues while guiding breath-inspired movement.
  • Create inspiring themes for your class to integrate the mental/emotional inquiry with the postures.
  • Understand and integrate the 8-limbs of Patanjali, in life and relationships.
  • Gain knowledge of modifications to adapt the postures to anybody, any age, condition, or limitation.
  • Refine your verbal cues, and ability to demonstrate, without touching a student to give them an assist.
  • Feel confident you can adapt the practice to any student, based on their ability.
  • Gain a working understanding of Ayurveda and how to apply to your life and yoga class.
  • Experience a week of personal transformation and healing with the Chakra system.
  • Fall in love with self-care for 3 weeks of it being all about YOU. YOU are your full-time job here and require and deserve your full attention.
  • Understand what can be a major culprit for common low back pain and how to adapt the yoga sequence to address this.
  • Have an understanding of how to apply practical anatomy and physiology in the yoga practice and in daily movement
  • Utilize yoga philosophy to create compelling, inspiring yoga classes
  • Learn How to adapt yoga for different environments (online, studio, gym)
  • Have a basic understanding of Yin yoga and how to adapt to different body types.
  • Experience and understanding of Yoga Nidra and its healing effects
  • Guidance in Self-Hypnosis instruction, how to use the power of your mind correctly, in meditation and in life.
  • Offer informed, compassionate, and instructive hands-on assists and adjustments (TBA, based on COVID protocols)
  • The new age of teaching yoga and how to adapt going forward. (Virtual studio guidelines)
  • Gain expert advice/ knowledge from personal experience of a studio owner of 16 years and how best to set up in your local community on-line or in-person.
  • Understand the power of sound vibration with Mantra exploration
  • We will meditate every day, so you will have a habitual meditation practice to take home with you.
  • Pranayama-learn the many ways to work with the vital life-force or Prana of the breath
  • BE PRESENT and connect with yogi souls from around the world and see yourself as a reflection of parts of each other.


Immerse yourself in sacred study and practice in Yoga, Ayurveda and Meditation. This is an opportunity to deepen your practice and transform your life. This program will inspire you to dive deep, pull out the weeds that are hindering your growth, and plant new seeds in the fertile soil of your clear, focused mind and strong, healthy body. You are worth this gift of going inward. You will end this experience feeling empowered, on purpose and ready to share your light and passion for yoga with others as a certified yoga instructor.

During our 3 weeks together, we will fulfill the following Yoga Alliance 200 Hour requirements:

  • 100 hours Techniques, Training and Practice: Daily teacher-lead and group teaching practice. The pose categories and key poses of yoga. Modifications and how to use props. Learn how to design group and private classes. Learn how to design classes from a variety of different perspectives. Learn how to teach beginners, intermediate, and advanced students.
  • 30 hours Teaching Methodology: Sequencing, theming, using voice projection. Vinyasa flow, hatha, precise alignment *iyengar inspired, yin yoga, Yoga Nidra, verbal cues and assists without touch, proper demonstration.
  • 15 hours Anatomy & Physiology: Understanding the muscles, bones, and systems of the body. Functional anatomy (how things move in relation to other things) and alignment. The nervous system and correlation with the Chakra system (energy anatomy) and biology.
  • 40 hours Yoga Philosophy/Ethics/Lifestyle: The Yoga Sutras and related texts, the chakras, Ayurveda and lifestyle-the sister science to yoga.  Pranayama and meditation. Yoga Nidra, Meditation, Mantra, Mudras. The business of yoga-teaching online.
  • 15 hours Practicum

This is a journey of self-discovery and a time to release attachments to what is familiar and constricting. In order not to disrupt each other’s process, we will, as a group, abstain from the following during the course: sexual activity, drinking alcohol, smoking or drug use. This is not a time to vacation and party; it is a time for purification and clarity. On the evenings/days you have off, you are welcome to do what you wish as long as it does not disrupt the energy of the group. After the final testing is over, we will have a celebration party and prepare for integration into the real world.

