Montezuma Scuba Diving -

Montezuma Scuba Diving

Montezuma is blessed with some of the best scuba diving on the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica. The rich waters aren’t always the clearest, but there are many large and exotic species to see. We have amazing creatures such as a color-changing octopus that literally can shift through a rainbow of colors and textures rapidly before your eyes, as well as shifting the actual texture of its skin!

Whales and dolphins of many types are seen here, and are heavily protected in Costa Rica. Whales come to Costa Regularly to birth their babies, and we frequently see (and sometimes hear) them in the ocean below the hotel. You may also see one of our five species of sea turtles, including the world’s largest reptile, the leatherback turtle, which lays its eggs on some of our beaches. In addition, while scuba diving we sometimes see whale sharks in the waters near Montezuma. Our dive instructor tells us that once, and only once he saw a single seahorse here.

Scuba Diving at Tortuga Island, Costa Rica

One of the most exciting, yet underrated experiences to be had here while scuba diving is to swim within a huge school of shiny fish. We have giant schools of a variety of fish, including tiny sardines. If you can find a school to swim into, you will be surrounded by a rapidly shifting array of liquid silver jewels that creates a visual experience unlike any other on earth. Sardine schools can sometimes be found close to shore, close to rocks, and can be experienced while snorkeling as well.

Consider getting your scuba certification while in Montezuma. Our scuba certification program starts with classes and book-learning, then moves to our pool to learn to be comfortable with the equipment, followed by several dives in the ocean.

CMAS Scuba Certification in Montezuma, Costa Rica

Our certification program is based on the oldest one int he world, CMAS, created by Jaques Cousteau, and is compatible with PADI and other scuba certification programs worldwide. Your scuba certification lasts for the rest of your life.

The following chart shows some of our Scuba Diving excursions and programs:

$110 One Tank – Tortuga Island All Day Tour 9:30am-4pm Includes Equipment, lunch, snacks, and drinks
$155 Two Tanks – Tortuga Island  9:30am-4pm  Includes Equipment, lunch, snacks, and drinks

$155 One Tank – Discover Scuba Program 8am-4pm Includes Equipment, lunch, snacks, and drinks
$500 CMAS Scuba Certification Program 5 Days Everything included

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