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Jacqueline Chiodo YTT at Anamaya

When not in Costa Rica at Anamaya, Jacqueline has her own family-run yoga studio in Florida. Her specialty is teaching the Ayervedic system along with the yoga.

Jacqueline Chiodo YTT

ERYT 200, 500


MAY 22 – JUNE 12, 2021

JULY 24 – AUG 21, 2021

Jacqueline Chiodo YTT
Single Deluxe:
300-HR YT Training
Single Deluxe:


Jacqueline began her yoga practice in 1995, after suffering a neck injury in a car accident. What started out as physical therapy, quickly morphed into a practice of emotional, mental and spiritual awakening. At the age of 22, Jacqueline entered the corporate world as a financial advisor, and came to realize the impact of stress and the toll it took on her. Yoga helped her make a transition from a world of finance to her full time career as a yoga instructor and Ayurvedic practitioner. Jacqueline graduated from Rutgers University with a degree in Religious studies, with an emphasis on eastern philosophy and spirituality with leading professor Edwin Bryant.

Since 1995, Jacqueline has had the honor of studying with the best modern day teachers in yoga and Ayurveda and has a deep respect for all spiritual paths. Her style is a blend of each system she has worked with over the years and combines precise alignment of the physical body with a breath based Vinyasa flow to link each pose in an effortless way. As an Ayurvedic practitioner, Jacqueline tunes into the elements through the seasons, time of day and constitution (dosha) of each student to ensure they receive not just what they want but what they actually need for balance and transformation. Her non-dogmatic approach honors the concept that within the realm of yoga and Ayurveda there is no one practice that will be perfect for everyone, and in this way takes the “it depends” approach in order to determine what is nourishing and balancing vs. toxic and depleting. She practices and teaches the classical path of Raja yoga, which is based on Patanjali’s eight limbed approach, the royal path of yoga, encompassing all levels of asana, modified to meet the needs of students, conscious living, breath work, mantra, and meditation. She believes in the complete system of yoga, which includes everything from the physical to the subtle, creating balance on the mat and in your life.

Jacqueline is passionate about the power of yoga to transform ones life and continues to dedicate herself as a student through regular practice and study. One can only teach from a place of experience, so she continues to motivate and inspire her fellow students by doing her best to lead by example.

Jacqueline has received over 2000 hours in certifications from teachers of various styles, primarily inspired by: Charles and Lisa Matkin (Yoga zone, NYC), Yogi Hari, Dharma Mittra, Seane Corn, Shiva Rea, Tias Little, Aadil Pakhilvala, and most recently completed her 500 hour with the Himalayan Institute, founded by great Yoga Master Swami Rama.

Jacqueline has influenced thousands of students in her 10 years of teaching and currently leads classes, workshops, retreats and trainings in her family studio in SW Florida, Joyful Yoga, as well as internationally in Costa Rica and Peru.

program goals


By the end of this month, if you meet the requirements, you will be certified to teach yoga AND you’ll be in the best shape of your life, both physically and biochemically because of Anamaya’s ultra-healthy diet. Our luxurious accommodations, healthy organic food, and Anamaya family creates an intimate and unforgettable experience that you will rave to your friends about. Just check out our Trip Advisor reviews to see what our guests have been saying about us: Anamaya Reviews.

YTT Class


  • Three weeks accommodation (several options to fit your budget)
  • All classes needed for your teaching certificate
  • 3 organic meals per day
  • Beach and other special excursions
  • Waterfall Hikes
  • Dance Party and Circus Performance
  • Includes everything but your travel (and books)


  • The Heart of Yoga: TKV Desikachar
  • Eastern Body, Western Mind: Anodea Judith
  • Perfect Health: Deepak Chopra
  • Anatomy of Yoga: Dr. Abigail Ellsworth

Upon approval of your application and registration, I will email you reading assignments to be completed prior to our program start date, this will prepare you for the work we will be doing together.

You will need to bring some of the books with you. Many of these books are available electronically and this is recommended to reduce weight in travel, it is also more cost effective.

A few handouts will be emailed to you, along with an Ayurveda consultation questionnaire, please print these out and bring with you, we will review these during lecture and will be helpful for you to use as review sheets for the final.

I look forward to taking this journey together!

~ Namaste


I enjoyed my month spent at Anamaya. Jackie is a fantastic instructor with a great depth of knowledge. She really made our time at Anamaya special.
2019 YTT 300-HR Student
"Jackie is the most amazing teacher I have had the pleasure to meet. The outlay of the course is challenging but so rewarding. Jackie's explanation of Anatomy philosophy is so practical. I loved the way she went over each of the Chakras and how they effect us. I personally don't think any other teacher would of got to me the way she did. One of the best decisions I've made was taking my 300 yoga advance training at Anamaya. I was there for a month in the jungle in the breath taking environment. From the moment you arrive to Anamaya, it's the personal touch from all the staff, that makes you so at home and comfortable. To experience it you would understand why they call it the Anamaya family and you become a part of that. The food is of top restaurant standard everyday. Served in the big house where everyone meets guests and teacher trainers. I highly recommend Anamaya to anyone considering yoga teacher training or if it's a retreat you're looking for. I will definitely return and thanks so much for the great memories."
2019 YTT 300-HR Student

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