Are you ready to step into your purpose and remember who you are and why you are here?
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Follow up:
In order to inspire you to create the new lifestyle out of your yoga habit of 3 weeks – mentorship and continuing education is available online. After the course is completed, Jackie leads daily classes with her online studio and yoga library.


  • 6 months of a yoga practice (if you are a beginner)
  • Good mental Health
  • Able to manage long hours of sitting/ learning/ studying
  • Feel comfortable sharing in a group setting and listening and holding space for others in a non-judgemental way
  • An application

If you are interested in this training, please contact us and we will send you an application. Upon acceptance, we will coordinate to secure your deposit and get you enrolled into the program.


In order to feel ready to arrive and present once you land…here are a few suggestions to help you feel prepared:

Take care of anything you do not want to be stressed by, at home, when you are here. Continue or re-commit to a regular yoga and meditation practice daily or commit to what is reasonable for you, at least 1 month before arriving for the program (if not sooner!)

Example of a typical day:​

7:30 am-9:00 am: Morning practice: Vinyasa flow with alignment and daily inspiration: lead by Jackie
9:00 am-10:00 am: Breakfast
10-10:30am: Practice Teaching with a partner
10:30 am-12:45pm: Anatomical review of Main Asanas (postures)/ Breakdown alignment/ assists/ verbal cues: teaching methodology
1:00 pm -2:30 pm: Lunch/ Break
2:30 pm-3:30: Group Practice/ Personal practice – Sequence building
3:30-4pm: Daily yoga nidra and/or group meditation
4-5pm: Yoga Philosophy: chakras/ Ayurveda/ sutras
5pm: Snack break
5:30 pm-6:30 pm: Mantra/ Philosophy/Breathwork/ Meditation
7pm: Dinner

Note: Schedule might be subject to change.


Upon application approval and registration, order your books and read the first chapter of each, to familiarize yourself on the course material. Read Heart of Yoga up to the Yoga Sutra section at the end. Write a 1 page report, highlighting 3 points you discovered about yoga, that you did not know before. Share how this connects with you and your practice. Begin writing in a journal, you will bring this with you and use it as a tool of self-reflection, which leads to understanding and inspired action. This is also a practice in mindfulness and best to do in the morning or before bed.

You will need to bring 3 of the books with you. Many of these books are available electronically and this is recommended to reduce weight in travel, it is also more cost effective. You can also leave your book at Anamaya at the end of the course, as a donation to future travelling students.


I am a graduate of Jackie Chiodo’s 200-hr teacher training. It was one of the most empowering, transformative experiences of my life. Thanks to Jackie, I learned that one of the healthiest, but also most challenging things we can do for ourselves is to just sit still. I also learned that yoga is much more than the poses. It’s a whole system of ethics, morals, psychology and acts of self-care. She taught us that everything we do in life is medicine: not just what we eat, how we move or how we sleep, but how we feed our minds and where we allow our thoughts to go. Jackie’s teaching style is direct, confident, thorough and relatable. She was supportive and compassionate during times of self-doubt, fear and insecurities. She believed in each one of us, and helped us to come out of the experience with greater self-awareness, resilience and connection, as well as with more peace, love and calm in our hearts. Thanks to her and her teaching, I am not only a better yoga instructor, but I am also a better person.
Christina L
I am at a loss for words, when I think about all that Jackie has given to my Jungle Tribe! She inspired me, nudged me out of my comfort zone, encouraged me when I was scared, and kept me calm in stressful situations. I felt truly supported by Jackie throughout the program. She teaches from her heart and invests herself entirely in passion for sharing this wisdom. It is clear to me, this is her Dharma! Jackie is a bright light in this world and gives her students the gift of knowledge and love. I am amazed at the transformation she helped 30 students go through in only a few weeks. I am forever appreciative for all that Jackie has done.
Neeru, 2014 Anamaya Graduate
Jackie Chiodo, our fearless leader, teacher and friend. We are overwhelmed with the magnitude of our Anamaya experience and have so much gratitude for your guidance. Thank you from the depths of our hearts for walking us through the fire and investing so much love and energy into our success, so we can each shine a little brighter.
2014 - Anamaya Graduate

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